*Rethinking Your Nail Care Routine for Winter

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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The colder months can be unkind to your hands. With cold air much more likely to dry your skin out than even the warmest summer weather, well insulated gloves and moisturiser become essential accessories to prevent flaking and cracking. But while many of us are only too conscious of what the cold can do to the skin of our hands, what about our nails? Without due care and attention, they too can quickly fall victim to the ravages of winter.

Dry hands means more skin being shed, which means nails and cuticles grow faster than you might expect. If you don’t stay on top of your manicures or take appropriate steps to protect your hands, previously well-groomed nails can soon become dishevelled, with the risk of cracked cuticles increasing the colder it gets. As well as stepping up your general hand care, winter is also a good time to think carefully about what you put on your nails.

Those simple lacquers and polishes you used all summer may no longer be enough on their own. If your nails are left weak and undernourished by the cold, you will find your nail polish chips and comes off that much more easily, leaving you either constantly trying to repair the damage or walking around with less than glamorous nails. To keep your nails in perfect condition over the winter, it’s therefore a good idea to look beyond standard polish. Here are a couple of products that should become a standard part of your nail routine at least until the weather gets warmer.

3-in-1 Varnish
A good quality clear top coat and finisher is recommended at any time of the year if you want to keep your carefully polished nails looking pristine for longer. But in the winter, there is an added incentive to layer up your nail products, especially choosing a product that does more than one job at once. A base coat and strengthener will help to repair any barely noticeable cracks and blemishes on the surface of your nail caused by the cold weather, while at the same time nourishing the keratin so you end up with healthier, stronger nails. That base then provides a firm, smooth layer for you to apply your polish. If you have chosen a 3-in-1 base varnish, you can then use the same product to apply a top layer, sealing in the colour and providing a long-lasting shine.

Gel Polish 
Gel polish has two key characteristics that make it a particularly attractive proposition over the winter months - it is tougher than standard lacquer and it also lasts much longer. Especially if your nails are slightly weakened or cracked, the extra strength of gel polish provides much needed support. In addition, the fact that it is much more chip resistant and lasts considerably longer means you have to do less work on your nails, which in its own right can be beneficial when they are suffering from the cold. Find out more about Opi Nail Polish available from Mirage Cosmetics UK.

Do you have any nail care tips? Have you tried OPI polishes? 



  1. I always wear gel nails now - as someone whose nail polish chipped within hours, it’s been game changing!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. I much prefer using gel polish now, it lasts so much longer xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. I am a huge fan of Gel polish now, though I don't wear it as often as I would like too x

  4. Oh my gosh those nails are beautiful!! I need to book in for Christmas nails! Xx

  5. I love OPI polishes but I don't have a nail care routine as I pick my nails so much


  6. I hate dry hands in the winter- these are some great tips x

  7. I always wear gel nail varnishes! I personally love the gel bottle as they are vegan and cruelty free!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. I love OPI polishes they're some of my favs x

  9. I don't really wear nail polish these days as everything chips on me really quickly but I've always liked the OPI formulas x


  10. I never thought about caring for your nails during the winter. I would do more with them but I've yet to find a way to strengthen them without getting a yellow tinge. I wish I could do more! They just break so often! Boo!

  11. I get the worst dry cuticles ever but I'm so lazy atm with self-care x

  12. I use this tea tree cuticle oil from AVON every so often! John x

  13. My handcream is never far from my side in these colder months
    Em x

  14. Those nails are stunning! SO so pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  15. I love the nails in the photo. I’ve not had gel nails in forever.


  16. it's all about those cuticles all year round!


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