DegustaBox October 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018
It's that time of the month again, DegustaBox time! I love receiving my DegustaBox as it's a pleasant mystery each time and you always get a great variety of products in each box. You also get so much for your money as each box and for that there is such a wide range of items suitable for so many ages, preferences and dietary requirements. Use the code KVAA2 to get your first box for only £7.99!

The *October DegustaBox arrived early this month and it contains such a good range of items from tea, ginger beer, snack bars and chocolate to alcohol, cereal, drinks and more. The product of the month for October is the Lift Instant Lemon Flavoured Tea. I hoped that this October box would be more Halloween themed but sadly it isn't; however it is a winter warmer themed box which is great as well.
*Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey & Lemon (£2 each)
The first item in the box is one that you will only receive if you choose the alcohol included box from the Degustabox; if not then you won't receive this item. There are two cans of the honey and lemonade drink in this box. I haven't tried anything like this before but I know that so many people will love this. I'm going to have to try it for Halloween!

 *Upbeat Drinks Spring Water (£1.59 each)
Sticking with the theme of drinks I also received two bottles of the springwater drinks from UpBeat Drinks. They are zero sugar, low-calorie drink and they contain real fruit flavours. The two flavours are: blueberry and raspberry as well as summer lemon. I've tried both and I think the lemon flavour is my favourite of the two. I always love receiving drinks like this in the boxes as I drink them so often anyway and it's nice to try new flavours and brands.

*SuperMalt Ginger Beer (£1.19)
Finally for the premade drinks is this ginger beer which is made using real ginger extracts and lemongrass. I love the packaging for this product, I think it looks amazing! I don't think I have really tried ginger beer before but this one is so nice, it's quite strong and refreshing.
*Lift Instant Lemon Tea (£1.49)
There are two lots of tea related items in this months box, the first of which is the product of the month – Lift Instant Lemon Flavoured Tea. I haven't tried this brand before but it looks interesting and I've heard great things about this particular product. I love lemon flavoured tea as well so I can't wait to try this.

*Clipper Fair-trade Everyday Tea (£2.89)
Last but not least for the tea items is this fair trade everyday tea from Clipper. Clipper is a brand I've tried quite a few times, I love their herbal and mint tea options. This version that came in the box contains 80 every day teabags as well as a large tea towel (which I love the design of)! I love that their products are fairtrade too!

*Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen - Coconut and Lime Sauce (£1.89)
Let's move onto some of the food items in the box and this first one is from a brand that we've received quite a lot in these boxes but I'm so glad we do because I've liked everything I've tried from them so far. The item I received is the lime and coconut sauce but you could have also received the Mexican spiced tomato sauce instead. I haven't tried it yet but they're both vegan friendly, gluten-free and I think they would be great in a vegan curry style dish.

*Heinz Creationz Mexican Beans (£1.75)
Heinz is a brand that I've grown up with  but I haven't seen anything new from them until now. Their creationz range comes in four flavours but I receive the chorizo one which sadly I can't eat as I'm a vegetarian. However I know that so many people would love this item - one of my favourite things about these boxes is that there's always something new in the box that I haven't seen before!
*Get Fruity Moist Berry Bar (70p)
For the last few products I'm going to talk about the cereal and snack items in this months box. The first is one that I'm a bit conflicted about as it sounds great with no added sugar, gluten-free ingredients and it's a good source of fibre. It is also vegan which is always a plus for me; however the name isn't very appealing at all, in my opinion. Additionally I'm not a fan of berry flavoured snack bars – I'd rather have chocolate are nutty flavours personally.

*KitKat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge (65p)
I think one of my favourite items from the October box has to be this chunky KitKat in the salted caramel fudge flavour. It was the first product I tried from the box (obviously) and I definitely want another! I'm not usually a fan of this brand personally but I love this flavour, it's very moorish.

*Shreddies Breakfast To Go (£1.99)
Last but not least is a new, all in one breakfast option from Nestlé. It contains a pot of Shreddies cereal as well as a carton of milk. I think it's a great school or work breakfast option as it's so quick and you can take it on the go with no mess. I personally don't drink cows milk so this isn't for me but I can see how it would be very convenient for a lot of people - I just wish there was an almond milk option!

Overall it is a bit of a mixed bag this month however I do really like the instant lemon flavoured tea, KitKat chunky bar, ginger beer and the Upbeat spring water drinks from the box. Check out my video above for a more detailed look at the products included. If you have any problems with the video please let me know! Don't forget to use the code KVAA2, to get your box for only £7.99!

What do you think of the October? Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I keep meaning to get this! The boxes always look so good every month x

  2. It’s quite a mixture of products this month, I like the variety x

  3. I have a weird fascination seeing what's inside these boxes on your posts! I love reading them! x

  4. That granola sounds nice. I've recently just started eating it and I'm really enjoying it.


  5. This sounds really great! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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  6. The KitKat and granola look delicious!

  7. YUM! It all looks so good! I need to sign up to a food box!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. This is making me hungry.
    My partner would love the ginger beer.

  9. The tea sounds absolutely delicious!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  10. What a great selection of goods. Definitely tempted by the Kit Kat x

    Joyce |

  11. I loved this months box so much. X

  12. I will get myself one of these one day! I'm hoping the end of next month.. The Kit Kat sounds delicious xo

    Char |

  13. I love when you do these posts! I'm always so interested in subscription boxes.

  14. I love these boxes, the picks are always so good!

  15. I had one of the new kit Kat chunkies the other day and it was soooo good! xx


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