May + June Beauty Favourites 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018
Back in the good old days of blogging I used to write monthly favourites posts every single month but I've gradually changed to writing current favourite posts as I never seem to have enough products to talk about in just one month; however May and June were fantastic months for amazing beauty products. I was very kindly sent all of these products, some of them are new to me this month and others I've been using for months! As well as favourites posts, one thing I used to do but that has fallen to the wayside is star ratings so I'm bringing them back now (all of my star ratings are out of five)!

*Baie Botanique Regenerating Serum (£34) ★★★★
Let's start with a couple of skincare favourites from a brand that I haven't tried until the beginning of June and I've fallen in love with them as not only are the products themselves so lovely but I also love the packaging and natural ingredients. Some of the natural ingredients are as follows: vitamin c, raspberry seed oil, lemongrass, green tea, cranberry, rosewood essential oil, grapeseed oil and many more.

The serum smells so lovely, it's filled with floral scents and it has such a smooth, gel-like texture so it feels silky on the skin. I adore serums, especially if they absorb quickly and this one does! As it absorbs it leaves my skin ridiculously smooth, soft and moisturised; it makes the perfect base for my moisturiser and then my makeup. The price is a little higher than I'd usually pay for a serum but it's gorgeous on my skin and you only need a tiny amount so I think one bottle will last quite a while! I cannot recommend this serum enough.
*Baie Botanique Regenerating Face Cream (£32) ★★★★
As well as the serum, the face cream has the same lovely scent and the same fantastic natural and organic ingredients including bayberry, liquorice, rose water, sugar cane, wild geranium and more. The face cream has a unique bottle as you have to twist the lid section and the dispenser pops up which I like but it isn't the most convenient design.

Out of the two products I've been lucky enough to try from Baie Botanique, I think the serum is my favourite product and that's not to say that I don't like the face cream, as I do but the serum is a little more impressive to me. However, that being said, I adore how smooth the face cream and serum combined leave my skin! The products don't irritate my sensitive, eczema prone skin but I haven't tried them when I've had a bad flareup so I can't fully say for certain but so far so good and I cannot recommend this brand enough, based on the products I've tried. They do have a fairly small range of products but I feel as though the quality and thought has gone into these.
*Miller Harris Lost In The City EDP ★★★★★
I've already fully reviewed this fragrance on my blog as I was sent it a month or so ago and I'm still loving it! I adore the packaging, although it's looking a little messy now as I use it every single day and the scent is amazing. I was so happy to receive the fragrance as I needed a new spring/summer fragrance as all of mine are pretty much autumnal fragrances and I received the perfect spring fragrance in Lost In The City from Miller Harris.

*Feather & Down Pillow Mist ★★★★★
Another product I've loved and used for a while is the Feather & Down pillow mist (both the original and the newer 'breathe' version). Feather and Down is one of my favourite sleep aid brands as all of their products are so effective, beautifully designed and they smell incredibly relaxing and calming. My favourite products of theirs have to include the pillow mists and the lovely melting shower cream both of which I'd recommend to everyone!

*Ben & Anna Provence Natural Deodorant ★★★★
I feel awful about this product as I was sent it last year (yes, last year) and I've been using it on and off since then but I've completely forgotten to mention it and review it on my blog, until now. I have the Provence scent which is filled with lavender and we all know that I adore lavender scented products, so I knew I would love this scent option. It's a natural deodorant which is something I've gradually moved towards over the past few years and this deodorant has to be one of my favourite natural deodorants as it's very effective, it doesn't have a strange texture/consistency and it smells lovely.
*Blanx Pro Whitening Toothpaste (£5.99 each) ★★★★★
The final items in my May and June favourites post are from Blanx, I have tried a couple of products from them previously but my favourites include the new Blanx Pro range. The Pro range includes three new whitening toothpastes which are new non-abrasive whitening toothpastes including arctic lichens, silicas, and enzymes to protect enamel, counteract plaque and dental yellowing.

I was sent all three options: fresh white, glossy white and pure white which differ in their colour, level of mint and flavour. The glossy white toothpaste might not be for everyone has it doesn't have a traditionally minty flavour, it's much milder and my sister said that it tastes like perfume...however it was my personal favourite of the three because it wasn't very minty! The pure white toothpaste is the most like a tradition minty toothpaste so I think this one will be the most popular option and finally, the fresh white toothpaste which is the most minty/strong of the three and it has a very vivid blue colour (that temporary turns my tongue blue...).
Earlier this month I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and it was such an amazing experience; some of the prep before the wedding was to whiten my teeth which I did with an at home teeth whitening kit as well as these toothpastes. I have tried the teeth whitening kit I used previously and it does help but this time round the whitening effect was much more noticeable and I can only account for that because of the Blanx Pro toothpastes I've been using every day during and after using that kit.

I've tried quite a few whitening toothpastes and if I'm completely honest, none of them have had much of a difference but these are so impressive. Since using the teeth whitening kit (from another brand), the whitening effect has increased even more so it's definitely down to using these toothpastes. I genuinely cannot recommend these toothpastes enough as I have personally experience nothing but positives since using them including a noticeable whitening. I would recommend the pure white and glossy white flavours the most not so much he fresh white option.

Have you tried any of these products? What have been your favourite beauty products from June?


  1. I love a good pillow mist and Feather & Down is one I want to try x

  2. I need to try some Feather and Down products!


  3. I've never tried any of these products but they sound great.

    Faye Jessica |

  4. I haven't tried any of these products, but I particularly like the sound of the Baie Botanique Regenerating Serum (I love serum!).

  5. I really want to try the new version of the Feather & Down pillow spray as I love the original.

    Roxie |

  6. I'm a big fan of serums, I feel like they are the most important part of skin care.

  7. Ooooo I love the Millar and Harris scents they are incredible!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. This is a lovely post and that toothpaste sounds amazing!

    Ayse x

  9. I really want a pillow spray, people seem to love them!

    Danielle xx

  10. I love the original Feather & Down mist, so I am sure I will love this

  11. I need to try that pillow mist!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  12. The pillow mist sounds interesting. I'm currently on the market for something to help me sleep better.

  13. Ooooh some new products for me to try out!

  14. You’ve got some fab products. I’d love to try the toothpaste

  15. I love my pillow mist. Helps me sleep so much better !
    Joyce �� 

  16. Feather and Down have some lovely products don't they x

  17. I still need to try a pillow mist! Either this Feather & Down one or the This Works one xo

    Char |

  18. I really need to try Feather & Down!

  19. So many fab products. I need to try Feather and Down x

  20. I adore pillow mists! They're so lovely xx

    Brooke |

  21. I really want to try the tooth pastes!

  22. Just added all of these to my next to purchase list! They all sound up my street x


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