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Sunday, November 17, 2019
It's that time of the month again when I rave about how amazing my DegustaBox was and again I'm a little late with this review as I've been so busy with planning, photographing and writing all of my Christmas gift guides, a few of which are already live, if you're looking for early Christmas gift ideas. Sadly my gift card giveaway has ended (I'll be announcing the winner on twitter tomorrow so stay tuned) but don't worry as I will be hosting another giveaway tomorrow too in which you can win some delicious chocolates!

*DegustaBox - October 2019
The theme for the October box was 'home comforts' which is the best theme ever and it's the category of food that I love to eat the most! Comfort foods to me include all of the treats, carbs and snacks so I hoped there would be a few yummy vegan options in the October box...and I wasn't disappointed! There are a wide range of items in the box from snacks and cooking ingredients to flavoured drops, herbal tea, hot chocolate, maple syrup and more. Over half of the box is suitable for vegans which I'm very happy about especially as the past couple of boxes haven't been.
*Whitworths Shots - Chocolate and Hazelnut (£1.89)
Let's start with some of the snacks in the box and one that isn't vegan but it is a snack pack that my mum loved! I haven't come across these before but I think that a snack containing a mix of healthy goodies such as raisins and nuts as well as treats like chocolate, is a great idea. I wish they were vegan as it's something I would keep in my handbag as an on-the-go healthy snack.

*Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Coins (£1.50)
Speaking of treats, these chocolate coins from Pip's are utterly delicious! They are handmade in Wales and they are suitable for vegans (at least the options in this box are). I have the orange, hazelnut and original flavours, the latter two were definitely be favourites!

*Grower's Garden Fresh Broccoli Crisps (£1.29)
Onto a more unusual product...broccoli crisps. I love any kind of vegetable or fruit crisps but the idea of broccoli crisps was a little weird and to be honest, they did initially taste a little strange. However, I ended up loving them, especially the original flavour but the cheese and also the chilli options were surprisingly good too. One thing I love about DegustaBox is the inclusion of more unusual products!
*Tick Tock Tea (£2.05)
Yet another favourite product, along with the broccoli crisps and hot chocolate coins, is this selection of new wellbeing teas from Tick Tock. I haven't come across this brand before but I love the packaging! I have three options but the only one I've tried so far is the bedtime option and I love it. I like herbal, mint and green tea but they can be quite bitter; however I like the bedtime tea flavour and I'd definitely recommend it.

*Upbeat Drinks Juicy Protein Water - Blood Orange and Mandarin (£1.79)
This brand and product has been included within a previous box and I did try the drinks back then as I wasn't vegan and to be honest, they weren't for me. I love the packaging and the flavour combination sounds nice but they aren't vegan and I personally didn't fully like them last year. Although, it's worth a try as you might love these drinks.

*Clarks Original Maple Syrup (£2)
Moving onto a more positive note, the Clarks maple syrup was an addition to the October box that while it doesn't initially look like a 'home comfort' food, I love to add maple syrup to apple and cinnamon porridge which is such a comforting breakfast option, in my opinion. I love maple syrup so I'm very happy with this addition to the box.
*Maille Mustard with Honey (£1.99)
Onto a couple of cooking ingredients and condiments from the famous French brand, Maille. My parents love products like this and they love this brand too so I've passed on both of these products as I know that both jars will be empty in no time. The first product from the brand is the mustard with honey which isn't for me but my dad loved it!

*Maille Tartare Sauce (£1.99)
The second product from the brand is their tartare sauce with shallots which was pretty much empty after only a few days so I think it is safe to say that both of my parents loved it. Again, it isn't a product I would try but if you like it then this brand gets a 10/10 from parents.

*Boost + Protein (£1.49)
Lastly for the non-vegan snacks is a chocolate bar with the addition of 12g of protein. I haven't ever tried a Boost bar but as a child, so many of my friends had them in their lunch boxes but I was more of a chocolate buttons and Daim bar kind of girl!
*Amy's Kitchen Organic Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup (£2)
Amy's Kitchen is a brand I've loved for years as they have a great range of vegetarian and a few vegan ready meals (the rice mac 'n' cheese is my favourite) but their tinned soup options are great too. This one is vegan and gluten free as well as being delicious and full of nourishing ingredients!

*Gourmet Drops (£3.99)
The penultimate item is another unusual offering and to be honest, when I opened the box, I had no idea what they were. At first I thought they were little mints or sweets but they are flavour drops that can be added to coffee or added to baking. I received two options, the vanilla and the chocolate flavours. I haven't tried them yet in my coffee but I can't wait to as they are vegan, fat free and sugar free.
*Snatt's Garlic and Parsley Baked Snacks (£1.49)
Lastly, I wanted to end today's post with my favourite product from the October box! These baked snacks are so delicious, they are like crackers but a little thicker and softer. I love anything garlic flavoured so I knew I'd like these but I massively underestimated just how much I'd like them - over half of the bag was gone within a couple of days...oops.

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Have you tried any of these products? Will you be checking out DegustaBox



  1. The garlic and parsley snacks looks delicious x


  2. The baked snacks look delicious! Those are the sort of thing I'd look for in a box like this x

    Tiffany x

  3. I'm always so tempted by these boxes x

  4. We always keep a bottle of the maple syrup at home for pancakes at the weekend! xx

  5. Oh wow that sounds so good! I love the food boxes! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. I love how much variety there is in this box x

  7. I use Maille mustard :) just made macaroni cheese with it a couple of nights ago and it definitely added something!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. Ooh now this is a great selection of products and I am a big fan of the Maille Mustard x

  9. Those hot chocolates sound delicious! I like the sound of the crackers too x


  10. If you don't try that Boost bar at least send it over to me! John x

  11. I'm here for those hot chocolates! YUM!
    Em x

  12. You always get such a great mix of products in this box.


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