Another sale haul? Yes...oops

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Yes, another sale haul - since Christmas eve when the sales seem to have started I have accumulated quite a good amount of sale products...I don't know how that happened! Here are some of the bits and bobs I bought in the sales from Superdrug and Selfridges a couple of weeks ago. 
Firstly, Superdrug (a high street/ drugstore in the UK). The Superdrug sale was a little bit insane with some items at only 10p...yes, 10p and they were sold out but I did manage to get four UNE eyeliners. The UNE eyeliners were...wait for it...49p each! I think they retail for around £6 originally but they were 49p each. I also bought an UNE blush which was reduced to 99p, so I had to get it, right? I also bought a few gift sets in the sale as they were really cheap, with the most expensive one being only £2.99. Lastly from Superdrug, I bought the Barry M Creme Foundation in the shade 'white' which I have been wanting to buy for a while but it was only available in certain stores until a few weeks ago. The foundation wasn't on sale but I bought it to mix with my slightly darker foundations to make them suitable for my paler than pale skin.
I had a look on the Selfridges beauty sale on Christmas day and I saw that the Shu Uemura limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Eyelash Curler was on sale for only £10 so even with shipping it was only £14.95 - I think it retails for at least £20. I have been using the eyelash curler everyday since I bought it and it makes such a differences to my lashes - I love it! I full review of this product will be coming soon. 


  1. That's such a good price for the Shu Uemura lash curlers-mine were £20 x

  2. cute stuff!

    *New post*
    OOTD: Mom's Blazer + 4 DIY Tutorials

  3. I'm gutted my super drug store doesn't do the brand Une :( xx

  4. Sounds like you got some bargains!

    Kimberley x

  5. Its not an accident if there was a sale :)

  6. Ahh the Superdrug near me is rubbish I've never seen a 10p sale, or 49p sale, or 99p come to that! Booooo hahaha xx

  7. Love love that eyelash curler, it's the best! Great buys!! :)

  8. What good deals! x

  9. My local Superdrug store is super crap, they dont seem to stock up on products like UNE :(

    1. I bought all of the products online :) x

  10. I'm sold by just the packaging of the UNE eyeliners, they look so pretty! Can't believe how cheap you got them! xx

  11. the eyelash curler looks amazing, I've been looking for a good one !

    love your blog, following :)


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