2012 Favourites: Honorable Mentions

Friday, January 11, 2013
Here are my honorable favourite products for 2012 - a mix of candles, hair products, makeup and skincare that I have loved this year. 
Clarisonic Mia // Twistbands // Cosmopolitan Foundation Sponge // Goody Hair Bands/ties // Benefit Some Kind-o Gorgeous // Yankee Candle World Journeys Danish Butter Cookie // Ojon Deep Recovery Hair Mask
1. Clarisonic Mia: I have had my Clarisonic Mia for on year now and I have it in the colour 'poppy red'. I was sceptical at first, especially because of the very steep price tag of about £120 but I do think it makes a difference to my skin. I like using this tool, I find it cleanses my skin really well, it makes my skin clear/smooth/soft and it is gentle on my skin. Overall, I love this tool for cleansing my skin, it is so easy to use and it lasts for ages on one charge. 

2. Twistbands: I received these two Twistbands with a beauty box a couple of months ago and I have been using them almost everyday for a good few months now. The twistbands are basically just hair ties/bobbles and they are really quite gentle on the hair and they don't tend to pull on my hair. I use these when I am in the house and at night to keep my hair tied up. They are gentle on my hair, they are pain free and they do give good support. 

3. Cosmopolitan Beauty Blend Perfection Sponge: I have bought maybe ten or more of these sponges over the past two or three years. I found that when I had eczema really badly (very dry/flaky skin) that this was the only makeup tool I could use as brushes emphasised the dryness. This sponge is great of applying and blending foundation - it is a cheap version of the beauty blender sponge basically. I would recommended this to everyone, especially if you have dry skin. 

4. Goody Hair Bobbles/ties: I have been using these Goody bobbles since about june/july last year and they are just bobbles to tie the hair up with. Although they look like rock climbing rope as they are quite special as they are supposed to keep you hair tied up really securely without loosening/falling out - they really work! I love these bobbles as my hair is quite long and thick so I need a heavy duty bobble to tie it up with and these stay in my hair all day!

5. Benefit Some Kind-O Gorgeous: I received this mini product as part of a mini set (bought from ASOS) early last year and I have been using it on and off since. I use this to cover my pores as it has the best coverage of anything for pores! I have quite large pores on my nose and a small amount of this stuff and they are covered instantly! I love this product although I only use it to cover pores, it doesn't do anything else really.

6. Yankee Candle World Journeys Danish Butter Cookie Candle: I have raved about this candle so many times and I have already posted a full review on this on my blog (Link here). This is my favourite candle of all time! The scent is just gorgeous, the scent strength and dispersion/throw are fantastic and it is a hit with everyone!

7. Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Treatment: I received this as a free gift with purchase from Boots in the summer and I have been using this mask maybe once a fortnight. Firstly, I love the packaging and I love the initial scent. Also you only need a small amount of this mask and it is really easy to use. When the mask is rinsed out it makes my hair feel smooth and nourished - although they scent after a while can smell a bit like cigarettes...Not pleasant. 


  1. I have a clairsonic too, a pale pink one and love it. It done wonders to my skin too.
    Love the red colour of yours!

    Dont forget to enter my giveaway..

  2. Alright, everyone and their mother is raving about Clarisonic! I am biting the bullet and trying it out....
    I love Ojon products -- will give this one a go!

  3. Maaan, I REALLY want a Clarisonic. I think it'll have to wait til NEXT Christmas now though! I want to try those little sponge things too.. a lot more realistic of an investment.


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