Introducing: Barefoot SOS Skincare

Introducing: Barefoot SOS Skincare
As I have sensitive skin, I am always on the look out for great, natural brands and products that could be suitable for my dry, eczema prone skin. I've been lucky enough to find quite a few brands that tick all of my requirements over the past year or two. Barefoot SOS is an award winning natural skincare range that contains natural ingredients. They don't test on animals, the products are suitable for vegans and the products do not contain parabens, silicones, dyes, fragrance or sulphates which is fantastic!

The product I was most excited to try was the *Barefoot SOS Daily Replenishing Cream (£21, 30ml) which contains 98% natural ingredients and claims to reduce scarring, blemishes and rosacea as well as repairing against the effects of UV rays, intensely moisturising the skin and toning the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

The cream, to me, feels like a lightweight balm although it smoothes onto the skin so easily and even though initially it can look a little greasy it doesn't stay that way. I've been using it on the drier areas on my skin on and off over the past few weeks, especially around my nose and mouth because of a cold and it has been a lifesaver. The cream feels like a nourishing, moisturising barrier on the skin and it helps to relieve the look of dry and tired skin. A little goes a very long way so even though the tub looks a little small, it will last a long time. It hasn't irritated my eczema and it definitely feels like it is repairing and pampering my skin. The only negative point for me is the tub packaging which looks pretty but I would have personally preferred a tube container. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

I also have the *Barefoot SOS Face + Body Rescue Cream (£10.50) which may also be suitable for those with eczema and psoriasis as it is gentle, very moisturising and contains natural ingredients. I've been using the cream on the eczema on my hand and it definitely reduces the look and tight feel of the perpetual dryness associated with eczema and it doesn't irritate at all. As the cream is so rich, although it feels fairly light. I've been using it as a general hand cream and cuticle cream too. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Overall, both products are fantastic basics to have in my skincare routine as they are natural and they don't irritate my skin at all. Both creams are so moisturising, nourishing and gentle so I know I will be getting even more use out of them over the upcoming colder months when my skin becomes dull and even drier. I would definitely recommend checking out this brand if you have dry and or sensitive skin - they also have lotions, cleansers, facial oils, body washes, serums and scalp treatments in the range, the latter I definitely want to try. 

Have you tried anything from Barefoot SOS? 

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Naturisimo De-Stress + Unwind Discovery Box

Every month Naturisimo bring out fantastic value discovery boxes and this months box has to be my favourite by far! The theme of this months box is de-stressing and unwinding which are two of my favourites things to do, along with eating and writing!

- Hydrea London Stress Spot Massager which is a unique product and even though over the past couple of years, I've bought so many beauty boxes, I've never received anything like this, it's basically a body massager. It has rows of rubber nodules which actually feel nice when rolled onto the skin. I think I could get use out of it although it will take some getting used to. 

Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm is a product I already have and I keep it in my bag as it is amazing for on the go stress relief and a pick me up - it's even great as a subtle solid perfume! I love mine and I'm glad I now have a back up!

- This Works Sleep Pillow Mist is something I've had my eye on for ages but as the full size is a little pricey for a pillow mist, in my opinion, I'm happy that a mini is included in the box. The mist smells so nice and relaxing, I've only just started using it on my pillow and pjyamas so I don't see any difference yet but fingers crossed.

- Pukka Tea Samples are a welcome addition for me as over the past year, after hating tea all of my life, I now love herbal, mint and green tea! The Love, Relax and Serene Jasmine Green Tea are included in this months box and I can't wait to try them as I already love Pukka tea (the triple mint tea is amazing!)

- ila Spa Bath Soak smells so relaxing and calming as it contains vetiver and petitgrain. I love bath products and I can't wait to try this one as I do tend to have more baths rather than showers during the colder months, anyone else?

- Dr Hauschka Calming Lavender & Soothing Almond Body Cream Sachets, now I have to be honest and say that I'm personally not a big fan of sachet body creams but I guess you do get to try the product once or twice to test it out. I've only tried the lavender one so far and I love it. 

Overall, I think this box is the best so far! I love the range of products and the theme, especially at this time of the year. I love the Scentered therapy balm and the This Works pillow mist so far; I can't wait to try the bath soak and tea. It's definitely worth the money especially because the value of the products is £28! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

*Use the code: UNWIND at the checkout to receive 15% off any of the brands included in this months box*

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be purchasing the new Naturisimo box?

My Top Five Student Money Saving Tips

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I graduated from university two years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've made, even though my choice of degree isn't what I want to do now but I still have BSc (Hons) after my name! I loved my time at university even though it can be very stressful, difficult and if you are living away from home as my sister is now, then it can also be a difficult time financially. Here are some of my quick money saving tips: 

1. Savings and student bank accounts

Firstly, setting up a savings account is essential, especially as a student when all you want to do is nap and spend all of your student loans! Additionally make sure you look at all of the options for student bank accounts as there are numerous options available. TSB have a really useful savvy student guide which you can check out. Also setting a small amount of money aside is a great way of watching what you are spending/saving and if it is a small amount then it won't seem like you have no money to spend on yourself. 

2. Discount codes/websites/stores

While at university and sixth form college, I had a Unidays account which provides amazing discount codes for so many websites such as Asos and Topshop which came in so useful as no one likes to pay full price for anything, lets be honest (and it's free to join). In some stores in the UK you can just show your student ID card and you can get a 10% discount, I used mine in Topshop stores and Apple have student discounts too. 

3. Cheaper alternatives

Finding cheaper alternatives can save so much money as you don't need to buy the best brands all of the time, the store own brands are usually just as good. Also cheaper stores such as Aldi are amazing for students (well everyone really) as you get SO much for your money. As I'm a beauty blogger, I have to mention makeup at least once, switching to cheaper brands isn't difficult and it doesn't always compromise quality. Makeup and beauty brands such as Makeup Revolution, Nivea, Simple, Library of Fragrance and Essence are some of my favourite beauty brands which are so inexpensive but the quality is still fantastic. 

4. Reduce impulse spending 

Reducing impulse spending on food is an easy way to save some cash, as you can plan meals and snacks ahead of time so you don't have to go to the canteen or shop to buy more food or usually more expensive food when you could have made something at home. This method also helps with clothes shopping, I do most of my clothes shopping online so I can use discount codes but don't get carried away. Willpower isn't one of my strong suits but exercising it when you are feeling spendy will save a surprising amount of money. Friends and bloggers are great enablers but before buying something, particularly if it is a little pricey, I always ask myself - do I really need/want it...if it's makeup then the answer is usually yes.  

5. Earn extra money

This may seem like a no-brainer or as a student you might not have time for a 'proper' job but there are other ways to earn a little extra cash or online vouchers. I have been writing product reviews on Dooyoo and Ciao on and off for about five or even six years. For the first couple of years I did receive quite a lot of amazon vouchers and a very small but steady stream of money every month or two so it is definitely worth a shot (you have to be consistent though)! There are also a lot of online survey sites out there that pay but I personally haven't tried them. 

If you have any money saving tips leave them in the comments below! This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with TSB. 

What do you think of my money saving tips? 

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