*How To Make Your Garden Summer Ready

Monday, April 13, 2020
Images from Sky-Line Design
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Happy bank holiday Monday! The weather has been utterly glorious in northern England recently (obviously it would take a nation wide lockdown and quarantine for the English weather to be this nice) so I've been spending much more time in the garden reading and 'helping' to tidy the garden (note: 'help' in this context means running away from bugs and eating vegan ice cream).

There are some aspects of our garden that I love such as our very impressive and beautiful cherry blossom tree (you may be seeing quite a lot of it over on my Instagram stories this spring - @ofbeautyand) and our summer house but there are other areas that I would like to improve while I'm currently working from home with either new garden furniture, plants, paint or outdoor lights.
Outdoor Lighting 
If you have been following my blog or social media for a while then you might have noticed that I love fairy lights and unique lighting. I would love to add fairy lights that are suitable for outdoor use in the garden, especially around the cherry blossom tree or summer house. I think lanterns with fake candles, solar lights along the driveway or even LED planters would make a great addition to the garden!

We have a few pieces of outdoor furniture but they are now spider infested plastic monstrosities that I can't be near without almost hyperventilating about bugs so I would love to update the furniture to either wooden benches at the front of the house or rattan furniture in the back garden. I personally love the look of the 'Brando Seashell' and 'Flexx' collections from Skyline Design as well as the selection of outdoor poof stools.

Skyline Design offers a wide range of premium quality all weather outdoor furniture as well as outdoor lighting, accessories, parasols, statues and more. With over 32 years of experience designing and manufacturing natural rattan garden furniture, you'll be sure to find something to refresh and update your garden for the upcoming summer months.

New Plants 
The cherry blossom tree is my favourite aspect of the garden especially when it is in bloom but I would love to add even more flowers and colour into the garden as it is so uplifting and makes the garden look even more inviting while also adding more to habitats and food sources for the birds, bees and occasional hedgehogs that visit our garden in the spring and summer months. New plants, outdoor lightning and new comfortable furniture would make an ideal outdoor working space for me during our current lockdown - I can't wait to update the garden!

Are you spending more time in your garden during the lockdown? 


  1. We need a few more furniture bits atm but not sure about ordering yet with everything going on atm xx

  2. These are such usual tips! Thanks for sharing them x

  3. I’m definitely spending more time in my garden at the moment x

  4. I've been spending so much time in my garden recently - it's definitely going to be more of a priority for me this summer

  5. I wish I had a garden! Might treat myself to some new potted plants though :)

    Jasmine xx

  6. I really wish I had a garden at the moment, the weather is beautiful x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. We were going to be getting some work done in our garden but it got cancelled due to lockdown, it's still freezing where I am though so I'm definitely indoors still x


  8. What great tips! I love my Cherry tree x

  9. My garden is horrific right now - I'd love it to be prettier x

  10. The weather has been so good. I love plants.



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