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Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Last week I received a very exciting delivery from the lovely people over at Mitch's Kitchen which is a company focusing solely on #FastPacedPlantBased meals. As you might know if you've been following my blog for a while, I have been vegetarian since I was around eleven or twelve years old and I've been on/off vegan for the past four or so years. However, since the start of 2019, I decide to make the switch permanently and I haven't been happier, especially as my eczema seems to have almost completely disappeared since then!

I'm always looking for new and exciting vegan ingredients or meals to try and thankfully 2019 seems to be the year of the vegan as more and more companies are bringing vegan options into the mainstream which makes such a change from even a year or two ago when I was struggling to find vegetarian options in the main UK supermarkets. The creators of Mitch's Kitchen also know how difficult it can be to find vegan options which is why they created their own with Mitch's Kitchen.

*Mitchs Kitchen Plant Based Meals (from £6.75 each) 
They currently offer a range of nine meals to choose from, all of which are completely plant based and vegan. The full ingredients list for each meal is displayed online so you know what you're buying beforehand. Each meal is handmade, they are all frozen which makes them very convenient and they can be easily heated up in the microwave in ten minutes!

I received six of their meals to try, all of which came nicely packaged within recyclable packaging which is great! The first thing that stuck me, if I'm honest, is the packaging design...I LOVE it! I know it's not the most important aspect of the product but it was a dream to photograph and beautifully designed packaging makes me want to try out their products even more.
Mitch's Kitchen Gardener's Pie ★★★★★
The first meal I tried was the Gardener's Pie which contains chestnut mushrooms, lentils, mash and red wine gravy. The meal is low fat and very low in calories, especially for the portion size which is 450g and only 333 calories. The low calories and easy to discern ingredients makes it very easy for me to add the meals into my calorie tracking app. As someone who does track calories, the low (or relatively low) calories for each meal was fantastic and it helps that all of the meals are delicious too.

The Gardener's Pie was my favourite of all of the meals, although I liked all of them but I will be buying this option in the future as it's so scrumptious, filling and healthy as well as low calorie - the perfect meal. I'll also be trying to re-create this meal as it's so moreish and contains one of my favourite herbs, sage. My first try of the Mitch's Kitchen meals was off to a fantastic start!

Buckwheat Jambalaya  ★★★★
Next up is a meal I haven't even considering making or trying before, jambalaya, which is a traditional meal from Louisiana that usually consists of meat, veggies and rice but this is a vegan version. It contains rainbow peppers, tempeh chorizo, tomatoes, cayenne, lemon and buckwheat. I didn't know what to expect with this meal as I haven't tried anything similar to it before but it was SO delicious! I loved the hearty buckwheat, lemon and smokey flavour as well as the unusual tempeh chorizo, the latter was delicious but I didn't know it was tempeh as it is very different to the other tempeh products I've tried. Overall, it is not quite my favourite of the six but it's still very, very good, hence my rating.
Sunkissed Pasta  ★★★★
My final four start meal was their 'sunkissed pasta' which is such a lovely name for it and it is a very Mediterranean-esque combination of flavours from cavolo nero kale, tomatoes, artichokes and olives, thankfully for me the latter is very minimal. These meals have introduced me to various food combinations I haven't tried before such as the mix of brown rice penne and butter beans, within this pasta dish. My favourite elements of this option have to be the creamy, rich sauce, kale and the sunflower seed 'parmesan'. Sadly, as with a few few frozen meals that I've tried that contain pasta, it was a little mushy but other than that, I'd be more than happy to eat it again...and again.

Moroccan Tagine ★★★★
Another meal that is low in fat and calories is the Moroccan Tagine which contains only 375 calories! It's a flavourful combination with chickpeas, aubergine, squash, lentils, tri-colour quinoa, goji berries and citrus zest. The combination of quinoa, goji berries and citrus zest is just so delicious and also very refreshing. I also liked the mix of savoury, rich flavours and the mint and citrus flavours - very North African and very delicious.
Coconut Kathal Masala ★★★
Next up, a curry with jackfruit, coconut, chickpeas, wholegrain rice, cauliflower, coriander and lots of spices. Some of the meals such as this curry, the chocolate chilli and the jambalaya all have chilli symbols on the packaging but thankfully for me, none of the meals were very spicy. I have the most sensitive tastebuds imaginable so the less chilli and spice, the better. I loved this curry, it was very filling and moreish (as all of the meals were) and it was easy to re-heat with no spillages or mess.

Chocolate Chilli ★★★
Last but not least is the one I was, admittedly, very cautious and more than a little hesitant to try it as the words 'chilli' and 'chocolate' potentially shouldn't be seen together but it was pretty good. However, it is not something I would gravitate towards or purchase as chilli and similar dishes, just aren't for me sadly but I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised by this offering!

Overall, I love the packaging design and ethos of the brand as well as most of the meals with the Gardener's Pie, Sunkissed Pasta and Moroccan Tagine being my favourites of the six I was very kindly sent. They're all frozen so they are very handy, they re-heat perfectly and they are all very healthy vegan meal options. If you're looking for delicious vegan meals then look no further than Mitch's Kitchen.

Would you try any of the Mitch's Kitchen vegan meals? 



  1. YUM! They look so good! I love meals like this for when I'm on the go - makes life so much easier!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I try to stay away from ready meals but these really look good.

  3. Oooh these look and sound amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. The Gardener's Pie sounds so good!

  5. I love the sound of the Gardener's Pie & Coconut Masala xx

  6. I could eat the tagine right now! Love the idea of having a couple of these in the fridge for when I don't have time to cook myself as I'm pescetarian and my boyfriend is veggie :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. This sounds like an amazing company. Perfect for people who want to try eating more plant based meals.


  8. It is so great that there are good options for vegan meals!

  9. These looks so yummy and I love the sound of the chocolate chilli x

  10. Wow - they all sound SO yummy! My husband can't have cows milk so this is ideal
    Em x

  11. Ok these all sound and look delicious! I'm not vegan but I'd actually like to try and incorporate 1 or 2 vegan days into my week!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  12. I keep seeing these on IG! they look so lush xx

  13. Ohh the Gardners Pie sounds so good x

  14. I've never heard of these! Ready meals aren't really my thing but I'm glad stuff like this is becoming more accessible x


  15. I'd not heard of these before but I love the idea! Some really yummy meals xx

    Tiffany x

  16. These look and sound really good! x

  17. Oh wow they sound delicious! It's so hard to find tasty, quick to make meals but these sound fab xx

    Gemma • ❤️

  18. Ohh they look fab! It’s making me hungry

  19. Wow, what a great delivery! I'm trying to eat more plant based (although I could never go full-on Vegan) and it's fab that there are now fast food options, although they are quite expensive, I love the variety xx


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