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Wednesday, December 09, 2020
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Starting a blog is exciting – talking about your thoughts and everything that makes you happy, meeting people with the same likes and dislikes and creating your own little corner of the internet. It’s even more exciting when you start making a little bit of money from it, I mean… who wouldn’t like to make some extra money doing what they love? If you have a blog and are curious to know how to make some money from it, let me get right to it. And for some extra tips, I’ve partnered up with Magento eCommerce agency in London Ad Lab, who work with bloggers and businesses all across the country. 

Run relevant ads 
Devon Mamma recommends running Google AdSense ads. “Google AdSense is a free, quick and simple way to display ads on your blog and in turn, earn money when people interact with those ads. Plus, the ads will be relevant to your blog and audience and if you are not happy with an ad, you can easily block it.” Display ads are an easy way to earn some passive income from your blog. These ads, also known as banner ads, can appear on the sides, top and on the bottom of your blog.

Create an online store 
Perhaps your blog is all about your handmade jewellery or about health and fitness, why not create an online store to sell your own products related to your content? Or maybe simply create a store to sell merchandise, your upcoming book and other products which you might have. 

The team at Ad Lab recommend creating an online store on WordPress or Magento platforms. Both are great platforms that offer great user interface and plenty of features to take advantage of. They highlight the importance of a stunning and easy-to-use website. So, take some time when creating your store to make it as clean and sleek as possible! If you need some inspiration, browse Ad Lab’s portfolio of award winning websites at awwwards

Once you’ve created your online store, it’s time to start gaining visibility and promoting it to attract customers and generate sales. Ad Lab recommend promoting your brand and products on social media as well as partnering up with other creators to expand your audience. Podcasts are one of Ad Lab’s favourite ways of getting people to talk about their services and increasing traffic to websites – check out James Sinclar’s business podcast that featured Ad Lab’s director David Newman

Sell your blogging skills 
As you are well aware, there are plenty of skills you will acquire from blogging – from writing to photography and social media management. My Fashion Life mentions that if you have these skills, you should offer them businesses who need them as well as add a “Hire Me” page on your blog where you showcase the services you offer. 

Earn commissions from products you love 
This is what affiliate marketing is all about! If you are passionate about certain products and would recommend them to anyone and everyone, affiliate marketing is for you. Life with Baby Kicks says that “when you are starting out, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money.” 

There are many affiliate programmes you can join, including Amazon Affiliates. All you have to do is join one of these programmes, recommend products you love to your audience with a special link and when people purchase these products via your link, you get a commission from that sale! Easy, peasy! 

These are simply some of the ways you can monetise your blog. As this article on the Entrepreneur puts it, “there are numerous ways to monetise your content and make money from your blog, but don't try to take shortcuts along the way. Don't look for the fast-buck if you're serious about your long-term results. Take action and stay persistent if you want to succeed and achieve your goals.” 

What other ways do you use to monetise your blog?


  1. I have affiliate links and I’m never going to become a millionaire from them, some of the rates are ridiculously low x

  2. So many great tips for people who don't know where to start! x


  3. These are some great options. I use affiliate links as well as offer blog advertising to make money on the side.

  4. My main form of monetisation is brand collaborations x

  5. Ah these are super helpful. I need to pay more attention to affiliates, I'm quite lazy with them and don't bother half as much as I probably should xx

  6. I definitely need to look into AdSense for sure! X

  7. These are all so helpful, thank you xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  8. Links are such a good passive earner! Even if you're not doing a ton of new stuff, Google can really drive it

    Jasmine xx


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