The Body Shop Aloe Skincare Range

A couple of months ago I was invited to The Body Shop blogger evening in the Trafford Centre in which I had a skin consultation and I had a few products tried on me at the time. One or two of which were from the aloe range which is a range I have overlooked from The Body Shop however I was kindly sent a few products to review, here are my thoughts!

Firstly, I have the *The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash (£8.50, 125ml) which as the name would suggest is a foam. I haven't used a foam cleanser before this one and I really like it. It feels cleansing but not stripping and gentle on my dry, sensitive skin. Before using this cleanser I had a very small patch of eczema that had randomly flared up and none of the products from this range irritated my eczema! Saying this, everyone is different so trial sizes sets of skincare are a great way to test out skincare. The cleanser does what is says on the bottle, I couldn't really ask for more! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Next up, *The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner (£8.50, 125ml). I don't use toners very often as I can be a little bit lazy sometimes when it comes to skincare but since using this one for the past couple of weeks I can see the difference they make! A toner is used after cleansing to remove any makeup or cleanser residue, for example, that may be left behind. I find it to be a nice, effective step in my skincare routine. It smoothes the skin, doesn't irritate and it doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry. The only negative point, in my opinion, is the slight plastic scent. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.
Lastly, my favourite product, the *Aloe Soothing Day Cream (£4.00, 15ml) which you can buy minis of which is fantastic, especially if you don't know how your skin will react. Firstly, I hate the tub packaging, it isn't hygienic in my opinion. However, the moisturiser is fantastic, it is so smoothing, softening and moisturising. In terms of texture if feels really similar to the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, it is that smooth and silky, I love it! I would definitely purchase the full size, although I would have to decant it into a tube container! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.
Overall, I am really impressed with this range, it doesn't irritate my eczema prone skin at all and it doesn't strip my skin which is great especially during this time of the year when my skin is even more dry. I LOVE the day cream and I would recommend all three products if you have normal or dry sensitive skin. 

Have you tried this range from The Body Shop? What are your favourite skincare products of the moment? 

Super Glossy Nails in Minutes with Micro Nail

I have always had long, healthy nails although recently they have been quite lack luster due to neglect, nail polish and generally not taking care of them as well as I should. So when this product arrived on my doorstep it was a chance for me to start getting my nails in tip top shape! 

I have the *Emoji Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher (currently £34.99 on Lookfantastic) which comes with two micro smooth rollers, two micro shine roller and two AA batteries as well as a string pouch to store the rollers in. Setting up the product is easy and it looks so cute and retro! I have to admit, the first time using this product, it did scare me a bit! The rollers are quick and easy to change and the process is very simple but the rollers spin around quite quickly to buff or shine the nails, depending on what roller you have on the device. The rollers rotate 1800 times per minute to smooth ridges and the shine rollers give a naturally beautiful shine to the nails that is supposed to last up to two weeks! 
To use the device, first select the smooth roller and attached it to the nail polisher - it just pushes on. Then switch the device on and gently and slowly move the rotating roller over each nail individually. I thought that it would hurt if it passes onto the cuticle or skin but it doesn't at all. Wipe each nail after it has been smoothed/buffed as there will be a powdery residue left. Then attach the shine roller and watch the magic! Use the same technique as with the smooth roller although I found that I have to take a little extra time with these rollers to get the edges of the nails but the effect is just amazing - my nails have never ever looked so glossy and shiny. 

Here are the before and after photographs of my nails - the photographs do not do this product justice, it left my nails almost reflective (well that's a bit of an exaggeration) but they were incredibly glossy and shiny. The whole process took no longer than ten minutes and it was my first time using it! I think this nail polisher would be a great christmas gift for beauty lovers, for those who like pampering, nail polish lovers and I also think it would be great for people who are not allowed or cannot wear nail polish as it gives the look of a very glossy clear nail polish! 

I also received a *Nailtiques Protein Nail Lacquer in the shade 'Vegas 313' (sale - £7.30) which is a gorgeous and very festive metallic red shade that is perfect for this time of the year. The polish applied so well, it is pigmented and smooth although the longevity isn't amazing, in my opinion. I applied the *Orly Glosser Super High Shine Top Coat (£10.90, 18ml) over the polish and it definitely gives an amazing shine to the nails although again it didn't last very well on my nails. 

Finally I used the *Nailtiques Cuticle and Skin Gel which I applied to the cuticles and edges of my nails when the top coat had dried. It instantly smoothes and hydrates the skin and cuticles. The best thing about this product is that is absorbs quickly and you only need a tiny amount.

Overall, I am very happy with the products! When used together they give my nails the most shiny, glossy, healthy finish! Also with regards to the longevity of the shine, it lasts for two weeks on me even when I have used/removed nail polish, the shine is still there. I cannot recommend the Micro Nail Polisher enough - I think my mum may be looking to 'borrow' it...

Have you tried the Emoji Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher or any of the other products I have reviewed? 

Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks

Makeup Revolution have been so generous to bloggers, including me, recently! I have been almost overwhelmed by the new releases and the quality of the new products! I was sent the full range of blush sticks, there are eight in total - four of which are matte and the others are shiny/slightly glossy. 

I have all eight of the *Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks (£5 each). I love the packaging, it looks so sleek and professional as well as durable and practical. The ply problem I have with the packaging is that the shade name isn't on the tube, it is only on the cardboard packaging! 

There are four matte shades and four glossier shades, all of which can be used on either the cheeks or lips. I used the 'matte malibu' shade in a previous post - my five product face (here). I thought I would like the matte blush sticks more but I have definitely been using the glossier sticks more. Here are the swatches and my thoughts.

I find the matte shades are more pigmented than the others, they are also a little bit cakey on the lips whereas the non-matte shades are less so. They all apply smoothly, they are creamy to touch and they can be worn sheer or more vibrant on the lips or cheeks. I would use them more on the cheeks than lips but it is a great multi-purpose product, in my opinion. 

My favourites shades have to be 'matte malibu', 'rush and 'matte rush' all of which would be gorgeous for the autumn/winter months as they are quite warm, natural shades. My least favourite is the 'matte dream' shade which looks too milky on my skin and I find that it washes me out. 

Overall, I am very impressed with the Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick, a few bloggers have compared them to the Nars Multiples! I think they are fantastic, especially for the price and I think they will last for a long time. 

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks? If so, what do you think of them? 
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