iWhite 2 Teeth Whitening Kit

iWhite 2 Teeth Whitening Kit
One of my main beauty concerns is my teeth as they definitely aren't the whitest and it does put me off wearing lipsticks, particularly more orange or yellow based shades, as it draws attention to my teeth and not in the most flattering way. I have been loving oil pulling over the past few months and it does work for me to an extent however I do want to see more immediate results that leave my teeth much whiter. Check out my oil pulling post on Femme Intemporelle (London Beauty Queen's new website).

I've been sent the *iWhite2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit (£34.95) which I have seen on social media recently and I think I might have even tried the original version years ago. The kit comes with ten pre-filled trays so you get five full use out of each kit. You can use them consecutively or as and when you need them. The kit is 100% safe and effective, it contains an active stain remover and it contains MOHA complex which apparently restores your enamel which I am a little dubious about.

To use, you just gently brush your teeth and make sure your hands  are clean and dry. Remove the trays from the packaging (you can just use a one tray for the top or bottom teeth, or you can use both at the same time as I do) and place on your teeth immediately. The wait is 20 minutes although the first time I used it, I only waited for 15 minutes. I thought the wait would feel like forever but I had the trays on my top and bottom teeth for 15 minutes while replying to emails and it seemed like no time at all. After the time is up,  I removed the trays and rinsed off the excess gel. 

I didn't experience any pain or massive discomfort while wearing them or afterwards, it was slightly uncomfortable while wearing the trays solely because I'm not used to wearing a mouth guard. The only negative is that talking isn't really possible while it is on as you just end up drooling all over *not an attractive look at all*, you obviously can't drink during that time and if you're not used to wearing mouth guards like me, then it might feel a little odd especially the first couple of times. 

After the first use, I did notice some whitening, especially my front teeth and less so towards the sides where there is far less whitening gel in the sides of the tray. The only issue I have with this product is that the gel isn't distributed evenly throughout the trays so some teeth are in contact with very little gel and others have too much. However, the second time I used them (one day after the first use), I saw even better results. I have only used two so far as I don't want to use them all up at once - I will be using them as and when I need them but I can say that I definitely have whiter teeth since using this kit. 

Overall, I definitely noticed positive effects while using this kit and it is quick, easy and relatively mess free to use! The convenience of the kit is what makes it easier than other teeth whitening methods/products I've used and even though I have slightly sensitive teeth it doesn't make it worse. I noticed results from the first use but I think it takes at least two to get a more effective result from this kit. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried the iWhite teeth whitening kits? Do you recommend any teeth whitening methods/products?

Guest Post: Brand Focus - Too Faced

Guest Post: Brand Focus - Too Faced

Too faced is one of the best high end brands I've ever come across. Their products are of the same calibre and quality of MAC but have much cuter packaging and are, in some cases, a little more unique (stay in tune for the eyeshadow palette). It's one of those brands that never disappoints and is well worth the money you invest.

Too Faced's 'Better Than Sex' Mascara:
When I first saw the packaging of Better Than Sex I thought that the eyelashes on the model had been edited. The box which is now well and truly recycled featured a model with basically no eyelashes and after an application of this mascara had absolute falsies. Or so, I thought until I tried and tested it. By far the best mascara I've ever used. Roller Lash and They're Real can't hold a candle to it. Nor does the mascara I have won by for the past few years which is MACs Zoom Fast Black Lash. The mascara curls and elongates your lashes SO well that it does look like you're wearing Ardell Wispies. You won't believe me until you try it and I really encourage you to do so!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette:
This palette is one of my go-to favourites right alongside Urban Decay's Naked palettes. This palette has a couple of shades that UD palette's don't i.e the cranberry red, baby pink and deep purple. All of which look absolutely fabulous on the eyes. What amazes me about this palette is how wonderful it smells. It smells more like chocolate than a Dairy Milk and I honestly have no idea how it's perfumed so well and how the smell of it has lasted 4 months (I'm sure it will last many more). The palette features day time wearable shades and also more glamorous shades. My favourite is the gold (bottom row, second in) it's very well pigmented and absolutely beautiful.

Guest Post: Brand Focus - Too Faced

Too Faced Naked Eye:
This palette is the perfect size to pop in your handbag for when you're going to be out all day. Or for a weekend trip when you need both night and day shades. As you guys can see there are lovely, light shades for the day and a selection of dark shades you can create a smokey eye with for night. It also comes with little cards and instructions on how to make certain looks which is so useful if you're an eyeshadow rookie.

Too Faced Beauty Balm BB Cream:
This is definitely a glam BB Cream. It has little sparkling flecks in it and when they catch the sun it makes your skin GLOW! It's beautiful for holidays with an SPF of 20. It provides light coverage and feels weightless on the skin so is fab for hot summer days.

I hope you enjoyed my Too Faced favourites. What is your favourite Too Faced item? Would you try any of these!

Love Abigail Alice

L.A.B Stroke Of Genius Brush Set

L.A.B Brushes were created by the US makeup artist, Brett Freedman who has worked with celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Taylor Swift. L.A.B brushes are created using fibre-luxe technology which is cruelty free; it means that the brushes are very durable and provide less product waste as the texture of the bristles enables great powder pick up and the bristles mimic the finest natural hair. The bristles are also extremely durable because the fibre technology doesn't lose it's shape or degrade like natural bristle brushes. 

I have the *L.A.B Brushes Strokes Of Genius Brush Kit (£18.99) which contains five eye and brow brushes which are all cruelty free, hypoallergenic and have a rubberised handle. Also the ferrel is supposed to be very durable, non-corrosive and resistant to damage which I am dubious about but hopefully it will mean that the brushes will withstand a thorough cleaning.

*L.A.B Crease Brush

Firstly, I love the design of these brushes and the crease brush is definitely one of my favourites from the set. The bristles are soft and smooth although they aren't the softest brushes I own by far! The bristles for this brush are quite dense but it is still flexible so it is great for placing a good amount of eyeshadow in a specific place and blending quickly and easily. I've only experienced a tiny amount of shedding with this brush. It washes well although it takes a while to dry - even when only spot cleaning. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

*L.A.B Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is a fantastic shape for placing eyeshadow onto the skin, not so much for blending but just for placing the colour it's fantastic. Again as with the previous brush, the bristles are soft and smooth although not as soft as all the others I use. It is great for blending shadows under the eyes though and as a concealer brush, if like me you have a tendency to reach for new brushes to use instead of washing others...oops. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

*L.A.B Brow + Lash Groomer 

A spoolie or brow groomer is an essential for me as I am so conscious of my brows when filling them in - I do not want them to look really dark or drawn on so a brow groomer is great for blending product through the brows. This double ended brush is perfect and great for travelling. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

*L.A.B Brow + Eyeliner Brush

If I'm not wearing any liner or eyeshadow, just mascara, then I always apply a small amount of dark brown eyeshadow very closely along the upper and lower lash lines as it provides instant but natural definition and makes the lashes look fuller and thicker. The angled brush is great for this as it is so thin and precise. It is also great for black winged liner with powder or gel liner. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

*L.A.B Pointed Eyeliner Brush

Winged liner is one of my go to looks and recently I've been loving the gel liner again, especially the Clinique Brush On Liner; this brush is great with cream/gel liner! It is a little thicker than the other liner brushes I have but it is great for getting a good even line however it isn't so amazing for a precise point, in my opinion. However it is great overall and it doesn't pick up too much product. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Overall, I think it is a great set and the brushes are obviously really well made and I think they will be really durable. I love the crease, angled and brow groomer brushes and I will definitely get a lot of use out of this set. The price is fantastic too for effective cruelty free brushes. 

Have you tried any brushes from L.A.B 2? What do you think of this brush set? 

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