Daisy London x Estee Lalonde

Thursday, August 08, 2019
Youtuber Estee Lalonde, along with Fleur, has been one of the youtubers I've watched for the longest time. I adore her style, her hair, her makeup, her dog, just her. So naturally when she released a collection with Daisy London I was extremely excited but sadly, my laser eye surgery (that I had last week - there will be a post coming soon) was much more expensive than I thought it would be so jewellery wasn't something I felt as though I should be buying...but I wanted to.

You can imagine my excitement when I was emailed about reviewing a couple of necklaces from Estee's collection! I already had my eye on a couple of the gold necklaces (all of which looked amazing on Estee) and her rings, especially the sunburst ring which isn't something I'd usually like but I'm loving the golden summer vibes of this collection.
*Daisy London Portobello Mini Candle (£19)
Along with the two necklaces I was very kindly sent, I also received a surprise candle! I didn't know that they sold candles but upon further investigation, they have the mini 'portobello' candle which is the one I was sent and they have a candle in collaboration with Estee - both of which look gorgeous. The mini candle is 90ml and it contains notes of amber and sandalwood so it has a very musky, rich and warm scent which I utterly adore. The scent is making me wish it was autumn as I use candles primarily within the autumn months and the notes are very autumnal, in my opinion.
*Daisy London x Estee Lalonde Short Snake Chain Necklace (£75)
Both necklaces came beautifully packaged in a Daisy London gift bag as well as pouch and a sleek presentation box so aesthetically it would make for a gorgeous gift, especially if the gift bag contains one of Estee's pieces or one of their candles.

The first of the two necklaces is the 'short snake chain' necklace which is inspired by 70's glam and vintage jewellery. It's composed of 18ct gold plated stirling silver and the short chain length is 16" - there's also a longer length which is 18". The necklace is the perfect length for layering as it isn't too short and it isn't long enough to quickly become tangled with any other necklaces. It's also a thicker, herringbone chain so it isn't likely to become knotted on or while being stored.
I've been wearing the short chain with a casual outfit alongside the gorgeous sunburst shield necklace which is also gold and they look amazing together. I didn't know if the shorter chain and the longer pendant-like necklace would suit me when worn in combination but I think think that they look so chic together - although not as chic on me when compared to the stunning Estee!

My favourite thing about the chain is the way it looks in the sun as it has a beautiful shine and shimmer when the light catches it! Most items of jewellery have a polished shiny finish but these two necklaces from Daisy London are on another level; the shimmering effect makes it look even more perfect for summer. It isn't surprising that a collection created by the radiant Estee is the jewellery embodiment of a fresh, sparkling summer day as that's exactly how Estee comes across in her videos and social media.
*Daisy London x Estee Lalonde Sunburst Shield Necklace (£169)
The second necklace is my favourite of the two, although they are both utterly gorgeous! As with the previous necklace, it's composed of 18ct gold plated stirling silver and the chain length is adjustable between 22" to 24" depending on the hoop you secure it with. It is inspired by 70's vintage styling and the sunburst design symbolises happiness and protection which I feel is very Estee and in keeping with her lifestyle and generally upbeat outlook.

Hopefully you can see the length in the photograph below (you can also find more photographs and my unboxing on my instagram - @ofbeautyand) but it it quite a bit longer than the short chain; however I think they look beautiful together. I've tried layering necklaces in the past and I'd given up on the whole as they always seemed to look unusual together but these two look perfect with a summer casual outfit (or it would be ideal with a more formal look as both items look very minimal and elegant).
I've worn both of the necklaces together with my Nordgreen Infinity Gold Mesh Watch and I adore the way they all look together. I've never been an avid jewellery or watch fan but since finding so many beautiful minimal pieces recently, I think I've finally found a style that suits me. I've also always been more of a silver or rose gold jewellery lover but again, the Daisy London x Estee Lalonde collection is changing my mind, especially as all of her pieces just radiate summer positivity and joy!

Overall, I was so incredibly happy when this parcel arrived, especially as I did want to try this collection since it was released and leading up to my eye surgery I was very anxious so it was a lovely parcel to receive, not only to wear but to also distract myself! I cannot recommend this collection enough as it's so beautiful and the presentation makes any of the items (whether it's a necklace, candle, ring or bracelet) a luxurious, special gift or treat for yourself.

What do you think of the Daisy London x Estee Lalonde collection? 



  1. Wow what a beautiful piece - I love this collection x

  2. I've not yet picked up anything from this brand but follow Estee on Instagram and the collection looks beautiful :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. Well...as a Daisy, I already love the sound of this company! xD I've also been watching Estee and Fleur for years so I'm so glad that these pieces look incredible and that candle!! Will have to add to my wishlist!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  4. These are beautiful and gold jewellery is something you can definitely bet on these coming seasons. Hope you start playing with jewellery more :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. These photos are all absolutely beautiful. I don't wear much jewellery but I love these pieces xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. I've never actually heard of those YouTuber's. But the necklace is lovely x


  7. These are such beautiful pieces

    Candice x


  8. Oh wow the pieces are so beautiful! xx

  9. So many beautiful pieces in this collection. I love the sunset shield necklace x


  10. The shield necklace is beautiful. I had no idea about this collection.

  11. Your photos are stunning! Love the design of that necklace x

  12. Oh I didn’t know about this, I’ll check out the range.


  13. I think the metal is a bit too yellow for my taste.

  14. What a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection
    Em x


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