New In: Shay + Blue Lilacs and Gooseberries

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
I hope everyone is well, it has been almost two months since I've published a blog post! I might publish a blog post soon about a few life and blog updates but in short, I'm not going to be blogging much from now on (only once or twice per month) and I'm spending far less time online to focus on life offline, if that makes sense! 

*Shay and Blue Lilacs & Gooseberries Eau De Parfum (gifted item sent to me)
Today's post is quite unexpected as I received a very surprise delivery last week from Shay and Blue! I received their lovely English cherry blossom fragrance last year but I didn't expect to receive another - and their newest launch! The new Lilacs & Gooseberries fragrance was released last week and is the first in a new range. Unfortunately it is currently sold out but hopefully it comes back in stock very soon. 
The fragrance is limited edition and made in small batches, it is also vegan and it is cruelty free which is fantastic. It contains notes of: lilacs, gooseberries and white amber which to me smells very fresh, floral and spring-like but it also has musky and richer tones because of the white amber. It is a lovely combination of sweet, floral and musky that I think many would like, including me! 

I have been wearing it for the past few days and from my initial impressions it is a lovely casual fragrance that would be great for the spring and summer months. It does seem to last fairly well on my skin so far and it makes a nice change from the heavier and more wintery fragrances I have been wearing recently. So far, so good and I am very happy with the fragrance - I'll be wearing it throughout the spring and summer months. 

Have you tried any fragrances from Shay and Blue? 

*Gifted item sent to me 

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  1. This sounds dreamy!

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