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Monday, April 06, 2020
Easter is just around the corner, although with the chaos that is happening all over the world right now in terms of the corona virus, it doesn't seem like a moment to celebrate but I think that trying to bring back a sense of normality and festivity into the upcoming week is something everyone needs, especially as the weather is gorgeous (although obviously stay at home if you can)!

This time of the year is usually filled with spring, Mother's Day and Easter posts galore but sadly that hasn't been the case. However, I hope today's post will give you a few gift ideas for Easter (or a postponed Easter, if you can't fully celebrate with all of your loved ones just yet) or maybe a little treat for yourself, I'm not judging!
*Feather and Down Ultimate Sleep Set (£15)
Let's start with some of the gorgeous gift sets I was very kindly sent by the lovely people over at Feather and Down. I've been very lucky to receive a few of their products over the past couple of years and I have genuinely adored every single one, especially their award winning pillow mist (which I've been using for the past few weeks and it has definitely helped me sleep better amidst the stress).

The Ultimate Sleep Set contains some of their best selling products including the pillow mist, shower cream (which is probably my second favourite product of theirs after the magical pillow mist), body lotion and soap bar. All of their products look amazing, they are instantly relaxing and the gift set is well presented so it would make an aesthetically beautiful gift and every item smells utterly divine too.
*Feather and Down Perfect Sleep (£8)
They have a fantastic range of gift sets available, from larger and slightly more expensive options to smaller and very affordable gifts but no matter the price, they all look beautiful and perfect for yourself or a loved one who is having trouble sleeping and relaxing. This set contains a sleep mask, the heavenly pillow mist and a mini roll on, the latter two are mini sizes so they're great for trialing the products or for travelling. I think this set would make such a lovely little Easter gift for tired mums, frazzled friends or struggling colleagues.
*Pure Anada Hand and Body Wash via Live In The Light (£9.50, 300ml)
I love to receive pampering products all year round but I think that the change of the seasons is a great time to switch up your products and routine. The Pure Anada hand and body wash in the 'Woodland Citrus' scent is the ideal winter to spring scent as it is fresh and vibrant but it is still a little woody, musky and rich. I personally love the scent and I think many people will although there are lots of other gorgeous scents to choose from including tropical coconut, fresh cucumber, vanilla bean, wild raspberry and more.
*Pure Anada Cocoa Body Butter via Live In The Light (£8 125ml)
There are many products within the 'woodland citrus' scent range from Pure Anada such as a sugar scrub, bath salts, hand cream, room mist and more, including this body butter. The products contains organic ingredients, they are vegan friendly and cruelty free which is fantastic and makes the range an easy gifting option for friends, family and colleagues. As with the hand and body wash, the body butter has a richly woody and citrus scent that I love and the product itself is lovely to use. I think that a couple of products from the range would make great, practical gifts this Easter.
*ASDA Photo Book (from £6)
If you're looking for a more personalised gift this Easter, why not check out the wide range of photo gifts on ASDA photo, including mugs, cushions, canvas prints, cards and more, including their easy to make photo books. Their books range in price depending on the size, style and finish; I have the hardcover (20cm by 20cm) photo book (£20). I've been lucky enough to work with ASDA photo previously as I made one of their wall calendars for my Christmas 2019 gift guide and as with the calendar, making this photo book was such an easy, stress free process!
The process is very easy to follow and you can customise the physical aspects of the books such as the size, cover and finish as well as the number of pages, the layout of the photographs and the number of photographs within the book. I always try to include as many photographs as I can as there are more for the gift recipient to look through but you can alter the number per page depending on the size of each photograph you want to add.

I have made a few photo books in the past using various other companies and they are fantastic but the process of making this one was very easy and although it wasn't very quick (as I couldn't decide which photos I wanted to add!), it was a process that anyone could follow easily to create a lovely and thoughtful gift that your gift recipient will treasure for years to come. I also think it's even more appropriate to consider more meaningful and special gifts as I think we all miss members of our family and our friends during our current lockdown.
*Marks and Spencer Marbled Truffle Egg (£15)
Last but not least is an Easter egg as you cannot have an Easter celebration or a belated one, without an Easter egg so why not choose the biggest and most decedent Easter egg! This egg from Marks and Spencers is the largest I've ever received and it looks amazing too, as pretty much everything from Marks and Spencers does! The egg is made of a mixture of Belgian milk chocolate, white and dark chocolate as well as a hidden hazelnut truffle layer inside - what more could you ask for!
I hope you found some gift ideas within today's gift guide, whether it's for a loved one's birthday, for an Easter celebration (at home!) or as a belated Easter gift. I feel very torn during our current global situation as I want to try and have some sense of normality and to treat loved ones by sending them gifts (via online shopping and safe distances) but it also feels a little strange to do so. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Will you be celebrating Easter this year? What do you think of my Easter gift guide? Will you be sending any gifts to friends or family for the Easter weekend? 



  1. Candice SandlerMonday, April 06, 2020

    With everything that's happened I almost for for its Easter and passover! Have not evem bought any Easter goodies yet.

  2. That feather and down range looks so cool

  3. Can't say I ever celebrate Easter apart from buying Easter Eggs but these are great gift ideas x

  4. These are lovely ideas. We tend to just get Easter Eggs for each other but I think gifts are a great idea if you want something different x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  5. Ooof, that egg looks incredible!! If I could safely find a way to M&S I would totally get this! I tend to watch Easter service online to celebrate so I might find different ways to keep my mind busy during it!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. I'm all about the chocolate eggs at Easter! xx

  7. Blimey is it really Easter! Such an informative post x

  8. I've wanted to try the Feather and Down range for such a long time - I think I'll treat myself as I'm not sleeping so well at the moment
    Em x

  9. Wow! What beautiful gifts. I can't say I usually gift things other than eggs at Easter but with the current turn of evens, I find myself sending happy packages or gifts to loved ones. The feather and down gifts look so beautiful!


  10. I love the look of the feather and down products - they always look beautiful!

  11. I love the scent of Feather and Down sleep products

    Jasmine xx

  12. I never really do Easter gifts but my mum bought all of the girls in her team at work a grow your own cocktail kit this year which I thought was a cute gift idea x


  13. I didn't know people gave gifts at Easter like this! x

  14. The feather and down set looks fab!



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