*Old English Company Wish List

Thursday, April 26, 2018
Over the next three months I have quite a few birthdays to buy for as well as a wedding so I've been looking for more unique gifts and in the process I've discovered Old English Company which has the most gorgeous range of stationery, homeware, cards, accessories and prints that feature beautiful hand-lettered designs! I love buying presents for people and I always end up treating myself to one, two...or three things along the way as well so here's my Old English Company wish list:

Greeting Cards  -  Pins  -  Planners  -  Prints  -  Stationery

How gorgeous are these designs! Every single item is gorgeously designed, very unique and they all suit my aesthetic perfectly. I particularly love the homeware (especially the mugs), stationery and pins. Their pin collection is great with my favourites being the girl gang, you rock and mama bear pins as well as the entire range with the quote 'she believed she could so she did'.

Additionally they have a wonderful range of greeting cards including a couple of perfect Father's Day cards (if you're in the UK, Father's Day isn't too far away). They also have a couple of other gifts that would make ideal Father's Day gifts such as the bread board, aprons, papa mug and and notebooks. All of their items would be perfect and extra special gifts!

If you want to enter an amazing competition to be in with a chance of winning a set of the Old English Company pins, check out this link! It ends on the 30th May so you have a lot of time to enter and all you have to do is email them your favourite enamel pin design of theirs, go, go, go!

Have you bought anything from Old English Company? What do you think of these gift ideas? 

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*Images from Old English Company

*How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Image from La La Loving via Pinterest
With the UK having experienced a strangely long and brutal winter period, it’s refreshing to see that the sun has finally started shining, meaning summer is just around the corner. I for one can’t wait to lounge around in the park and enjoy some weekend BBQ’s with my friends. However, as much as I love the sun, keeping the home cool during the warm summer months can always prove tricky, especially in smaller homes or those built above ground.

I spoke with The Market Design and Build, who specialise in loft conversions in London to find out their three best tips and tricks to stop your home from becoming a greenhouse as the temperature begins to rise.

Once you hear the word insulation you’re likely to think “what? That’s for winter”. But actually, good insulation is a proven method used for keeping warmth out too, by deflecting heat and preventing the build-up of hot air. You can easily get an insulation board fitted by an expert if you own a property, or alternatively, can explain the benefits of doing so to your landlord, including lower fuel bills come winter time and increased property value.

Having a room with loads of natural light is wonderful, but during the summer, your exposed windows can quickly create a stuffy vibe by absorbing lots of heat into the room. To help prevent this from happening, it’s worth investing in a good set of blinds or curtains, particularly for South and West-facing windows, and keeping them closed while you’re out during the daytime. Moreover, the darker the shade, the less sunlight the blinds can absorb, so embrace your inner Goth and go for darker hues, provided they match well with the rest of your interiors.

Fans are by no means the cheapest or the most eco-friendly way to cool your home, but they are a godsend when the temperatures reach above 25 degrees. If you’ve got the cash for it, it’s a great idea to think about having a ceiling fan installed, as they help circulate the air throughout a whole room. If not, a cheap floor fan from Argos will do the job too - you can even try the age-old trick of placing a bowl of ice in front of it to speed up the cooling process. Trust me, it works a charm!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to cool your home? I’d love to hear them!

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*Image from Pinterest 

*Get Spring Ready With Pulse Light Clinic

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Image from House Beautiful via Pinterest
Spring is here...kind of! The weather in Manchester and the UK in general last week was so lovely and sunny but here we are with drizzle and grey skies; however spring means that summer is on it's way! Hopefully I'll be going away this summer and I'm already slowly prepping for it as I'm starting to get back into my weight loss and healthy eating plans again after being ill on and off for the past month. Additionally, I'm starting teeth whitening and I'm continuing with my at home laser hair removal too.

Laser Hair Removal Process 
Whether at home, in salons or clinics, the very basic principle of laser hair removal is the same as it aims to permanently damage the hair follicle to prevent the hair from growing again as well as reducing the amount of ingrown hairs resulting in smooth, hair-free skin. The process uses a laser which is an intense beam of light that specifically targets the hair follicles so it won't damage the surrounding skin or tissue, only the hair follicle. Laser hair removal works best on those with pale skin and dark hair, as I do and it may not be suitable for everyone so a consultation is essential.

Salon Process, Where To Go & Booking 
If you want to go down the salon and clinic route, you'll need to do your research to make sure you get the best and most effective experience. It would be best to go book a consultation to not only see if you are suitable for the treatment but also if the clinic/company is for you too. Pulse Light Clinic has various clinics around London, they're open until 8pm on weekends and weekdays and walk in's are welcome which makes it very convenient - free consultations and patch tests are included. They have over 15 years of experience which is very reassuring! You can contact Pulse Light Clinic with the following phone number: 0207 523 5158 or you can use their online booking system. For more information check out the video below or their website!

Have you experienced laser hair removal? If so, would you recommend it? If not, would you like to have laser hair removal in the future?

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*Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

Monday, April 23, 2018
Image from Home Design Ideas via Pinterest
Our home is certainly our sanctuary, which is why creating something that is beautiful, stylish and reflects our personality takes a lot of careful planning, time and effort. Many of us may not have a significant amount of time and energy to commit to a personal interior design project, so hiring a professional designer to help you might be a smart move. But, what questions should you ask yourself before taking the plunge?

Do you know your personal style? 
Anyone can purchase furniture, paint rooms and add bits and pieces to a space, but it takes a particular type of artistic personality to truly envision what they want and how they’re going to execute it. Going solo on an interior project is great for people who know exactly what they want their home to look like and who are great at making decisions. However, if this doesn’t sound like you then perhaps seeking expert advice is the preferred method. Interior designers are experts in translating a vision into reality, by asking the right questions and gauging personal styles so that your home brilliantly reflects your taste.

Do you have the budget?
Many people believe that hiring an interior designer is super expensive, but, contrary to popular belief, when it comes to styling your home, hiring an expert to do the hard work for you often works out cheaper in the long run. Someone who is skilled in this area will be able to make your home look lovely with minimal effort, and you’ll therefore avoid any costly mistakes which regular people like you and I might make when taking matters into our own hands! That being said, interior design is a broad spectrum, with budgets ranging from low-cost beginners who are just starting their careers and looking to expand their portfolios, right through to the luxury interior design companies who’ve been in the business for decades. It’s up to you to decide what your budget for an interior project is, and then do your research to find out whether there’s a suitable person or company who can fulfil your requirements.

Can you do it yourself? 
For small decoration and styling projects, hiring a designer might not be necessary, particularly if you are lucky enough to possess a creative flair. However, bigger projects prove to be somewhat challenging. You could, of course, go down the DIY route, taking inspiration from your dreamy Pinterest boards, but unless you’re an interior design whizz, the end result probably won’t come as close. Most of us aren’t naturally blessed in the interior design department, so hiring an expert is often the smartest option and takes away the stress of planning and executing your perfect space. Moreover, professional designers will hold the relevant qualifications and experience and are well equipped with a creative eye, trained to spot things which non-designers like us are likely to miss!

Would you hire and interior designer? If so, how would it go? 

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Graduation Gifts: Adexe Watches

Saturday, April 21, 2018
I graduated from university more years ago than I care to remember and while it was very anxiety inducing, it was also an incredible proud and wonderful day! Thankfully I graduated with a first class BSc degree which made my graduation even more special and celebratory. My parents and aunties were lovely enough to give me graduation presents and when my sister graduated, I gifted her a gorgeous watch. I think a lovely watch would make a fantastic birthday, anniversary or graduation gift!

*Adexe They Grande Blue & Rose Gold Watch (£129)
The very lovely people over at Adexe London kindly allowed me to choose one of their watches to review and as I'm a blogger, I naturally chose one of the rose gold options! I opted for the THEY Grande Blue and Rose Gold Watch which is composed of genuine Italian leather, hardened crystal and stainless steel. It's waterproof up to 3m and their watches are 100% designed and produced in-house which makes them even more special and unique.
The watch came beautifully but simple packaged in a minimal white box with tissue paper and instructions; however yours may arrive in a luxe black box along with a spare watch band in black or brown.

I love the design of the watch, particularly the combination of the navy blue strap along with the subtle rose gold hardware which is such a gorgeous colour combination that's chic, simple and elegant but unique. Additionally, I love the multiple inner dials of the watch which makes it look expensive and luxe!

The size of the face is a great size, it isn't tiny or too big and it looks perfect as a casual spring watch. I've been wearing it paired with a lightweight speckled jumper, blue denim and tan suede ankle boots for a causal but put together spring look. I find that some watches are quite uncomfortable or too heavy for my tiny wrists but this one is is actually comfortable and easy to wear all day.
Overall, I'm so happy with my watch from Adexe London, it's beautiful designed and ideal for a cute casual look for so many occasions. I love the combination of the navy band and rose gold metal as well as the face design. There are so many gorgeous watches to choose from for men and women, some of my favourites have to include: Freerunner Petite Brownie & Gold, Sistine Rose Gold and Meek Petite Rose Gold watches. They'd make fantastic graduations gifts!

What do you think of the THEY watch from Adexe London? 

Blog Tour: Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon

Friday, April 20, 2018
I've been lucky enough to take part in quite a few blog tours already this year, so much more than last year and today's post is another with the lovely people over at HQ - Harper Collins UK (thank you!). I'll have a few more blog tour posts coming to my blog over the next few weeks as well so stay tuned for those. If you want to see my book ratings early and know what I'm reading, you can follow me on GoodReads.

*Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon (400 pages) ★★★
I partly read the arc I was kindly sent and I also listen to it partly on BookBeat as an audiobook (we all know how much I love BookBeat). In Carnivore, we follow Leander who seems to be suffering with some kind of chronic pain (myalgia) and synesthesia, among other issues as he leaves a trail of drug use and manipulation in his wake as a result. We have a glimpse into his incredibly chaotic and self destructive life in which pain is a kind of pleasure, self harm in various ways is a constant and his view of the world is very abnormal due to the issues and the crippling chronic pain he experiences. The main point I found interesting about the book was the characters life with synesthesia which is something I've never read about before, for example, how sounds could be associated with a colour or a scent.

This novel is described as 'the most controversial debut literary thriller of 2017' and I think that's a great way to describe it as it's definitely a polarising book - some will find it raw, unique and eye opening but ultimately well written and intriguing; however I think that others will view it as shocking and very uncomfortable. I fall in the middle as I found it to be very unique, shocking and interesting with regards to synesthesia which made for a very surreal read; however it was very disturbing at times and for most of the book it left me with an comfortable, uncertain feeling. Thankfully the more thriller elements, police involvement and the ending which was much more positive than I thought it would be, made for a more familiar read.

I would recommend it, for me a three star read is a good book with a couple of flaws but one that I'd still recommend. However I'd recommend it with caution and only if you think you will be ok with the potentially triggering topics of chronic pain, illness, manipulative relationships, abuse/rape and drug use - there are some extremely graphic, disturbing scenes so just be aware of that. I'd recommend the audiobook but it definitely made for very difficult listening at times...well most of the time. I think you can tell how mixed my thoughts are about this book but ultimately I would recommend it as a very dark, unique read!

Will you be picking up this book? What are you currently reading? Do you like books featuring darker, controversial or taboo topics?