Talking Tropics: Bringing Holiday Inspired Interiors into Your Home

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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2020 has almost certainly taken a strange turn, with many of us confounded to our homes more than ever before. With the majority of holidays to far flung destinations cancelled or rescheduled, it’s looking like this year’s summer holidays will have to be spent in sunny old England, which I have to be honest, isn’t quite the destination I had in mind. 

Despite the somewhat questionable weather, looking to our home interiors to inspire that all-important holiday feel is a great way to bring the tropics to us. And whilst sitting in your living room isn’t quite the same as sipping a rum cocktail in Cuba, injecting some sunshine into the space in the form of tropical-themed interiors is a great way to bring our holidays home to us!

A new, modern take on tropical interiors is having a real moment in the world of interior design right now, with trendy styles popping up in many a home renovation Insta-post. If you’ve browsed the likes of Pinterest and Instagram for some serious home-inspo over the past few months, you’ll have no doubt seen an abundance of beautiful nature-themed room sets, with everything from muted nude and green colour palettes to macramé and rattan all proving particularly popular. I recently wrote about how ironmongery can really change the overall aesthetic of a room, and the tropics trend is no different.

I for one absolutely love this new take on the trend, it adds a sense of relaxation to a space without being overtly “themed” and is super easy to achieve in your own home with just a few simple steps.
Image from Pinterest

Palm Print 
Prints are always a big trend, but palm print is particularly hot right now. With celeb fans such as the likes of Stacey Solomon, it’s no surprise that so many home furnishings retailers are jumping on the palm wagon. The ultimate in tropical-style, the addition of a palm print roman blind in this simple bathroom takes the entire space from drab to fab in a matter of moments. Add a potted plant or two and you’re good to go!

Natural Fibres 
The likes of rattan, bamboo and wicker furniture and accessories are also huge, you only need to step into Primark home to find that out! Natural fibres are a huge trend, not only because going back to nature is more supportive of the environment, but because fibres that have not been dyed go seriously well with a muted colour palette. If you’re not wanting to invest in a whole new set of furniture, the addition of natural storage baskets or planters is a great way to bring that tropical vibe home.

Cacti and Palms 
Adding greenery to your home has long been a great way to bring life, and literal oxygen, into your space. Most holidays are synonymous with the great outdoors, tropical plants and palms galore so it makes sense that by incorporating such things into your own home will help create those all-important destination vibes. There’s a particularly beautiful hotel in Mexico, the Copal Tulum Hotel, which nails this trend in each of their uber modern yet tropical guest rooms. Take inspo from the muted colour palettes and greenery for a cool take in your own home.

Though it reached peak popularity way back in the 70s, macramé is making a huge comeback and is one trend that literally screams tropical holiday. The new macramé trend has a modern and rejuvenated feel, with wall hangings and hanging planters proving particularly popular.

Pampas Grass 
A huge trend that’s popped up this year, the rise in pampas grass as a home interiors decoration is hard to miss. Pampas grass has become particularly popular thanks to its neutral colour palette and long shelf-life, most pampas is dried so will stand the test of time (and doesn’t require watering – a bonus in my book!). Originating in South America, the plant screams boho chic, simply pop some pampas grass into a wicker vase and you’re transported to a far flung destination in a matter of moments.

Do you have any tips to bring holiday inspired trends and vibes into your home? 


  1. These are stunning! I am obsessed with home decor and love natural bits.

  2. I absolutely love leaf print designs!

    Jasmine xx

  3. I really like the look of this trend in other people's homes but I don't think it suits where I live sadly.

  4. We have just painted our bathroom in a purpley grey and I'm in love! A kick of paint really does make a difference x

  5. This seems to be such a big trend at the moment. I'm not sure it's one I'd go for in our current home but maybe our next one x

    Tiffany x

  6. I love palm print! Looks great in a bathroom or bedroom xx

  7. I just want to live in plant heaven

  8. I love the natural fibres and more earthy tones x


  9. I'm all about the palm print and I love it!

  10. Switching up home decor is such a great way to get that little change you need.


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