TV Series To Watch This Halloween

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2016

TV Series To Watch This Halloween
How is it almost Halloween already! It seems like this year has gone by SO quickly and one of my favourite holidays is right around the corner (I can't wait). I love watching unusual, paranormal and spooky films and TV series all year round but especially during the autumnal months.

Warner Bros have so many TV series and films that are Halloween appropriate but here are some of my favourites and recommendations! First, I have to say that I'm not a fan of jump scares, super scary or cheesy Halloween films and TV series so there won't be any of those in this post:

Vampire Diaries 
I think that this series is the most well know of my recommendations and it's perfect for this time of the year because vampires, come on, they are the quintessential Halloween creatures. I watched half of the first season in my final year of university but with my dissertation I didn't have time to finish it; I'll have to get round to it this Halloween. I know so many of my friends love this series and I'm all for watching it just because of Ian Sommerhalder to be honest!

The Originals 
Again, this is another series that I've started but not finished yet, it's available on Netflix which is were I first heard of it. It's again about vampires, which are probably my favourite paranormal creatures. There are three full seasons available now so there are more than enough for a Halloween night binge.

There's a theme with this post, I've watched the first episode of iZombie and liked it although I watched it just after reading Warm Bodies and it seemed far too similar so I wouldn't recommend read/watching them closely together. I like the premise, the main actress and isn't scary so perfect if you are like me and don't like jumpy or very scary tv shows.

This is a show I've seen quite a lot about recently on Twitter and I'm definitely interested to check it out, especially as it has Tom Ellis as the lead and I loved him in the Miranda series - although I've no idea how he'll be in this! It looks interesting and a bit sarky so I'm sure I'll love it!

Penny Dreadful 
Onto my only really creepy pick for Halloween this year and oh boy is it disturbing at times! I adore Eva Green so I definitely wanted to check this series out when it was first aired and I fell in love. I've watched the first and second seasons and it has the main thing I love in tv series - characters from classic fiction as in this there's frankenstein and his monster, werewolves, Dorian Grey, vampires (spoilers) and more! I cannot recommend it enough although if you don't like gore, creepy dolls, possession/demons etc then probably don't watch!

Check out my twitter to enter to win series one of all four series in the photo above - UK only! ENDS TOMORROW! 

Do you have any Halloween TV/film recommendations? Have you watched any of these? 

Faby Natural Nail Polish

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Faby Natural Nail Polish
Towards the beginning of this year I had a massive clear out of all of my nails polishes and I managed to reduce my collection from around 120 polishes to 35 polishes as there were so many polishes that I like but I never wore because they were glittery, bright or colourful - I'm definitely a neutral/grey and nude nail polish addict so those are really the only shades I have now.

When this gorgeous polish arrived, I was excited to give it a go as it's a 87% natural polish which is intriguing to start with and it is a shade that I know I will wear constantly! I have the *Faby Polish in 100% Cashmere (£12.95, 15ml) and it was selected by designer Mother Of Pearl for London Fashion Week AW16.

Faby polishes are mostly natural polishes as they are derived from wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava,  and other raw vegetable material which is amazing - I haven't tried any natural nail polishes before. I love the packaging, the shade and the brush is wide so it makes application really quick and easy (it dries quickly too)! The application is great, it is pigmented so I only need one/two coats and it looks glossy - I'm really impressed! The longevity with a topcoat isn't incredible but it's about five days on me which still fantastic, especially for a natural polish. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried any Faby polishes? Have you tried any natural nail polishes? 

*Rosacea Awareness

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016

*Rosacea Awareness
Today's post is about a topic that I'm interested in and concerned with as, while I don't have rosacea, I do have a skin condition and I think it would be great for more people know know about skin conditions as sometimes they can be misdiagnosed or go untreated. When my eczema first started about eight years ago, I thought it was rosacea at the time as sometimes my eczema can look a little like rosacea but I've been diagnosed with eczema which I get on my face, eyes and hands. 

I know how awful it can be to have a long term skin condition, especially during the teenage years when appearance seems to be everything. I've already published a post about my experience of eczema including some of the products and tips that helped me. One of the main things that I have found really difficult in my eczema experience is trying to find the right treatment, I've tried so many steroid and non-steroid creams as well as allergy tablets and dietary changes to try to find a combination or treatment that helps and it can be a frustrating and depressing process; however finding the right treatment is essential. 

For rosacea, there are numerous treatment options as there are with eczema so it also might take a while to find a treatment that suits but one of the most popular and effective rosacea treatment options is IPL (intense pulsed light) and the Pulse Light Clinic has fifteen years of experience with rosacea treatments. IPL works be emitting light waves that target and damage the affected areas which triggers the body's natural response to repair the damaged areas resulting in new and clearer skin cells to replace the damaged cells. 

The before and after photos look amazing and they have a short video showing the rosacea treatments at the Pulse Light Clinic in London. I've read that IPL can be used to treat eczema as well so I will definitely be looking into IPL now as even though I can mostly keep it at bay with non-steroid creams, it still flares up and a more effective treatment would be fantastic. You can contact the Pulse Light Clinic to book in a free consultation and patch-test, here's their email: and phone number: 0207 523 5158. 

Again, if you have a skin condition or think you do, make sure you research and looking into various treatments and also speak to your GP about it. I've had to go back to my GP so many times to look into other treatment options for my eczema but it's worth persevering to find the right treatment! This is a sponsored post.

Do you have eczema or rosacea? Have you tried IPL?