Summer Jewellery with Daisy London

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Daisy London is my favourite jewellery brand so I was very excited when I received an email about reviewing more of their utterly gorgeous pieces! I first came across Daisy London when they created their first collection with the adorable YouTuber Estee Lalonde and I instantly fell in love but as I wasn't typically a jewellery or accessories wearer, I didn't purchase anything at the time. 

However, after receiving two of their gorgeous necklaces back in 2019, both of which were from Estee's collection, I began regularly wearing both necklaces which is something I've never really done before. I am a very design led person, I like my style and purchases to look a certain way (if that makes sense) and the aesthetic of everything from Daisy London just ticks all of my jewellery design boxes! 
I was very happy to receive one of their rings, of my choosing, as I do wear both necklaces constantly and I think pairing them with one of their rings would look gorgeous. I chose this unique but very simple stacked rope ring in the size small. I am roughly a ring size J and it fits really well but I would recommend checking out their sizing guide as well as buying (or printing off, you can find them online) a ring sizer to make sure you choose the correct size. The sizes range from XS to XL, however many of the sizes are currently unavailable but hopefully more will be back in stock soon. 
I received the ring a few days ago (if you follow me on Instagram @ofbeautyand you may have seen my unboxing) and I've been wearing it constantly since. I don't typically wear rings as I find them a little uncomfortable or clunky but this one, even though it is a little on the chunky side, is very comfortable and easy to wear. Considering it is a fairly large and chunky design, I was surprised at how I didn't notice it too much throughout the day and how gorgeous it looks when paired with nude pink nails!

Whenever I wear my gorgeous pieces from Daisy London or if I see images of their jewellery online, it instantly makes me think of summer, I'm not sure why. I adore the simple but striking designs, the quality and the comfort of wearing such lovely, high quality and well-fitting pieces. I will be wearing the ring constantly along with the necklaces and I cannot recommend them enough, especially as gifts because they are presented so beautifully with a gift bag, box and pouch. I now have my eye on the new and utterly divine flower inspired necklaces, in particular the beautiful lavender and rose designs, both of which would be ideal for summer. 

Have you tried anything from Daisy London? What do you think of this ring? 


  1. I love Daisy London too. Such amazing pieces x

  2. This looks beautiful, I love simple gold jewellery x


  3. These are som gorgeous pieces. I may have to pick some up on payday.

  4. So pretty - I love Daisy Jewellery, I have a few pieces xx

  5. Ooh I've not had anything from this brand before, all of the pieces look gorgeous x

    Tiffany x

  6. I saw this ring on your instagram and it’s is so beautiful xx

  7. That ring is absolutely beautiful!

    Jasmine xx

  8. This was such a lovely collaboration, I love the pieces you have.


  9. I have never heard of Daisy London before but it's something my sister would love x


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