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Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Today's post is a little different but it contains an item that I've been using for the past few weeks and loving! It's an interesting and very unusual exercise device from Activ 5 which is ideal for those who want to tone and strengthen muscles but maybe don't have the time or the opportunity to as you can use this item at home, while commuting or at your desk.

The *Activ 5 Portable Fitness Device (£125) is known as the "tiny gym in your pocket ", it's an impressive small device that can easily fit in your handbag, gym bag or desk drawer that allows you to complete various muscle toning and strength exercises easily and quickly with short tutorials and games. It's such a small device at around the size of your hand/palm, it's fairly lightweight and comfortable to use. You can buy this device on the Harpak Home Shopping website along a wide range of books, furniture, entertainment, food and drink, cosmetics and much more – it would be a great all in one site for a variety of Christmas presents.

How does it work?
The device is able to measure your muscle strength in kilograms (up to 90 kg) and then it provides countless exercises to tone and strengthen your muscles. It has been shown to improve muscle strength by 30% in six weeks of using the device. To use it, you just have to turn on the device and download the app on your android or iOS phone then the app will take you through the steps of gauging your muscle strength for each exercise; subsequently you can go through a series of exercises focusing on a specific parts of the body/muscle group using the app and device.

The difficulty and strength required for each exercise will be dependent on the strength of your muscles in kg from the initial test. There are various exercises for numerous parts of the body for example, upper body, lower body, back etc. The app is very quick to download and easy to use with so many options to choose from depending on the muscles you want to tone and strengthen or the areas that need more attention. Check out the Harpak site for more information about this product.
My experiences 
I've been using it for the past few weeks on and off and since using it has become an interesting and very quick way to getting some muscle toning and isometric exercises into my daily routine very easily from my desk. Some of you may know that I currently work from home which means that I don't get nearly as much exercise as I should so this small device is very convenient for me and I think it will be great for others who work at a desk job too.

Over the past year or so I have managed to lose and maintain just over two stone in weight which I'm very happy with but I still want to tone my muscles a little especially my triceps/under arms as they always have been a problem and issue for me. I haven't noticed too much of a difference so far apart some of the exercises are getting a little easier as I've been using the device but I still need to use it much more to get the full results.

My dad has also been using the device on an off and as he is semi retired he doesn't get as much exercise now and this has been helping him. He has some issues with his back and this device has been great to subtly strengthen and stretch the muscles in a way that daily activities and badminton haven't been.

Overall, I still need to use the device much more to see substantial results but so far I am liking using the device and the app as they're just both so easy and quick to use. I like that you can easily specify and work on the areas and muscle groups you want to. The exercises or series of exercises last only a few minutes so you can easily fit them into your day, no matter how busy you are. You can do these exercises while at your desk, on your lunch break, as soon as you wake up, even while watching the TV or commuting to work.

The idea of isometric or static exercises is something I'm not familiar with at all but I think it is interesting and so far so good. I think this is a great little device especially for people who don't have the time, energy or opportunity to exercise at the gym or to do a full home workout. This device does allow you to work on so many muscle groups including a full body workout in the comfort of your home and calibrated to your strength. As I said I still need to use it more but I'm very happy with it so far and I cannot recommend it enough. To purchase, visit the Harpak Home Shopping website. Lastly, if you are visiting or based in London then look out for the FREE Harpak magazine which will be distributed around zone one underground stations from the end of October.

What do you think of this device? Would you buy something like that?


  1. It sounds pretty good to be honest! Definitely something I would like xx

  2. It sounds interesting and definitely worth trying.

  3. wow this seems like a really cool device!

  4. This is a really cool
    Concept for people on the go!

  5. What an interesting little device. I've never seen anything like it before!

  6. This sounds interesting, it would make a great gift for a fitness buff

  7. Oooh this sounds like a handy little device to have!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. Ooh this device sounds cool and super helpful too! Especially if it can deliver those sorts of results xo

    Char |

  9. What an intriguing device, ive never come across anything like it before x

  10. This sounds amazing, never heard of anything like this before.


  11. This isn't something I'd ever have thought of until reading this post x

  12. This personally isn't something I would use but I'm sure a lot of people love it. 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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  13. Oooooo this looks different, haven't really heard of this before!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. Sound piece of tech - wouldn't mind trying it out


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