*How To Choose The Right Jewellery For A Partner

Wednesday, December 09, 2020
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Christmas is coming up and one of the best things about Christmas (besides the love and magic) is the art of gift-giving. For some people, shopping is done months in advance and they are wrapped and ready in the closet to go under the tree by November. For others, last minute shopping is the art here! One of the loveliest gifts that you can give another person is jewellery. Everyone appreciates a little sparkle under the tree. Learning the history of Tiffany & Co before you get shopping is a nice way to give the jewellery a little back story when you hand it over, too. So, here is how you can choose the right jewellery for a partner. 

  • Don't start with buying what you want - buy what they want. Get to know the type of jewels your partner would prefer. If they don't wear earrings, then don't buy them as it's likely you could buy earrings for someone who hasn't ever had their ears pierced. Perfection is subjective, so getting something you know THEY would love over what you would love is important.

  • Look. Ask. Notice. If you don't know what sort of jewellery would be good for your partner, then you need to start looking at them more and noticing what they do and don't wear. Body language makes up a big piece of the way that we communicate with our partners, and so go by the jewellery store and take notice about where their eyes light up. This level of attention is going to be appreciated! 

  • Choose a piece of jewellery that'll mean something. Is your partner particular about birth stone jewellery? Choose a ring or a necklace with their birthstone. If you choose your jewellery to be what you know they will enjoy, you're going to have given a gift that matters.

  • Can't analyse? Look at their current jewellery stash! Go through their bureau or desk and see what they like to wear regularly. Then check out their clothes and look at the colours that they use the most. Visualise them in the jewellery you've got in mind and if it suits them, go for it. Jewellery is never going to be a disappointing gift, especially if your budget allows you to buy in Tiffanys! 

  • Sometimes, going shopping with their closest friend could be the answer to your problem. Take their best friend shopping and ask them to help you choose. Don't make them pick the gift, but get their input. If you don't have the time, ask their bestie to figure out what jewellery your partner likes on the down low! 

  • No matter what happens, you're about to give your partner an absolutely beautiful gift. You can ensure that you choose something pretty, sparkly and convenient. Try to stay away from giant jewellery pieces if you know she's not into that. Sometimes, the smaller jewels are the better option.

A gift is supposed to make the recipient feel good. Choose your jewellery piece wisely, and you won't be disappointed by their reaction! Do you have any tips for buying jewellery for others? 


  1. The History of Tiffany and Co is so fascinating isn’t it? I just wish I could wear their jewellery without it irritating my skin x

  2. Really great tips - buying jewellery can be as tricky as choosing fragrance! x


  3. These are some really helpful tips. Buying jewellery can be difficult but so rewarding when you pick out something the recipient loves.

  4. I love buying jewellery for my boyfriend. I got him a Tommy Hilfiger watch for Christmas x

  5. I'm a nightmare with jewelry as I'm so particular, I usually buy it myself aha xx

  6. Noticing what they usually wear is a big win! X

  7. Fab tips, it can be tricky to choose the right pieces for people when it comes to jewellery xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  8. My boyfriend has bought me some really great jewellery - I was so impressed, he must've been studying what I like!

    Jasmine xx


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