DegustaBox - April 2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
It's that time of the month again for my DegustaBox review! If you've been following my blog for the past week or so then you may have read my previous post all about subscription boxes that can help you get through lockdown and I think that DegustaBox is a great option if you're looking for a monthly subscription box filled with snacks, drinks and cooking ingredients.

*DegustaBox - April 2020 (£7.99 with the code DTPL4)
Each DegustaBox contains a plethora of amazing items from well known and smaller brands as well as a variety of items for numerous dietary requirements. The box theme varies each month and the April theme is 'UK vs international' which I'm not entirely sure about but it does contain a few fantastic items. The brands included range from Very Lazy (which I love), Terrys and Tilda to lesser known options such as Sxollie, Remedy, Growers Garden and more.
*Terrys Chocolate Orange Minis - Popping Candy
I'll start with the sweet treats and the first is from Terrys but it is a variation on their original and well known chocolate orange as they now have a popping candy flavour. The change was made for Easter, although I don't think many people were able to celebrate with friends or family this year; however I hope you all received or bought some chocolatey goodies anyway! There are two bags of the popping candy mini chocolate orange segments in the box to share.
*Bynmor Flapjack (£1.29)
The second sweet treats are flapjacks from a British company I haven't heard of before! There are two bars in the box in the following flavours: caramel fudge and apple & raspberry. The apple and raspberry option is vegan and the other is vegetarian. I have tried the apple and raspberry flapjack and I love it - I knew I would as I used to eat flapjack bars either as part of my lunch in secondary school or as a treat from my aunties.
*Percy's Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Sticks (£3)
Another sweet treat that would have been perfect for Easter to share were these adorably packaged caramel chocolate shortbread sticks from another brand I haven't heard of. Sadly, they aren't vegan but if they were I think I would have loved them as I adore the combination of biscuits, chocolate and gooey caramel.
*Remedy Kombucha (£1.85 each)
I've tried a few different flavours and brands of kombucha and while I don't hate it, I haven't found a flavour that I would want to buy again, until now. There are two flavours within the box: raspberry lemonade and cherry plum. Out of the two flavours, the raspberry lemonade sounds like it would be perfect for me but it didn't have much of a flavour aside from being quite bitter but thankfully I loved the cherry plum flavour - I would buy it in the future.
*Sxollie Cider (£1.80)
Sticking with the drinks included in the box is a rather unique alcoholic drink as it is award winning, vegan and gluten free cider. Also, the apples are all sourced from the Elgin Valley in South Africa. I don't drink very often but when I do, the easy option is always cider as I know that I'll probably like it; however it's a little difficult knowing if any item is vegan (unless it is specifically mentioned on the label) so I'm glad this one is clearly labelled as vegan. Additionally, on the bottle, it states that every purchase helps empower women in South Africa which is fantastic!
*Tilda Peri Peri Microwave Rice (£1.59)
I personally can't stand microwave rice as they all taste like plastic to me but there's one that is the exception to my rule - the Tilda lemon and herb microwave rice which I adore! I hoped I would like this one too (it is suitable for vegans) and I do, thankfully. I think these packets are perfect for a super quick and easy lunch with veggies.

*Growers Garden Fresh Broccoli Crisps (£1.99)
This brand and product has been included within a previous DegustaBox and I'm glad it has returned, in my favourite flavour, as I really liked them. The flavour is sour cream and onion which is the best crisp flavour ever, don't argue with me. They are so addictive and I cannot recommend them enough although I think it will be a bit of a love it or hate it product.
*Very Lazy Pastes (£1.85 each)
The penultimate items are two of the pastes from Very Lazy which is a brand I already love and buy from. I currently have their garlic in the fridge so I'm very happy to try more. I've only used the ginger paste so far but it is fantastic. I love to cook but I hate cleaning up and I also hate having to chop up ingredients like garlic and ginger as it can be a little fiddly and tedious so these pre-made pastes are very convenient - I can't recommend them enough.
*Peppadew Sweet Piquante Peppers (£3)
The final product is one of the international items (four of the items in the box were International and the remaining six were from brands in the UK) and it is an ingredient I haven't tried before, sweet piquante peppers. The peppers are apparently great to add onto pizza, pastas, salads, wraps and burgers, among other meals so I'm interested to try them!

Don't forget to use the code: DTPL4 to get your first box for only £7.99!

Have you tried any of these products or a DegustaBox



  1. Omg! I really must dive into this and use that code you have going x

  2. I'm probably the only person who doesn't like orange chocolate! These look like great goodies.

  3. Some fab sounding things in this box x

  4. I'm a massive fan of Kombuncha and especially the Raspberry Lemonade! I also love the Ginger Lemon flavour is just as gorgeous, especially if you're feeling a little sluggish!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  5. Ahh so many good things this month! xx

    Tiffany x

  6. I love Very Lazy too, I'm very intrigued by the broccoli crisps, I need to try some of those x


  7. I love the variety of items that are included in this box.

  8. Chocolate Orange are my absolute favourite!!!
    Em x

  9. The shortbread sticks sound yummy! xx

  10. Ooh I'd be interested in the broccoli crisps - really like beetroot and parsnip ones!

    Jasmine xx

  11. The drinks sound like my kinda treat! x

  12. The shortbread sticks look SO good!


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