DegustaBox - February 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

It's that time of the month again for my look at the new DegustaBox which is all based around 'home comforts' for the February. As always there's a great range of items in the box from a variety of brands; this months box includes brands such as Knorr, Very Lazy, Koko, Hartlety's and more. 

*DegustaBox - February 2021 
The box, in my opinion, contains a great variety of items too, from breakfast options and snack bars to cooking ingredients, sweet treats and lunch options. The product of the month is the Jaffa cakes new flavours (cherry and passion fruit). DegustaBox always typically includes a product or two that has been recently released which I love! 
BelVita Soft Bakes (60p per single) 
Let's start with the breakfast items in the box as there are quite a few! Beginning with the three soft bakes from BelVita in the flavours: chocolate and also blueberry. The bakes contain five wholegrains and are a source of fire, calcium, magnesium and iron. You'll receive three in the box and I think they'd make great on-the-go healthier snacks. 

Hartley's Strawberry Jam (£1.59)
One of my favourite products from the February box has to be the strawberry jam from Hartley's which is so sweet, fruity and delicious. I love adding jam to toast and this flavour is the perfect breakfast addition. I definitely want to try more flavours now!
Koko Original Milk (£1.50)
Another breakfast staple, milk, but this option is made from coconuts! It can be used on cereal, tea or coffee as well as in smoothies. I've tried coconut water and to be honest, it wasn't for me so I'm not sure if I'll love this coconut milk but I will give it a go soon. 

Hilltop Blossom Honey (75p each)
However, if you're not a fan of jam, there's an alternative in the February box for you! There are two mini pots of the Hilltop blossom honey to try. I am personally not a fan of honey so I'll stick to the delicious jam but it is a great trial size. 

Eloments Vitamin Tea - Ceylon Breakfast (£3.99)
You can't have breakfast without tea, I personally love mint tea but I am definitely going to try this new-to-me variety. It is a single origin black tea from family owned and organic farms. Each teabag contains nine essential vitamins including vitamin C and it is certified organic and fairtrade, which is fantastic. 
Boka Cereal Bars (75p each)
The final item I'd categorise as a 'breakfast' item are the two cereal bars from Boka, which is a brand that has been included in a previous DegustaBox. The bars are low in sugar, fats and salts so they might be a good option for on-the-go snacking or at work. 

Bounce Almond Plant Protein Ball (£1.69)
Another great snacking option is the newly relaunched energy balls from Bounce. They are high in protein, high in fibre and only 160 calories each. It is vegan friendly and it is the next item from the box that I'm going to try - it sounds delicious! 

Lost The Pot Noodle (80p each) 
Next up a couple of packets of instant noodles from Lost The Pot Noodle (love the name). There should be two in the box with the flavours: sweet chilli and roasted chicken. I'll definitely be trying the noodles without the flavour packet soon, which is what I do with most instant noodles. 
Very Lazy Chopped Chillies (£1.50)
I love this range from Very Lazy as we've purchased the ginger and garlic previously but I haven't really used the chopped chillies yet; mainly because my tolerance for spicy food is very low unfortunately. However, we will be trying this very soon and I'll continue to use/love their chopped ginger and garlic. 

Knorr Stock Pots (95p each)
Another great cooking ingredient in the box are the two stock pots from Knorr. There should be two included: beef and vegetable, the latter is vegan so I will definitely be using it in a vegetable soup recipe sometime this week. 

Milkybar Cookies and Cream Sharing Bag (£1.59)
The last couple of items are the sweet treats in the box including a sharing bag of the cookies and cream Milkybar. It combines smooth white chocolate and crunchy cookie pieces which sounds delicious and it would be great to share with your household. 

Jaffa Cakes Passion Fruit and Cherry (£1.20)
Last but not least is the product of the month: Jaffa Cakes Passion Fruit and Cherry which are their two new flavours! They have the traditional dark chocolate and light sponge but with two new flavour options which sound very refreshing! 

You can use the code: DTPL4 to get your box for £9.99!

Have you tried any of the products from this box? 

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  1. I love the Very Lazy pots especially for garlic! They're so brilliant xx

  2. Oooe yum! These look really delicious

    Candice x

  3. These look like really delicious treats

  4. I'd love a pot noodle and some Milkybar sweets after reading this! x


  5. The Very Lazy garlic and chilli jars are so handy!

    Jasmine xx

  6. I love using the stock pots in stews and soups!


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