September Beauty Favourites 2020

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I have found so many fantastic new products over the past couple of months so I wanted to share my recent beauty favourites today which includes skincare, hair removal and an absolutely adorable advent calendar! If you've been following my social media (@ofbeautyand) then you'll have had a sneak peek of these products over the past month. Stay tuned for more favourites posts as well as my summer empties post which will be filled with mini product reviews!
*FFS Shaving Kit (from £9.95 per month)
I have reviewed a few products from FFS (formerly Friction Free Shaving) on my blog previously but I'm still loving their razors and natural deodorant. I love the rose gold handle (particularly with the personalised engraving) but I think that I like their new Iris handle even more! The Iris handle includes the same ergonomic, easy to use design and engraving option but the handle features a gunmetal and lavender colour combination which is just gorgeous! 

I love the razor design, colours and how sharp the blades are as it gives the most smooth and close shave without the irritation I've experienced from cheaper disposable razors. The kit can be purchased as a monthly subscription (or every two months) and you can add extras to your kit such as a natural deodorant, body scrub, body balm, wax strips or a shaving cream. I've tried the balm, deodorant and now the shaving cream; all three have been gentle but effective. If you're looking for a more eco-friendly shaving option, check out FFS. 
*Temple Spa BeCalm Soothing Face Mask (£28, 65ml)
Another brand that I've loved for a while is Temple Spa; I reviewed a few of their pampering and body care products back in 2017 and loved everything. I also adored their concealer and I'd highly recommend it as a brightening concealer, particularly for those with dry skin. Until recently I hadn't tried any of their skincare and I'm glad I have because, once again, I've fallen in love! 

The soothing face mask contains a blend of Mediterranean botanicals, aubergine, liquorice and apricot along with probiotics to soothe and nourish sensitive skin. I've been using it for around the past couple of weeks and I've noticed that after every use, my skin feels more comfortable, moisturised and softer. I'll definitely be using this mask often throughout the colder months when my skin needs a little more moisture and TLC. 

*Temple Spa Glowcolic (£20, 150ml)
Another product that would be ideal for the colder months is their new glycolic acid toner which is designed to resurface, exfoliate and renew the skin. I've tried quite a few glycolic acid toners, I think this is probably the fifth I've tried over the past year and so far, so good. The toner comes in a handy pump bottle, it hasn't irritated my skin and the result so far have all been positive. 

Since using the toner every other day (as I used to have sensitive skin and I don't want to potential irritate it by using too much), I've noticed an improvement in the texture and clarity of my skin. If you are new to acid toners and you're looking to start with an effective but gentle option from a brand that has won 'best luxury skincare brand for 2020' then definitely check out the Temple Spa Glowcolic toner. 
*Temple Spa Be Gone Kind-Hearted Cleansing Creme (£21, 150ml)

My favourite product from the three I was very kindly sent is their cleansing creme which I was surprised by as not only do cleansers not excite me in the way that new acid toners or treatments do but it also looks a little nondescript. However do not be fooled, this cleansing creme is a superhero in disguise! The creme contains vitamins A and E, probiotics and the Temple Spa Calmaderm complex which is designed for those with sensitive skin. 

The cleansing creme has the most unusual but incredibly smooth and silky texture that glides over the skin effortlessly so there's no scrubbing or irritation while cleansing. Not only does it feel wonderful on the skin but it leaves it feeling incredible too. Since lockdown my skin has gone a little haywire and since using this cleanser my skin has calmed down, it feels much more comfortable and the dryness I was experiencing over my breakouts has reduced. If you have normal to dry or sensitive skin then this little unassuming cleansing creme will be your best friend during the upcoming colder months and I know that I'll be purchasing it in the future - it is a magic in a tub! I'll be including this wonder product alongside my other current skincare favourites as part of my upcoming autumn skincare routine and favourites so stay tuned. 

*Bomb Cosmetics Bathe, Sleep, Be Merry and Repeat Advent Calendar (£19.99)

Last but definitely not least is my first advent calendar of the year and it has to be one of the cutest I've ever bought or received! I'm lucky enough to be a Bomb Cosmetics ambassador so I was very kindly sent this adorable advent calendar and I couldn't be happier with it. It contains 24 mini products to try including handmade soap, bath blasters, bath mallows and bath creamers, all of which smell divine. I have been using some of the products over the past couple of weeks and my favourites so far have to be the pink pamper soap and rose bath creamer (which looks so beautiful) but I can't wait to try the others. Make sure you are following me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand) for more sneak peeks into the advent calendar as well as reviews.

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be picking up a beauty advent calendar this year?


  1. The soothing face mask sounds divine! I haven't tried anything from Temple Spa in ages! x


  2. I love the advent calendar! Sadly we don't have a bath tub in our house, but I love holding on to bath related products for when I go on holiday or visit my parents! :)

    Can't wait to open the doors of my Glossybox Calendar this year! December is such a great month!

  3. Can't wait to try my first beauty advent calender of the year! x

  4. Cannot believe its advent season already!

    Candice x

  5. The Temple Spa products sound lovely, I keep meaning to try them.

  6. I'm super intrigued by the new Temple Spa toner - can't wait to see what it's like! xx

  7. I really want to try some stuff from temple spa! xx

  8. These sound like some great products. I've been trying to convince the other half to buy me the advent calendar as an early Christmas present.

  9. Never heard of temple spa but it is definitely on my radar now!

    XX Angelica

  10. I would love a shaving kit like this, it is so important to have high quality items!


  11. I have always wanted to try Temple Spa and I think at payday, I might treat myself x

  12. I'm really enjoying the Temple Spa chemical exfoliator at the moment too!

    Jasmine xx

  13. I need to try the FFS stuff, it sounds great for sensitive skin x



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