March Collective Haul

I haven't been shopping that much recently but as spring has finally sprung, I felt the need to pick up a few new products. This haul features items from Lush, Boots, The Range, Amazon and FeelUnique. Since this haul I have made a mini H&M haul and I'm consistency browsing online for spring pieces!

Lush: Lush is one of my favourite bath, body and skincare brands but I haven't bought anything from them for ages! However last weekend I bought the Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar (£4.75) which is a massive bubble bar! I have used up all of my Lush stash and the bubble bars have become my favourite products (I'm not into bath bombs at all now). I also picked up the Amandopondo Bubble Bar (£2.75) which is quite a small bar but I will get two uses out of it - I've used it once already and it is a lovely lemon/floral bar. One tip with bubble bars: don't crumble them, I just hold it under hot running water and it produces SO many bubbles - I don't get nearly as many bubbles if I crumble them. My last Lush purchase is the Lullaby Shampoo Bar (£5.75). I have tried the New and Sceanic bars which I liked so I wanted to try another and so far so good!

Boots: I cannot resist a 3 for 2 offer and I also had some Boots points so I had to make an order...I bought the two lightest shades of the new Bourjois Aqua Lacquers and I love them; they are gorgeous nude pinky shades for spring, they feel like water on the lips and they look so beautiful. For the 'free' product, I picked the much raved about Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder which I love so far although as with Bourjois foundations, it can cling to super dry patches on me. 

The Range: I'm not a big fan of The Range, I find the products can be a little tacky or they can actually be a bit expensive for what they are. Although I did see some new Ferrero Rocher mini easter eggs - they are yummy (but messy!). I also bought a pack of adorable pink and white candy candy striped paper straws; I think they were less than £2 for 30. 

Amazon & FeelUnique: Lastly, a couple of random buys from Amazon and FeelUnique. I bought another EOS lip balm in the lemon drop flavour and I've been using it constantly. From Feelunique I bought the 'delicate' head for my Clarisonic Mia. 

Overall, I love the items I bought, especially the new Bourjois products *I cannot resist a 3 for 2 offer, I'm only human* and the Lush buys are gorgeous, I may need to go to Lush again...

What have you been buying recently? What do you think of the products I've bought? What do you think of my new blog header?

An Introduction To MyProtein

Myprotein is a brand that I have been aware of for a while but I have never bought anything from them as I thought it was just protein powders and shakes which doesn't interest me personally. However, they have much more than just protein powders; they have coconut oil, porridge, cookies, cashew nut butter, nuts, green tea extract and so much more. 

I have a few products to try out, firstly the *MyProtein Virtue Bar (£9.99 for 12 bars, Double Chocolate) which only lasted a couple of minutes..oops! It tastes like oats and chocolate, it is really quite yummy and so much nicer than I initially thought it would be. The bar is much healthier than regular breakfast bars or chocolate bars as it contains calcium and it is high in protein. 

Next up is the *Myprotein Fruit and Veg (also called Superfood XS, £14.99) which is a powdered mix of freeze dried fruit and vegetables. I am a vegetarian and I love certain fruit and vegetables although I don't get my five a day so this powder is a great way to increase my intake of fruit and vegetable in a very quick and easy way. I just add half a scoop full (approx. 2.5g) of the powder to the *Myprotein Mini Blender Bottle (£1.99) along with 300ml of fresh orange juice. The bottle has a measuring gauge printed on the side so you can keep track of your fluid intake, it comes with a metal ball which is great for mixing the powder into liquids and it is cute too! The powder is unflavoured but it does make the orange juice taste a little weird, it's not unpleasant but it is different. I love that it is so easy to incorporate into my everyday routine and I love the bottle. I think it would be great for smoothies too (and it's so cheap!). My only negative point about the powder is that the third highest ingredient is 'french red wine extract' which as someone who very rarely drinks, it is an odd inclusion and I would definitely prefer it if the powder didn't contain alcohol. Although I think it is included because of the antioxidants it contains. 

Lastly, the *Myprotein Coconpure Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (£6.99 sale, 460g). I have been using Tescos own coconut oil for oil pulling but I've never tried it within cooking/baking. I made some chocolate and coconut oil cookies a few days ago (if you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen them already, they were massive!). The cookies turned out so well, I am definitely going to make them again and look into more baking recipes that use coconut oil! This Myprotein coconut oil has not been refined, it is cholesterol free, it doesn't contain any GMO ingredients but it does contain healthy fats which can boost metabolism and apparently help support the immune system. The coconut oil and chocolate cookie recipe will be on my vegetarian food blog next month. 

Overall, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try some products from Myprotein as it is a brand that I never would have tried myself. I would definitely buy the bottle and coconut oil as well as the fruit and veg powder (although I would only buy the smaller size). I would recommend the products I've tried! 

Have you tried any products from Myprotein? What do you think of the products I have featured? 

What do you think of my new blog header?

Uspicy 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

I was contacted a while ago about reviewing this brush set and as I have a slight obsession with makeup brushes (I always need more!) I obviously said yes straight away! Also I have read a couple of reviews of these brushes on blogs recently and everyone seemed to like them. 

I have the *Uspicy 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set (White, Sale £12.99 - RRP £35.99) which comes in a gorgeous gift box - I think it would make a fantastic present, especially as it is already packaged so nicely. You could definitely re-use the box afterwards which is what I will be doing, possibly for tea lights. 

In the set you receive five large face brushes all of which are kabuki style brushes and you also receive five smaller brushes. The design of the brushes is realy nice in my opinion, I like the white and gold combination. The brushes are not duo-fibre, the tips are just dyed white. The bristles are synthetic which is fantastic as I do not want to use animal hair brushes. The ferrel is aluminium and the handle is wooden. 

All of the brush bristles are very smooth, soft and they feel gentle on the skin. My one problem with them which I noticed when they were delivered is that with some of the brushes there is a gap between the bristles and the ferrel which is fine on a daily basis but when it comes to washing the brushes, water could easily get in and loosen the glue causing the brushes to shed - although having said that, I've washed them a couple of times and none of them have shed!

The large face brushes: my favourite brush from this range is the domed foundation brush which looks like it has a similar shape to the Louise Young LY34 foundation brush but this one is a bit more tapered. I've been using this brush and the rounded buffing brush (which looks very similar to my Real Techniques buffing brush) for my foundation and they are fantastic. 

There are also two angled face brushes, both of which are again kabuki style brushes. They are very similar and I really don't think this brush set needs so many similar brushes. However all of the large face brushes are smooth, soft and effective. 

Lastly, the eye brushes which replicate the large face brushes in shape and appearance; I've been using the domed brush quite a lot for concealer and all of the others either for concealer or blending shadows through the crease as well as powder under the eyes. 

Overall, I think the brushes look great, they perform well and for the price they are fantastic. The quality is fantastic but not as amazing as brands such as Real Techniques, Spectrum Brushes and Crown Brushes, in my opinion. I think this would be a fantastic brush set for someone just starting out with makeup. 

Have you tried these brushes? What is your favourite makeup brush brand?

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