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Friday, September 13, 2019
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Today's post is slightly different to my regular content but we all know by now that I love to write about a wide variety of topics and while I don't think I'll ever get married, I love utterly adore the aesthetics and I also loved being a bridesmaid last year for one of my best friends. Hopefully today's post will help you or give you some ideas if you are planning your wedding soon or helping to plan a family member or friends wedding.

Wedding Booker
I'm the kind of individual who loves to plan and organise everything so I think I would personally love to plan a wedding or large event. However, I know that it can be an incredibly stressful and expensive process but thankfully there's a site that can help! Wedding Booker is an easy to navigate site that contains the largest database of licensed wedding venues in the UK, all in one place.

There are so many venues to choose from both within the UK and abroad with so many variations depending on your wedding party size, style, budget, facilities and location, so it can become quite a daunting task - I imagine it can be even more stressful if you have a tight budget or very specific requirements.

Thankfully Wedding Booker makes the process of being able to see what each venue contains, the facilities available, the size and location easy at a glance so you can either eliminate or add a venue to your list easily. Within each venue page you can find all of the information you'll need as well as a map showing the location of the venue.

The location of venues within the Wedding Booker database stretches across the UK from the beautiful hotels of Manchester and historic libraries in Oxford (The Bodleian Library would be the most incredible wedding venue!) to hotels within the majestic lowlands of Scotland and the bustling city of Newport within South Wales; the latter is home to a plethora of history from the Romans to the industrial revolution as well as a castle, RSPB wetlands, roman ruins and parks.

I've visited various cities within northern Wales including Llandudno, Anglesey, Caernarfon and Conway, all of which are beautiful but I would like to visit South Wales. South Wales is home to some of the countries largest cities including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. There's a wide range of beautiful wedding venues within South Wales and in/around Newport especially including St Mellons hotel, Newbridge On Usk boutique hotel and the Twenty Ten Clubhouse resort. You can view all three of the wedding venues in Newport that I've mentioned as well as many others across South Wales on the Wedding Booker website.

Wedding Booker also runs a blog in which you can find various helpful articles from a range of topics such as finding a budget venue, tips on choosing the perfect venue, wedding trends for 2019 and wedding planning tips. For more information check out their website or their blog!

Do you have any tips on finding the best wedding venue? Will you be checking out the Wedding Booker website? 



  1. It took us a while to find the right venue!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. If I got married I'd only get married in a registry office as I don't want a wedding x


  3. We got married in a registry office and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way now xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  4. I'm finally at the age where I'm going to a fair few weddings and I've seen some gorgeous venues!
    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. These are some great ideas!

    Candice || natalyaammour.com

  6. This sounds like a great way to save time when visiting lots and lots of venues x


  7. I've always thought planning weddings would be a fab job but then again I'm assuming its hella stressful

  8. I eloped abroad so am thankful I didn’t have to give a lot of thought as to what was needed x

  9. I didn't look at any other venues, I knew where I wanted mine x

  10. I'm so tempted to make a post like this myself because I love weddings! I blame my mum constantly loving to sit on a bench outside our local church whenever there was a wedding happening and also watching 'Say Yes To The Dress'!

  11. I love going to wedding events but I could never see myself getting married to a man just yet! x

  12. I loved our venue - it was perfect for what we wanted and needed.
    Em x

  13. This sounds like a brilliant idea! Anything to minimise the stress of planning. x

  14. I found it kind of easy to find a venue as we had a pretty low key wedding x


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