Christmas Gifts For Her 2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Even though it isn't Halloween yet, on Of Beauty and Nothingness, we're in the Christmas spirit and today's post is a christmas gift guide for her with items that I think would be great for all ages, interests and styles from teenage girls and friends to older aunts, mums and grandmas. Thanks so much to all of the wonderful brands included in today's post including Adexe London, Kiss Lashes, Avril Cosmetics, Lush, Universal, Amara and Sensationail.

*Adexe London MAC Petite Watch - Gold & Silver (£95)
Let's start with a gorgeous watch from the lovely people over at Adexe London. I've been lucky enough to work with them a couple of times already and I'm so glad that I can again for today's post. I love the watches I already have from them but this one might be my favourite! They updated their packaging from the plain white boxes to these gorgeously colourful and unique boxes which I'm loving!
The watch I chose is a combination of gold and silver which I think looks amazing together! I'm not usually a gold jewellery or watch wearer but I'm loving this clean gold shade and the silver makes it look more modern - to me, gold jewellery is quite old fashioned looking which is probably why I'm never drawn to it. The clean gold, silver face and the classic mesh strap makes for a gorgeous, timeless and special watch to give this christmas.

The watch not only comes in a beautiful presentation box and a stunning design but it also comes with a mini screwdriver to adjust the watch and a secondary brown strap so you can switch it from a casual daytime watch to a more classic, formal watch. You have a choice of a brown or a black strap which you can specify at the checkout. All of their watches are produced and designed in house so it's going to be a unique gift that your gift recipient will love to receive! You can get 15% off using the code: HEATHER15.
*Impress Nails by Kiss (£7.99)
Next up are a few stocking filler ideas from Kiss, the first being their impress false nails which come in a wide range of styles from more natural options such as whites, nudes and French tips to bolder and darker shades, metallics and shimmery options so you're bound to find something your gift recipient will love. The sets are easy and quick to apply, they look great on the nails and they'd make great little stocking fillers for anyone who loves false nails, someone who's just getting into the world of beauty or for those who love polish but don't like the wait! You can find their sets on Superdrug and Boots.
*Kiss False Lashes (£7.99)
The final items from Kiss are their famous false lashes and again, as with the nails, there are so many styles to choose from including natural options to bold, fluttery, thick or voluminous lashes. I think they'd make ideal stocking fillers for the beauty lovers in your life as they are easy to apply (well, as easy as false lashes can be), they can be re-used a couple of times if you look after them and they look gorgeous. I'm personally not a fan of huge lashes on myself so I would always opt for the more natural and thicker lashes - the faux mink couture lashes look so beautiful. You can see the lashes and nails from Kiss in more detail in the video below which features all of the gifts in today's gift guide.
*MAGIC BodyFashion Dream Bralette - Lace (£21)
Next up is a gift that I'd only gift to close friends and family as it is definitely a little more personal. Clothing, lingerie and other similar items are only gifts for the people in your life that you know very well such as siblings and best friends....or you can treat yourself because why not, it's the treat season after all! I love this lace bralette in the shade Rose which is the most beautiful light pink shade (that is definitely me). Although there are a range of colours and sizes to choose from. I have the medium size which fits pretty well although I think the small size might be a little better for me - I'm a UK size 34B for reference. The bralette is so comfortable and lightweight but very pretty, I can't recommend it enough!
*Avril Cosmetics Soap Gift Set (€9)
Next up is a very inexpensive but nicely put together and safe gift set from the French company Avril Cosmetics. The set contains three soap varieties including rose, orange flower and almond, all of which smell amazing, especially the orange flower soap. If you're gift recipient is looking for a more natural and organic gift or they use mostly organic products then look no further as this set is certified organic, cruelty free and vegan which is amazing!

I'm mostly vegan but that primarily includes my diet, I usually forget to see if a makeup or beauty item is vegan so I'm very glad that this one is. Cruelty free products are so important and should be more mainstream so why not gift some this christmas. For all three soaps, the ingredients are 99% naturally derived and 77% of those naturally derived ingredients are certified organic. I think this set is not only a lovely practical gift but it's great gift to give to those people who are conscious of living a more environmentally friendly, vegan or cruelty free lifestyle.
Lush has been one of my favourite brands since I started university which was a very long time ago (about eight years which I don't even want to think about!). One of my best friends bought us tickets to the Lush Showcase last month as it was in Manchester for the first time and it was amazing. It really cemented my love for the brand, their products, ethics and their activism for a better world.

I will always be happy receiving Lush products or gift sets over the christmas period as their christmas products are some of my all time favourites. At the Lush Showcase (which you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram - @ofbeautyand), they released their christmas collection early so naturally I had to buy a couple of products.
*Lush Little Snow Fairy (£12.50)
A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly sent three gift sets from the incredibly generous and wonderful people at Lush and one of the sets I was most excited for was the Little Snow Fairy set as Snow Fairy is one of my all time favourite Lush scents along with Honey I Washed The Kids, Olive Branch and Twilight. As with all Lush gift sets at this time of the year, this one comes so beautifully presented and wrapped so you don't have to do anything. I'm the worlds worst present wrapper so these gifts are ideal for me and others like me who sadly don't have the ability to wrap presents half decently!

The Little Snow Fairy set contains two sweetly smelling products, the Snow Fairy shower gel and the Snow Fairy jelly bath bomb. I organised the Lush party which was part of my friends hen party earlier this year and used my voucher to buy one of their then newly released jelly bath bombs but I've been putting off using it as it smells amazing and seems extra special to me - but I need to use it.

The Jelly bath bombs look amazing and I cannot wait to use the Snow Fairy one but I'm saving it until it's a little closer to christmas. The Snow Fairy shower gel is equally as gorgeous, it smells incredible and it means that unlike the bath bomb, you can prolong the snow fairy experience a little longer.
*Lush Rosy Christmas (£13.50)
The second Lush gift set is probably my favourite of the three but it is an incredibly close race with the The Snow Fairy set coming in second; however, the Seasons Greetings set comes in first in terms of the packaging! The set would be ideal for those gift recipients who love Lush but don't have a bath or for those gift recipients who you don't know too well because if you only have a shower, you can still use both of the products in the set. I also think this would be a great introductory set for those who haven't tried Lush before or if they've only tried the bath bombs or bubble bars.

The Rosy Christmas gift set contains the lovely Rose Jam shower gel which is one of the few Lush products that I haven't actually tried or even smelled before! The Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is actually one of my all time favourite Lush products even though it's quite understated and basic, when compared the glittery fun bath bombs for example but it is a subtly wonderful product that leaves my skin so smooth, soft and nourished which is exactly what it needs at this time of the year!

*Lush Seasons Greetings (£12.95)
The final Lush gift set is the beautifully packaged Seasons Greetings set which is the most festively packaged of the three, in my opinion. It contains two products I haven't tried before including the Cinders shower gel and the Perle De Sel bath bomb, both of which I had a sniff off at the amazing Showcase.

The Cinders shower gel has such an amazing scent, it's spicy, warming and festive smelling to me and the bath bomb is equally as gorgeous with the scent of rose. The Perle Del Sel bath bomb is one of the most luxurious looking bath bombs from Lush and I think it will look even more amazing in the water. Thanks so so much to Lush for these wonderful gifts! Follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand) for demos of these products on my Instagram Stories.
*It's A Wonderful Life DVD (£5.99)
We're moving back to a few entertainment stocking fillers now from Universal! DVDs are a great easy stocking filler as let's be honest, apart from the Harry Potter series and the Doctor Who christmas special, there isn't much on the TV over the festive period with the same re-runs over and over again.

I do love christmas films, it's the only time of the year when I don't mind cheesy films and my favourite has to be ELF but one classic Christmas flick that I haven't ever watched is It's A Wonderful life. It's an American classic Christmas film, which is probably why I haven't watched it before but I need to this Christmas!

*Pitch Perfect: Three Movie Box Set (£12)
DVD boxsets are also great gift options and there are so many to choose from including classics like The Godfather trilogy (£14.99, Bluray) or the Indiana Jones set (£14.99, DVD) but a more modern offering is the Pitch Perfect box set which contains all three films. I have only watched the first film so this set is perfect for christmas binge watching!
*Laduree Macarons Keyring (£26)
The next two gifts are from the incredible people over at Amara who I've been lucky enough to work with a couple of times previously. Amara stocks such a wide range of very luxe gift ideas, homeware, clothing and accessories so you're bound to find something special and unique to surprise your gift recipient with this year. Some of the brands they stock include the divine Kate Spade, Joules, Ugg, Liberty London and many more, including Laduree.
Laduree is one of the most famous French bakeries, who are famous for their pretty and perfect macarons which I'm yet to try but it's on my list for 2019. This keyring is one of the most luxe looking keyrings ever and it would much such an incredibly wonderful and surprising gift especially for those foodies, Laduree lovers or anyone who likes macarons.

The keyring comes in such a beautiful but simple box which makes it all the more special and luxe. They keyring itself is just adorable with a stack of three mini macarons, the Eiffel Tower and a little Laduree tag charm, topped off with a sweet little bow, naturally. I chose the 'liquorice' colour option but there are other combinations including rose, mint, cassis violet, red fruit and pistachio, all of which are so cute. However, the 'liquorice' option was my favourite of them all and I cannot recommend it enough as a sweet gift that's almost good enough to eat.
*Pip Studios 'Spring To Life' Tea Infuser (£9)
The final item from the lovely people at Amara is this utterly adorable tea infuser which is from Pip Studios - I'm going to have to look into more of their products as this one is just gorgeous. I don't think I have seen anything from this brand before but I will be checking out their products asap! The tea infuser is ideal for loose leaf tea and what better way to enjoy it with an adorable infuser with the cutest white rabbit companion. The infuser comes so beautifully packaged which I think is important in any gift but particularly for a festive gift!
The set instantly made me think of the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland and the packaging as a whole is very reminiscent, to me, of the classic animated Alice In Wonderland film. The vintage, classic feel to this product is so lovely and makes for a more special and thoughtful gift if you know someone who loves all things vintage or Alice In Wonderland. I think this adorable tea infuser would make such a lovely, heart warming and practical gift for tea lovers this christmas. Also, I think the price is very reasonable for such a beautifully designed and presented gift.
*Sensationail Strip Gel Starter Kit (£59.99)
Last but not least is the most expensive item of the gift guide but one that I've been loving since I received a couple of weeks or so ago. Sensationail is a brand I've tried before, back in 2017 I tried their express gel nail kit which I liked and now they've released their new Strip Gel Starter Kit. This new kit is a little different as it doesn't require any soaking in acetone to remove the gel polish as it just peels off!

The kit comes with the LED lamp, peel off base coat, top coat, the coloured polish of your choice and a mystery polish too. Additionally, the instructions, mains lead, nail buffer, nail cleanser and files as well so it is a complete kit in one. I have the 'raspberry wine' shade which is just gorgeous and ideal for this time of the year.
I already knew how to use this kit on the whole as I've used the express gel kit on and off for a year but this one is a little different and involves a couple more steps but it is still very easy, mess free and quick. My favourite thing about this kit is that there's pretty much no air drying time for the steps (apart from the base coat) which is one of the things I hate most about painting my nails - I always get very impatient and end up smudging my nails!

I think this kit would make a great gift for nail polish addicts or beauty lovers as it's an entire kit in one box so your gift recipient doesn't have to by anything and it's so quick and easy to do. We all know how much I love practical gifts and this is a great one as it saves so much time too, especially if you know someone who's always painting their nails or wants to switch up the colour often. Also, there's the added benefit of this one in that the colour peels straight off the nail instead of using harsh acetone!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of my first womens gift guide of 2018? 


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  8. I gifted my Mum an ADEXE watch when I worked with them - she loved it. Would make a lovely gift.


  9. I absolutely love Avril! Their products are amazing!

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  15. Adexe watches are gorgeous, I got a white one and it's beaut!

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