Christmas Food + Drink Gift Guide 2018

Thursday, November 01, 2018
How is it the 1st of November already! Christmas is pretty much right around the corner now and today's post is getting me in the Christmassy mood as it's my big food and drink gift guide of 2018. Thanks so much to the wonderful people over at Find Me A Gift, PrezzyBox, Ombar, Lir Chocolates, Fentimans and Thomas Fudge's Remarkable Bakery for all of the wonderful gifts!

*Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Hamper (£19.99)
Let's start with one gift item that I think everyone would enjoy, a chocolate hamper! The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza have created a hamper of four of their favourite products including their famous chocolate pizza slices in the flavours: salted caramel and honeycomb. The hamper also includes a bag of chocolate popcorn and more! The hamper comes really nicely designed and presented so if you're like me and cannot wrap presents then this is a great option as it is already wrapped in a sense – you just need to get a gift bag.
My favourite item from the hamper so far has definitely got to be a chocolate pizza slices which not only look amazing and very unique but they taste so nice as well. I'm a fan of popcorn anything but the slices beat them to the top spot especially the salted caramel flavour – I love salted caramel and I think a lot of other people do so it would be a great flavour option for 2018 Christmas gifts.

You can find this chocolate hamper as well as many other great gifts on Find Me A Gift, they have all of the allergy and detailed product information on their website. You can buy the chocolate slices individually for only £2.99 and I will be giving away one chocolate pizza slice and some other Christmassy goodies on my blog on the 1st of December so stay tuned for that!
*Lir Chocolates Discovery Collection (£10)
Sticking with the gorgeous chocolate theme, next up is a selection of heavenly chocolates from the Irish company Lir Chocolates. For the first this Christmas us Brits are able to indulge in these unique and divine chocolates which are inspired by the Irish legend of the Children of Lir. To mark the 30th birthday of the company, their master chocolatiers have created this discovery collection including new, exciting and exotic flavours such as Persian lime, Spanish pistachio and Tahitian vanilla.

The packaging alone makes this collection very special and something that would make a fantastic, unique chocolate gift this Christmas. We have a variety of brands in the UK but this is one I haven't heard of before so it makes a very refreshing and indulgent change to the norm. This discovery collection definitely stands apart from all of the other chocolates that I've seen for the festive period. I know so many people who would love to find this chocolate discovery collection under the tree.
I am a little picky when it comes to chocolate sets such as these as there are always a few traditional flavours that I'm not a fan of; however there are so many in the set that not only look but taste amazing as well; some of my favourites have to include the Irish sea salted caramel, raspberry and pistachio duo, Persian lime truffle, chewy pecan caramel and the hazelnut gianduja. If you love traditional but also some more unique chocolate combinations then you will definitely love this set as there is something for everyone and every chocolate looks special, indulgent and perfect for the festive season to share with friends and family. As well as this set there are many others to choose from including their truffles and ultimate after-dinner collection.
*Ombar Chocolate Bars (£2.99)
The last chocolate items in this gift guide…for now are from Ombar who I've been lucky enough to work with before. They have such a great range of chocolates, they are all very high quality and also vegan which is fantastic especially if you don't know the dietary requirements or restrictions of your gift recipient so these bars and buttons are an ideal, safe gift.

I have kindly been sent one of the centres bars as well as the 72% cacao bar which contains organic cacao from Ecuador. The centre bar is an unusual coconut and vanilla flavour which I think makes a nice change from just milk or dark chocolate bars. I think my favourite bar from them has to be the raspberry and coconut bar which I reviewed earlier this year and loved.
*Ombar Buttons (£1.50, 25g)
As well as chocolate bars of various flavours, they also make bags of chocolate buttons which used to be some of my favourite kinds of chocolate growing up! I always had a bag of chocolate buttons in my lunchbox at school but now there is a healthier, organic and dairy free version which is fantastic. I've tried them before and I know I love them especially this milk chocolate flavour so I'm going to add them to my bag for when I get tattooed later in the week which actually when you're reading this is probably today!
*The Big Cheese Making Kit - Mozzarella and Ricotta (£22.99)
Moving away from all the chocolates for a moment to focus on a more unusual and practical foodie gift for Christmas. You'll know by now that I love practical gifts whether it's for birthdays or Christmas so I always try and give them to friends and family at this time of the year - what's better than a practical and fun cheesemaking kit! I think this gift is something very unique and not something you'd make often; also I know my dad would love this kit too!

I was very surprised by the price of this kit as I thought it would be much more than it is and the entire kit seems very well designed and easy to use. I love the design, almost everything you need is included apart from the full fat milk and it seems like an interesting kit to make. I opted for the mozzarella and ricotta kit but there is also a goats cheese kit that you can purchase from Prezzybox; however mozzarella is one of my favourites so I had to choose this one. Also check out the new Prezzybox logo and website - I'm loving it!
With this kit you can make up to 20lbs of cheese which is such a large amount so it is perfect for sharing with friends and family over the festive season and into the new year. You can make a single 2lb batch in two hours so you could even make it on Christmas Day for celebrations later in the day or on boxing day. They give you almost everything you need within the kit but you can customise the cheese you make with various herbs and spices of your choosing. You can't have Christmas without cheese, whether it's cheesy TV or a cheese board so this gift is absolutely perfect for foodies for the festive season and beyond. I will be starting up my vegetarian/vegan food blog again in the New Year so stay tuned for recipes and kit testing on there very soon.

Over the years Christmas has become less and less special compared to the joy of Christmas growing up and one of the things I think is missing is the practical element of Christmas as when you're a child there are so many toys to build and play with but as an adult there aren't many practical and fun kits. That's where I think this kit comes in handy as it's something practical and fun to do while everyone else is watching awful, cheesy TV! Check out Prezzybox for so many fantastic, wonderful and unique Christmas gifts this year for all budgets and ages.
*Fentimans Drinks (from £1.25)
Next up is a selection of gorgeously designed and beautifully flavoured drinks that would be perfect to add to a food and drink hamper this Christmas. I have loved Fentimans drinks for a while and I've been lucky enough to work with them previously; however I haven't tried any of these flavours, apart from one before. I was very lucky to be sent a huge box full of their drinks including their ginger beer, rose lemonade, sparkling raspberry drink and many more.
I've always loved the packaging Fentiman's drinks, I think they look so luxe and unique therefore they'd make great gifts as it something a little different and special. I've tried most of these drinks now and I think my favourite of them all has to be this rose lemonade which tastes so delicious but it isn't too strong of rose, thankfully. The drinks would be great to add to mini hampers too, for example, you could add a bottle of the Fentimans tonic water and a bottle of gin along with other goodies or glasses to make it a cute personalised hamper for someone special this year.
*Chocolate Pizza Cocktail Mini Pack (£12.99)
Staying on the theme of drinks, how amazing does this cocktail inspired chocolate pizza set look! All three flavours within the set are inspired by cocktails or drinks such as prosecco, gin and tonic and Irish cream liqueur. These chocolate pizzas are from the same brand as the pizza slices previously but these are mini whole pizza which look utterly adorable especially with their cute jellybean and chocolate toppings. The fact that they also come in mini cardboard pizza boxes is just perfect and I love the attention to detail in this set.
Each pizza is 4 inches in diameter, they look like mini pizzas especially with their toppings and box so they would make fantastic and adorable gifts that not everyone will be expecting – I love surprising people with unexpected or unusual gifts for Christmas. This year I'm making big hampers for everyone so that each person gets a wide range of cute little goodies to open on Christmas day and boxing day and these little pizzas would be ideal.

There are three within the set, as I've said, and I think the cutest has to be the little gin and tonic pizza! Although all them are so cute and would make great gifts as a set or you could even split them up and give them to three different people as they are packaged separately within the set. This brand has amazing chocolate gift ideas and so definitely check them out on the Prezzybox website as you can't go wrong with chocolate!
*Thomas Fudge's Remarkable Bakery - Dark Chocolate Stem Ginger Biscuits (£2.99)
Last but not least has to be the most gorgeously designed and packaged biscuits ever! I was very kindly sent a couple of boxes of these biscuits, the first of which are the dark chocolate stem ginger biscuits – ginger isn't typically my thing but I love these biscuits as they're so indulgent, rich and chewy! I do like ginger biscuits sometimes but these are even better as they are half dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate, what more could you ask for! I think we have all gifted chocolate or biscuits as birthday or Christmas gifts at one time or another but the same old boxes and brands just keep popping up again and again so I think these would make a cute and refreshing change.
*Thomas Fudge's Remarkable Bakery -  Milk Chocolate Florentines (£3.50)
Finally, for my rather large food and drink Christmas gift guide are the milk chocolate florentines. I don't think I've ever tried florentines before so I was interested to try these especially as the box looks so cute and they sound so delicious, especially the milk chocolate ones. However if you're not a fan of milk chocolate, they do also make a dark chocolate and a salted caramel version as well! On the whole I actually really like them even though I wasn't sure if I would so I definitely recommend these as well as the stem ginger biscuits! I found these flavours as well as quite a few others on the Ocado website so I will definitely be adding some to my basket (along with their melty cheddar wafers) when I make my next order!

What do you think of my big food and drink Christmas gift guide? Have you tried any of these products before?


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