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Saturday, April 11, 2020
Happy Easter weekend everyone! Even though this years Mother's Day and Easter plans have been derailed slightly due to the corona virus, we are still going to be celebrating with family this year! I've passed on Easter gifts to my family that live close to us this morning and I'm baking some Easter treats for us today as well. I'm planning on a very relaxed Easter Sunday with plenty of time for eating and reading!

Easter has been something my family have always celebrated with lots of food, meeting up with cousins and receiving Easter eggs or other small gifts. However, I think an Easter lunch (a belated one or a lunch via Skype/Facetime with family and friends) would be a lovely idea to stay connected to each other and celebrate with good food and company.
*Tea, Coffee and Sugar Jar Set from Three Posts via Wayfair (£55.99)
I was very kindly allowed to choose a few items from Wayfair to create my Easter lunch table this year and I'm so happy with every item I chose, especially this gorgeous tea, coffee and sugar jar set. The set contains cute ceramic jars for tea, coffee and sugar as well as a stand and small wooden drawers beneath the jars. I absolutely adore the design of not only the cute jars with their metal labels and the materials used but the farmhouse style look of the set - it fits perfectly with our modern but rustic kitchen decor.

Tea is a quintessential British drink and it wouldn't be lunch (or breakfast...or anytime of the day) without a cup of tea so it has to feature as part of my Easter lunch, particually when the set looks so gorgeous as this one does. I personally love herbal, mint and floral tea blends so this set is ideal for storing a couple of different tea varieties within the jars and drawers so there's something for everyone this Easter.
*Wooden Tea Box from Borough Wharf via Wayfair (£18.99)
Another option for storing tea (or hot chocolate sachets, if you prefer) is this cute and rustic looking tea box that would be ideal as part of a Easter lunch table as everyone can help themselves to a variety of tea flavours. I have quite a lot of tea, from Teapigs and Clipper to Twinnings and Whittards but they are all in open boxes so this storage and presentation solution is fantastic. I've wanted a new way to store all of the loose teabags I have for a while so the timing is perfect and I couldn't be happier with the way it looks in our kitchen.
*Ornamental Lily Stems (£18.93, for three stems)
There's nothing more spring-like than beautiful and freshly bloomed flowers but sadly it isn't very easy to pick up fresh flowers from your local store or supermarket currently (although ordering online from independent stores is a great option to help smaller local business); although artificial flowers might be a great alternative. I adore flowers, whether they are fresh or artificial, as they can make any room of the house look instantly more inviting, fresh and brighter.

However, the cheap artificial flowers I've tried in the past haven't been great in terms of their quality and how realistic they look but thankfully this set of three artificial lily stems from The Seasonal Aisle via Wayfair are the nicest artificial flowers I've tried. I love the colours as they suit my decor very well, they look so pretty in photographs (I always try to use flowers in my blog photos) and they look relatively realistic as far as artificial flowers can. They'd make a nice spring addition to any room but especially as a centrepiece for an Easter lunch.
*Wrendale Designs Wooden Cutting Board from Royal Worcester via Wayfair (£19.99 - sale)
As well as chocolate eggs and getting together with my family, Easter has always been about food, cooking and baking. I love to cook but since switching to a vegan diet in January 2019, I have been baking nearly as much but I'm planning to change that this Easter weekend with some delicious (hopefully) vegan baked goodies. I have my eye on a few recipes including vegan brownies (which I keep failing at but I will try again as I do love gooey brownies) and freshly baked flat bread.

I have a few cheap plastic cutting boards but this one is so beautiful and looks gorgeous in the kitchen. I have been using it as a cutting board since I received it earlier in the week (check out my Instagram stories for blogger mail and unboxings - @ofbeautyand) but I think it would also look very spring-appropriate and cute as a wooden serving board as part of an Easter lunch or Easter afternoon tea.
*Cristian Chevron Flannel Fleece Throw from August Grove via Wayfair (£21.99 - sale)
The weather in England for the past few weeks has been pretty glorious, naturally we would have rare lovely weather in England during a lockdown when we are all confined to our homes! Although it can be a little chilly in the evenings, particularly when we are sitting in the summerhouse so a cute and warm throw is the ideal addition to an Easter lunch in the garden, balcony or summerhouse, if you are lucky enough to have them.

I love anything related to hygge at all times of the year so candles, cooking items and cosy homeware are instant buys for me. I probably own far too many throws and blankets but I can always make room for one more, especially a throw that is a very uplifting and spring-like yellow colour! You may have noticed from my Instagram colour scheme lately that brighter spring colours are not so slowly taking over and I'm loving it! Brighter and fresh colours definitely help to improve my mood!
I couldn't be happier with the items I was very kindly sent from Wayfair to create my own little Easter lunch table at home and just in time for Easter Sunday tomorrow! I cannot recommend all of the items enough (particularly the gorgeous tea, coffee and sugar jar set) as well as the process of shopping on Wayfair as it was very easy to narrow down the items I wanted via the filters and there is so much choice!

I think that shopping online is a much safer choice compared to going to physical shops currently so I think that if you're looking to update your home this spring, redecorate, buy home-related Easter gifts or to buy homeware essentials (such as cooking pans, DIY items, indoor/outdoor furniture or redecorating supplies), Wayfair is a great option to choose from with lots of choice, fast delivery options for certain items and so many offers, daily deals and outlet items.

For more ideas on how to decorate your table for an Easter lunch check out the Wayfair blog as well as their post on Easter crafting ideas!

Have you bought anything from Wayfair? What do you think of the items I've chosen for my Easter lunch table? 



  1. Oh my gosh - the drawers are super cute! xx

  2. I really like the storage box!

    Jasmine xx

  3. I’ve never bought anything from here but love their stuff! x

  4. These photos are all absolutely gorgeous! Love the look of everything you've mentioned x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  5. This all looks so cute! The drawers especially x


  6. I definitely need that 3-set! X

  7. I absolutely LOVE that 3 set - it's so pretty!
    Em x

  8. I love your photography here - so pretty x

  9. Wayfair is AMAZING! I love looking through their site!

  10. They’re all such cute ideas. I love Wayfair.



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