A Week in Photographs #6

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Coffee // Domino's Pizza // Mushroom and Double Cheese Pizza!
Plaits // Snow // Frosty Mittens 
Tattoo inspiration - all images from pinterest 
Sorry this post is a bit late (I should have posted it on Sunday...) my week has consisted of comfort food - aka: pizza, cookies, coffee, pasta! As it has started to snow here in Manchester I have been off uni and I have a lot of work to do including my dissertation (anyone who has been through the third year of university will feel my pain!). I didn't think third year would be as difficult or as stressful as it is! Anyway, besides the snow and the mountain of work, I have obsessed with Pinterest for the past couple of weeks. This week I have been looking at tattoo inspiration pics - I am dying to get another tattoo but I can't decide what...or where!

I hope everyone had a great week! x


  1. Great post love the tattoos <3 x


  2. Excellent x

  3. Ah love the pictures of the snow and mittens :). I wish it got cold enough to snow where I live!


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