Collective Clothing Haul!

Friday, January 11, 2013
I received money for christmas from my parents, family, neighbours so I went a lot crazy this year (well, very crazy actually). I have already posted a Kiko Cosmetics sale haul (link here) and I have quite a few more lined up for the past week or two so stay tuned for sale goodness! But today I have four items of clothing that I bought from Urban Outfitters, Topshop, New Look and H&M over the past two weeks. 
H&M Sale Dress (flash photographs)
Firstly, H&M. I saw this dress online and it was only in a UK size 14 which is almost double my size so I waited for it to come back in a UK size 8 and it didn't. But when I went shopping in Bury a couple of weeks ago (christmas eve I think) I saw it instore. The dress it a dark blue and it is lacy at the front and a cotton material at the back. I really like this dress although I wish it was a bit shorter - I am only 4ft 11 ish. The dress was reduced to £10 and I really like it with tights and boots. 
Urban Outfitters Jumper (Flash Photographs)
Next up is a jumper from Urban Outfitters which I adore! This jumper should have been £35 but it was reduced to £15 I think. If you own a wildfox jumper, as I do, you will know how soft and cosy a good quality jumper can be - this jumper is the same, it feels like a wildfox jumper! I love the colours, the design and the super soft fabric!
Topshop Shirt (natural lighting)
I saw this shirt when it first came out on the Topshop website and I was nearly going to buy it but I am glad that I waited as it was in the sale for only £12! I love this shirt, it should have been £29. The shirt is an off white colour with medium/light grey stripes. It looks great with skinny jeans and it would be great with a jumper over the top too, in my opinion. 
New Look Dress (artificial indoor lighting)
I bought this dress a few days ago from New Look and it was only...£6! How could I not get this dress for £6, I love it! It is a deep red polka dot dress and it is a wrap around style dress with an thin elasticated waist. The dress is a UK size 8 and it fits well, the design is gorgeous and very 50's in my opinion. I probably wouldn't wear this with leggings though, maybe no leggings or thin tights. 


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog :)

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  2. I really love the shirt - great bargains!

  3. This red dress is awesome, can't believe it was only £6!!! Such a bargain :))

  4. Thank you for your comment!
    The blue lace dress is amazing, I would love to see it in an outfit!
    I just followed you.

    Love, A!

    1. I will have to post an outfit of the day soon with these items :)

      Thank you for following my blog :) x

  5. Love, love the New Look dress. Looks like a good haul

  6. nice purchases! i really like that Urban Outfitters jumper and the dresses :)

  7. Love your purchases but that dress is look fabulous in it!

  8. Yes! You are so on top of your shopping with the cobalt... time to get more of that into everyone's closet.

  9. Lovely buys :) The first dress is so cute! xo

  10. You look so pretty in the dress and I really like the topshop shirt <3

    // xx

  11. Aww I love the first dress so much, the colour is gorgeous!
    Kaz x

  12. Cool clothes! I particularly like the first dress ;). I took advantage of the sales yesterday and spent a few bucks I got for my bday. Sales in America are so good! (I'm from Argentina, btw). I'd love to do shopping in the UK! Awe ... One day I'll be back there. You're a lucky girl, Heather ;p.

  13. That dress is fabulous,love it
    Would you like to follow with GFC and BLOGLOVIN?

  14. Oh i love that last dress, you look fabulous in it too.


  15. Thank you for your lovely blog comment. I love the polka dot dress from new look! What a bargain too! Xx


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