Autumn Essentials: Candles, Books, Beauty + More

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Autumn is my favourite season, I love everything about it from the leaves turning and the chilly weather to all of the hot drinks, autumnal makeup, comfort food and baking as well as halloween. Halloween is my favourite holiday, I definitely prefer it to Christmas as an adult but growing up, Christmas was the one! Here are some of my autumnal favourites from hot drinks, makeup and books to candles and food supplements.

*Temple Spa Glint Concealer - Light (£20)
I didn't know Temple Spa made cosmetics so when this surprise package arrived a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited! The concealer has 'adjustable' or buildable coverage for dark circles and imperfections. I have the light shade and it matches me perfectly which is an impressive feat to begin with but it gets better! The formula is a dream as it blends seamlessly, quickly and easily; additionally the coverage is pretty good and it doesn't look dry or caky under my eyes. It's one of the most impressive concealers I've tried in a very long time!
 *Temple Spa Stroke Of Genius Mascara - Black (£20) 
I'm a little picky when it comes to mascara as I don't like mascaras which huge brushes and I don't like formulas that are very wet and this one is perfect for me. The brush is a good size, I love the packaging and the formula is great as it's very dry so I can work it into my lashes and have natural, fluttery lashes. If you love massive, false lash effect lashes then it might not be for you but I adore it, it's perfect for everyday - I just wish it was waterproof then it would be the only mascara I'd ever need.
*The Mind Makeover Book by Sharron Lowe (£10.39, paperback, 272 pages)
We all know by now that since January 2016, I've become an avid reader! While I love to read a range of genres, I am always cautious about self help books and I think all of them should be taken with a pinch of salt! I was kindly sent this book and I wanted to give it a go as with the change of the season, I like to assess my goals and create new ones for the upcoming season so I thought this would be a good read.

I love the cover design, it's very striking and appealing! The book is all about changing your life from how it is now to how you want it to be. I have been flicking through the book over the past couple of weeks and while I think it can be a little repetitive and generic at times, I do find it motivating, especially with little exercises - the exercises throughout the book are my favourite sections. If you're looking for a motivating, self help book then this one is definitely worth checking out!
*Bolsius Pillar Candles & Tealights (£3.99)
Candles are a must at this time of the year as they make any dull and dark room look so cosy, inviting and homely but I don't always want candles that are scented as not everyone likes them and they can be a bit much so unscented but pretty candles are the answer. I hadn't tried any candles from Bolsius previously and now I definitely want to look into them as they're so inexpensive.
I have a few of the black pillar candles, champagne pillar candles and the plain unscented tea lights. The tea lights are going to be perfect for Halloween to add to pumpkins, yes, I already have my pumpkin and I'm so excited! I'd definitely recommend these cute candles especially the champagne ones which will be ideal for Christmas and new year!
*Benenox Food Supplement (£12.49 each)

I'm not usually one for food supplements as most contain some kind of fish or gelatine and as a vegetarian/vegan, it's not something I want to eat but these food supplements from Benenox are vegetarian (they aren't vegan due to the honey included). The food supplements come in two flavours: blackcurrant and lemon & ginger, both of which I've tried and they are fantastic.
I've been taking 5-15ml almost every night for the past eight or so days and I've definitely noticed a difference. Let's start with how they taste though, I tried the blackcurrant option first and initially I wasn't a fan as it tastes like thick, sugary blackcurrant flavoured wine gums but it has grown on me now and it's my favourite flavour of the two. The lemon and ginger does have a slightly strong spicy ginger flavour so it's my least favourite but it's definitely still consumable.

I noticed that when I took the supplement in the evening my sleeping pattern was better and I didn't wake up in the night and I found that I was more able to concentrate and work longer too after taking the supplement for a good few days. I've stopped taking it now for a couple of days and I've noticed a difference so I will continue to take the supplement and I might purchase it in the future although it is a little pricy in my opinion, however it does seem to be worth it!
*The Skinny Caffe Hot Chocolate (£34.95)
Cosy hot drinks are a must at this time of the year and while I will always be a coffee lover, especially gingerbread lattes, I do still love hot chocolate! I was kindly sent this hot chocolate from The Skinny Caffe in the chocolate fudge flavour which sounds like an amazing hot chocolate flavour! The hot chocolate sachet contains a 30 day supply of the hot chocolate powder which features all natural ingredients including raw cacao, coconut milk powder, green tea, cinnamon and more.

The range is supposed to help with weight loss when used with a healthy diet and exercise, to boost energy levels, decrease food cravings, reduce bloating and more. I haven't been using it consistently but when I have used it, I do notice a decrease in hunger and cravings as well as minor bloating but I haven't been using it constantly enough to notice all of the claims.

It smells amazing, to me it smells like a cross between chocolate fudge and chocolate biscuits which I'm not complaining about! It's supposed to last for 30 days but I like strong hot chocolate so I have been using a lot more each time than suggested. I personally like the flavour (my sister doesn't at all) but it is a little too watery for me - I have to use more powder and less water to make it palatable for me but I do like the flavour. If you're interested in this range then definitely check it out!
Halloween Books: Rest In Pieces & The October Country 
Lastly, it's October so halloween books are obligatory reading this month and I'm currently reading: Rest In Pieces by Bess Lovejoy which is such a good book and the physical shape is really odd as it's so narrow. I'm also half way through The October Country by Ray Bradbury who is one of my favourite authors and I'm loving this short story collection of unusual, weird and quirky tales!

This is my 1,400th post!

What are your autumn essentials? 


  1. so comfy atmosphere with this products! Enjoy the autumn!

  2. I didn't realise that Temple Spa did cosmetics! I'm all for candles, baths and cosy pyjamas in Autumn & Winter! xx


  3. Those candles look so nice and relaxing & I completely love the sound of that concealer! I’ve never heard of the brand but I will have to pick it up now :)

  4. The self-help book sounds really interesting and definitely like something I need to read! Love how cute and cosy those candles look too, I find there's nothing more satisfying than coming home after a windy Autumn day and jumping in a candlelit bath for some relaxation time!
    Alice Xx

  5. Really like the sound of the Temple Spa Glint Concealer, and I also like to have some unscented candles sometimes! Great post!

  6. The mind makeover sounds fab! I love a good candle at this time of year! Xx

  7. I had no idea Temple spa made make-up how cool! The book at the end sounds great too!

  8. I didn't know Temple Spa did cosmetics, my friend loves the brand I shall be passing it on xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo ♥

  9. I didn't know Temple Spa made cosmetics either! That concealer sounds amazing.

  10. Really love my candles! To help me sleep I use the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and also the Lush Twilight bathbb is heaven and helps me to relax x

  11. Such a great selection! I love the sound of the Temple Spa Glint Concealer, and I don't tend to burn unscented candles, but they're great!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  12. That book sounds really good, and just what I need right now! I'll be checking it out 😊 Xx

  13. I got the same Temple Spa delivery and the concealer is so lightweight and lovely x

  14. Candles are a true indulgence of mine! I’m slightly addicted

  15. Skinny hot chocolate? What is this magic? I want to try it! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  16. Ahh I love Autumn! I have a few candles sitting around and I think it's time to start lighting them with a frenzy.
    Ivory Avenue

  17. Oh the concealer looks so nice!! X

  18. I really like the sound of the concealer x

  19. Ah I loved reading this post it made me feel allll the autumn vibes hehe!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  20. The hot chocolate sounds so yummy! x

  21. I know a lot of people who read these type of books, and a lot of people say they make them feel better! Also candles is a must xx

    Taylor Jane ox |

  22. A skinny hot chocolate? Sounds so good x

  23. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, I am in love with your photography style!

    Cindy |

  24. Ooh the hot chocolate sounds like a lovely flavour! The concealer sounds great too xo

    Char |


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