Week in photographs #15

Sunday, April 07, 2013
Some of the pictures aren't missing - I just didn't have enough for the boxes!

My week has consisted of: a girls night out, curly hair, hair envy, spring nails, hair dye, uni work, sun and gardening!

Firstly, the hair pictures - I tried my Redken Ringlet 07 hair cream. I have had it for a while, I bought it in August last year as it was on sale. It is supposed to help enhance, define and make your curls/waves bouncy. I tried it a few days ago, I applied to my towel dried hair and then let my hair dry over night - in the morning I looked like curly sue! My natural curls/waves were definitely enhanced and very bouncy. As you can see from the piastres above the curls were really defined and when you pulled them taught, they bounced back into place. Overall, I am very happy with that product - and carrying on with the hair theme, I dyed my hair a couple of days ago with another Garnier Nutrisse dye, hopefully this one wont fade as quickly as the previous one I used. 

Other things that have happened this week - snow last weekend but then the weather so far as been great! It has been really sunny for most of the week but it is still pretty cold. I went shopping and we stumbled upon some white strawberry bulbs - I didn't even know there was such a thing as white strawberries! 

I have been getting into the spring mood because of the sun and the new stock in shops so I created some spring themed nail art this week - pastel pinks and nude nails with shimmery gold tips - LOVE it! Also the spring feeling has made me think about my hair more and in particular - getting it cut. I just adore Demi Lovato's hair in the picture above - I love the dark layered bob! I think I am going to get my long hair cit after graduation!

I hope everyone had a great week! x


  1. Your hair is looking amazing, the length and colour really suits you!

    Samuel James Morris

  2. love insta posts!!
    your blog looks amazing!
    love it!


  3. Your hair is beautiful x

  4. The curls are gorgeous, and I love the new hair color!

  5. I love your weekly photos posts :) so lovely! xx



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