2012 Favourites: Bath & Body Products

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Dove body wash // Body Shop Body Butter // L'Occitane Hand Cream // Soap & Glory Products // Lush 
1. Dove Body wash: I love Dove products, especially the body moisturisers as they are so moisturising, softening, smoothing and they smell gorgeous - in my opinion. I love the original Dove scent - fresh and clean. My favourite Dove body was is the triple moisture body wash!

2. Body Shop Body Butters: I have tried so many body shop body butters over the past five years and I love them - some more than others though. I like the strawberry, satsuma, passion fruit and olive ones but my favourite is the shea butter version (pictured above). 

3. L'Occitane Hand Creams: I discovered these this year as they were featured in quite a few magazine freebies! I started using the freebies and I was hooked - L'Occitane hand creams are the best I have ever used. My favourite is the limited edition cocoa flower but I adore the original one too. 

4. Soap and Glory products: Who does love a bit of soap and glory? I started using their products about three years ago and I just love them. My favourite soap and glory products include: the righteous butter, the hand food hand cream (my cheap alternative to L'Occitane) and I just adore the soap and glory flake away scrub. I will have to try their new sugar crush range soon!

5. Lush bath products: I love Lush, it is one of my favourite bath/body/skincare brands for the past couple of years. I love the Lush bath bombs, the bubble bars, soaps and their bath melts. My favourite bath bomb from Lush is either their donkey oaty bath bomb that came out with their Easter collection or their tisty tosty bath bomb - I also love the so white Christmas bath bomb too. My favourite lush bubble bar is the silent night Christmas bubble bar - heavenly scent! 

What are your favourite bath and body products for 2012?


  1. Love the body shop! I've done a load of stuff on it on my blog!


  2. Lovely post, I adore The body shop body butters as well.. At the moment I only posess the satsuma one and the chocolate one and they smell beautiful!
    I'm very interested on trying L'occitane hand cremes but here they are freaking expensive!


  3. Omg loccitane hand creams lovelovelove them,be warned it starts with the cherry one ,then next thing 25 tubes all different ,whoops ,I like the honey ,cherry princess,date,mango ,mo I lied all of them I love .it is a deadly obsession.and I'm also obsessed with all lush products since the ctg days .good blog

  4. I love body shop body butter. Xx


  5. I love the palmers cocoa butter and body oil! xxx

  6. I'm new to Soap and Glory and am also loving the righteous butter! The sugar scrub is amazing too! You've got me wishing I'd taken advantage of the free L'Occitaine with Marie Claire. I didn't quite realise back then how much I like hand cream!

    Lauren x

  7. Totally agree with the Dove body wash, I always find myself branching out to try others and ending up disappointed and coming back to old faithful! I also love the Crabtree and Evelyn hand creams, they're lovely, haven't tried Loccitane ones yet, I worry it may turn into a costly venture!

    Zoe xx

  8. I'm in love with the soap and glory! Great products!


  9. Love.love.love both soap and glory products you have mentioned in this post! and the almond body butter from the body shop is one of my faves :)


  10. Can't beaut soap and glory, lush is also amazing, the smells are too good!

  11. Yes i fully agree with this the dove Bath body products is best for body. It is some costly but good for skin.


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