Empties #2

Friday, April 05, 2013
Here is another empties post of items that I have used up over the past month or two. Today there is quite a mix of fragrance, candles, skincare etc. Enjoy!
1. Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose EDP: I received this fragrance as a gift and I just adore the scent! It is a sweet floral fragrance with strong musky notes. I Love this perfume, I have another bottle of it which I won in a Debenhams competition last year. The bottle of gorgeous, the scent is gorgeous but the longevity is not! Th longevity of this perfume on me is about four to five hours maximum! The poor longevity is a real let down with this fragrance as otherwise it would be amazing.

2. Benefit Foaming Clean Facial Wash: I will have to get some of the full sized products from Benefit - their skincare as they have been amazing! I have tried the total moisture cream and this wash as samples and they were amazing. I was quite surprised that they didn't irritate my skin. Love this face wash!

3. M&M Scented Candle: I received this from a friend at Christmas and I was quite excited to try it. Unfortunately the scent wasn't noticeable! It was almost unscented, the scent was very very subtle. Not recommended, although it did burn evenly.

4. Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Cleanser: Another skincare sample and again I am surprised that it didn't irritate my skin! The cleanser was very gentle, kind of moisturiser and it didn't dry out my skin. Love this cleanser, I may look into the full size if it isn't very expensive. Also both of the skincare samples featured were only sachet but they lasted really well for me - nearly two weeks of use. 

5. I Love...Strawberries Face Mask: I received this mask in a beauty box and I tried a a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, it has a really strange gloopy sticky texture that I really don't like, it makes it messy and difficult to apply. The mask didn't irritate when it was on my skin really but the next day my skin was blotchy, red, sore, irritated and this mask was definitely the cause as I hadn't changed anything else. It seems to have either really irritated my skin and caused a reaction or it seems to have made my almost non existent eczema flare up badly! Hate this product, if you have sensitive skin so away from this!

6. Roberto Cavalli EDP: I had a sample of this fragrance and I thought I would leave it in my uni bag if I need it. I have used it a few times and I really don't like this fragrance. It is very musky, sickly and the notes don't work together in my opinion. It is a mix between a very musky aftershave and very sugary sickly sweets - hate it! Not recommended. 

7. Primark Nail Polish Remover Wipes: I usually use my Pretty Quik remover but I only had a few of these left so I thought I would use them up. They are fantastic! They smell nice! The scent is nice, it doesn't smell like nail polish remover at all and they remove polish without a lot of effort. Recommended. 


  1. Oh not good news with the face mask xx


  2. I love the way you look your empties picture outdoors, it's too cold to do that.
    Please check out my recent empties x


  3. interesting, never heard of a m&m scented candle!!
    i just tagged you for the versatile blogger award, i hope u can check it out and perhaps do it yourself :)


  4. I've heard that the Benefit skin care line is amazing! I want to get their moisturizer for oily skin.
    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog!



  5. I got s excited when I saw the m&m candle, it's a shame it wasn't that great! x

  6. Oh I remember seeing those M&M Scented Candle at my local Giant Tiger but I thought they looke cheap, glad I didn't pick them up!


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