Mens Christmas Gift Guide: Part One

Friday, November 01, 2019
I love this time of the year when the leaves are changing, everything feels a little more cosy and all of the Christmas gift sets are being released. I have quite a few beauty gift sets and advent calendars on my wish list this year! Today's post is my first mens gift guide of 2019 featuring a range of grooming, fragrance, lifestyle and home gifts for a range of budgets. Check out my first womens gift guide of the year for more gift ideas and to enter my giveaway to win a £60 gift card for TJ Hughes!

*Green People Grooming Ritual Gift Set (£15)
Let's start with a few grooming gifts as I think those are some of the 'safest' and easiest gifts to give at this time of the year, especially as men can be a little difficult to buy for, in my opinion. I love buying and giving gifts for friends and family but the two people I struggle with the most when it comes to finding great gifts are my dad and grandad. They end up with the same gifts every year but thankfully they always seem to like grooming or fragrance gifts.
This gift set from Green People is a fantastic all round, easy and natural gift set that I think would be perfect for those who are difficult to buy for including dads, friends and uncles but also people you might not know quite as well too such as friend's partners, colleagues or cousins, for example. I have been lucky enough to try quite a few products from green people such as their skincare, SPF and makeup with my favourite product of theirs being the *Green People Velvet Matte Lipstick but their gift sets are equally as fantastic.

The gift set contains three x 30ml bottles of their exfoliating face scrub, soothing shave gel and the cooling moisturiser, all three of which are certified organic, cruelty free, suitable for vegans and recyclable. I think this gift set is fantastic for so many people, not just in terms of the quality of the products and the ethos of the brand but it's a great basic set and I love the packaging!
*Carbon Coco Magnetic Charcoal Mask (£54.95)
Sticking with the grooming and skincare theme, Carbon Coco have recently launched their magnetic charcoal face mask. Skincare isn't just for women, everyone needs to look after their skin as it's one of the first lines of defence, it is the largest organ and it is also the first place to visibly show the signs of ageing, dehydration or a poor diet.

I will be posting a full review of the mask in the next couple of weeks but I wanted to include it within this gift guide as I think it's a great gift set idea and something a little different too as I imagine most people haven't used a magnetic face mask before. I've only tried it once so far but I love it and can't wait to share my full review soon.
*Remarkable Trees by Christina Harrison and Tony Kirkham (£24.95)
Next up, a couple of book gift ideas as along with beauty or grooming gifts, I think books are a safe bet, especially non-fiction. I personally love to receive book gift cards or books as gifts but they're even better if they are beautifully published and designed which all of the books from Thames and Hudson seem to be. I've raved about the gorgeous books I've received and bought from Thames and Hudson in various posts, including a couple of last years gift guides and my book recommendation for 2019 is no different.

Remarkable Trees is not only a beautifully published book but I love the layout and the incredible illustrations through it which depict various trees, plants, landscapes and seeds to provide a comprehensive look at the remarkable world of trees. This book would be perfect for those interesting in the natural world, natural history or gardening in general. I find most aspects of non-fiction fascinating so this book is perfect for me and it will be fully reviewed as part of my October and November reading wrap-up at the end of the month.
*Teatulia Classic Tea Selection (£14.95)
If you've read my womens gift guide then you will have seen the jasmine green tea from Teatulia that I mentioned (and loved) but today's post is all about their classic tea selection gift set. The set comes beautifully but simply packaged and includes three tins of their black, oolong and green tea options. The tins are 30g each and contain loose leaf tea so if you're gift recipient doesn't have a strainer or infuser then you could include one (along with a few other goodies) and the selection as a mini hamper.

Even though I'm English, I don't like tea unless it's black, herbal, green or mint but thankfully Teatulia has a great range of options to choose from including caffeine free herbal tea, spiced tea, teaware and tea gifts such as this lovely set. I think the set is great for tea lovers or those who want to try new varieties of tea. Check out Teatulia for more tea related gifts and teaware.
*ASDA Photo Double Sided Wall Calendar (£13)
I personally love to give and also receive personalised gifts and a photo book or personalised calendar ticks all the boxes for a thoughtful, memorable and special gift but one that it also practical - we all know by now how much I love practical gifts. I've gifted numerous photograph and personalised gifts over the years, from photo books and printed cushions to notebooks and calendars and they are always received with smiles!
I think any personalised gift will go down very well as a Christmas gift as it shows more thought and time has gone into the gift compared to a generic store-bought gift, especially if you can add memorable, funny or beautiful photographs. I added lots of lovely holiday photos to my wall calendar for 2020 as there are so many wonderful memories within the photographs that I want to display. I opted for a variety of collages and single photographs to I could fit the best photos in the best places and to add more to the calendar.

I usually gift my granddad a photograph calendar for christmas with photos of myself, my sister and our grandad which he always seems to love. I've made his calendars on a variety of websites over the past three or so years and using the ASDA Photo site was very easy, delivery was quick and I'm really happy with the print quality and colours. If you're looking to give a personalised photo gift this year then definitely check out ASDA Photo!
*Reco Plastic Free Shaving Starter Box (£25, sale)
2019 has been the year of reducing plastic and veganism and I couldn't be happier but one aspect that I haven't really considered until now is gift giving. I know that certain rolls of wrapping paper can't be recycled so I will be using brown paper this year that can be; however I haven't really considered plastic free gifts before. Thankfully more and more companies are brining out plastic free or more environmentally friendly products and Reco is one of them!
I was very kindly sent their plastic free starter box which contains the Reco 3R safety razor, Astra razor blades (x5) and their natural shaving soap. I have only used disposable razors, I've never tried a safety razor and it is a little intimidating, especially as the razor blades are so sharp and they have to be fitted each time. However, I am trying to reduce plastic waste so it seems like a fantastic, reusable option.

The safety razor is unisex, the blades are cheap to replace and there should be less irritation with a single blade. I've only used it once and while it is mildly terrifying to use, it isn't difficult but it requires a little practice. I think it would make a great eco-friendly and practical gift for men or women, particularly if you want to give more environmentally conscious gifts this year.
*Two Tiered Slate Cake Stand (£24.99)
Another great unisex gift idea is this beautiful, sleek and personalised two tiered cake stand! Again, this gift ticks all the boxes for gift giving as it's beautiful, unique, practical and it can be made a little extra special with a personalised message such as a quote, message or a name. I love the look of slate for homeware or kitchenware and this cake stand is no different. I think it would be ideal for anyone who loves to bake as it's a great size to display and serve sweet treats on such as brownies, cake slices or cupcakes, especially over the festive season. I love to cook and bake over the christmas period, particularly vegan gingerbread which would look so cute on the cake stand. If you're looking for personalised gifts, check out Happiness is a Gift for a wide range of wonderful gift ideas for all ages, budgets and interests!
*The Amazing Mystery Box - GOT (from £19.99 per box)
If you have a fan of a particular TV show, movie or series in your life then The Amazing Mystery Box would make a fantastic and unique gift idea! I chose the Game of Thrones box as it's one of my favourite TV series and I usually love the merchandise from the show. The value of the box is double the cost so it's amazing value for money and you can specify the box you want such as a particular TV show or movie (for example, Doctor Who and Star Wars) or by the age of your recipient.
My box contained six items ranging from stationery, pins and wearables to homeware and figurines. I'm happy with the range of items in the box as typically there are mainly figurines in boxes like this but I'm glad there are a few more practical items such as the glasses, tote bag and notebook, all of which I'd love. If you follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand), you'll have seen my unboxing.

I think it's a great gift idea that is a little more unique and even though it's a mystery box of goodies (which anyone would love to receive), it can be more personal to your gift recipient by the type of box you choose. If you have an adult, teen or child to buy for that loves mystery boxes, certain TV shows or movies or collectables then I can't think of a better gift this Christmas.
*Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men (£29, 30ml)
Last but definitely not least are a couple of gift ideas from TJ Hughes! I've included a couple of similar gifts from TJ Hughes within my womens gift guide if you want to check it out and be in with a chance of winning a £60 TJ Hughes gift card. TJ Hughes has such a great range of gifts to choose from including homeware, beauty and fragrance gifts. All of the gifts and fragrances on TJ Hughes are at fantastic prices and this one is no different so if you want to grab a bargain for yourself or someone else, check out their website or stores.
Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men contains the following notes: Italian bergamot, woods, pepper, cedar wood, vetiver, amber and cocoa bean which combine to make such a rich fragrance that I think will be a hit with so many gift recipients - my dad included and he can be very picky when it comes to all gifts but especially fragrances. If you are looking for a fragrance gift for yourself (treat your self!) or someone else this christmas then it's well worth looking on the TJ Hughes website or in-store to see if they have what you're looking for as you might be able to save a little money, which is always welcome at this time of the year.
*Baylis and Harding Citrus, Lime and Mint Grooming Duo (£7.99)
Lastly is a gift set from Baylis and Harding which is a great gift idea for dads, colleagues or as a secret Santa gift as you can't really go wrong with lovely smelling toiletries for christmas! This set contains a 300ml body wash as well as a 200ml shower gel. Baylis and Harding gifts always tend to be well presented and very inexpensive so if you're on a budget, it's a great brand to check out.

I just wanted to mention another unique gift to finish today's post and it's a luxe subscription service, Summerton Whisky Club, which I reviewed in my mens gift guide last Christmas. The subscription service is £50 per month and for the price you (or your lucky gift recipient) will receive the monthly bottle of whisky which is specially selected. I think it would make a very special and luxe gift this Christmas and it's a gift that will keep on giving for the length of the subscription you choose.

I hope you found a few gift ideas for the men in your life from today's post and don't forget to enter my latest giveaway with TJ Hughes for your chance to win a £60 gift card giveaway. It is UK only (sorry!) and it ends on the 17th November so you still have time to enter.

What do you think of my first mens gift guide of the year? 



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