Bijou Bijou Rose Gold Necklace

Thursday, August 31, 2017
When it comes to jewellery and accessories I am always drawn to the same thing: rose gold and minimal; this necklace has a bonus point as it has a gorgeous celestial theme too! The lovely people at Bijou Bijou made my necklace dreams come true with this *Crystal Charm White Cord Necklace (£57) which is everything I'd ever want in a necklace!

The necklace features a white cord with a stainless steel silver talisman in a gorgeous rose gold option with loose crystals and a cute little crescent moon within. They also have an option with a pink cord and silver talisman instead of rose gold but I thought that the rose gold version would suit my style more.
The length of the necklace is 26cm which is perfect for me as it's a middle length - it's not too short and it isn't long either. I always find that necklaces are too long on me but this one is pretty much perfect in terms of length. It's also lightweight and very comfortable and easy to wear as well. Additionally as it has a fabric cord instead of a metal chain, it won't become irreversibly tangled like all of my other necklaces...

I love the design, I think it is so pretty and it will be great for autumn! I love the little moon inside the necklace and how the crystals can move around; it's unlike all of the other necklaces in my collection. I like how it's quite a casual necklace with the white cord and minimal design. I've just been wearing it with light jumpers, jeans and ankle boots, it's great as an everyday necklace.

Overall, I'm so happy with the necklace as it came nicely wrapped and presented, the design is just gorgeous and unique and the rose gold shade is perfect as sometimes it can be a little orange. I love the white cord rather than a chain and it's so easy to wear. Bijou Bijou isn't a brand I've heard of before but I'm definitely going to be checking out their website from now on!

What do you think of this necklace? Have you bought anything from Bijou Bijou? 


  1. such a pretty jewellery piece! love rose gold!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Oh this is absolutely beautiful! So pretty! xx


  3. This is such a unique design, I don't think I've seen anything like it and always love a bit of rose gold x

  4. Ah this is so pretty! It would make the perfect gift!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  5. This is so pretty. The design is really original.

  6. I really really like this, it is so pretty and so different to anything else I have seen x

  7. Oh wow they are so beautiful, so so pretty!

  8. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! The necklace is a lovely piece x

  9. This is so pretty - may have to have a little look online x


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