Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide: Part One

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Father's Day in the UK is on the 18th June this year and that's not too far away now! My dad is a little bit difficult to buy for, I know he likes aftershave and foodie gifts but I don't want to keep buying him the same thing every year! Here are some unique and interesting Father's Day or birthday gift options from some amazing sites and brands including Amara, The Soap Kitchen, Half Ounce, Osmology and Find Me A Gift!

*Half Ounce Men's Organic Gift Set (£29.99)
When it comes to gifts, the actual gift is important but more so than ever, the packaging is important. Gifts should look the part and I adore the packaging of this amazing gift set from Half Ounce which is a small UK company that makes natural and organic products that are cruelty free - that's amazing!

The gift set comes with: scissors/comb, brush, a lip balm...whisky scented, beard tonic, beard wash, beard balm, beard wax and a wash bag. It contains so many items, all of which would be great for travelling. I think this set would be amazing for beardy dads and other men in your life as it's really well presented, it's natural and the products look amazing - very victorian/apothecary themed to me. I've liberated...the lip balm as I've never seen a whisky lip balm before and I'm a lip balm hoarder so I had to try it and it's really nice! It doesn't smell or taste like whisky, it's just a subtle warm scent and it leaves my lips smooth and super soft. Definitely a gift set to keep in mind for Father's Day or a birthday!
*Osmology x The Nomad Society Candle (£15)
I've reviewed this candle already on my blog so you can read my full review if you want more information but this candle would be a fantastic gift for Father's Day as unlike most candles, this one doesn't look very feminine and it's a very unisex scent. To me it smells like the scent of the garden after a rainy day, very fresh and green. I adore this candle and it's a great price for a handmade candle that lasted quite a while.

*The Sherlock Holmes Book by DK Publishing (£16.99)
Myself and my dad really like the Sherlock BBC series as well as the films so a book like this all about Sherlock Holmes would be perfect. I love the layout of these books and they would make fantastic coffee table books as who doesn't love a bit of Sherlock. They also have a Shakespeare version as well as others - I've mentioned them on my blog previously, if you want to check out that post.

*The Pendragon Legend by Antal Szerb via Pushkin Press (£12)
I have read a few books published by the amazing people at Pushkin Press and I've loved all of them but this one was my favourite! I adore the cover, I love the boxy, petite size and the story is just perfect. It is a classic but it's very assessable and it's a thoroughly enjoyable adventure with ghosts, welsh folklore, magic and haunted castles.
 *The Soap Kitchen Orange & Cedarwood Body Wash & Shaving Soap 
Toiletries and aftershave are staple, safe dad gifts I think as you just can't go wrong and they are very practical. These two gift options are both handmade and contain essential oils so they smell amazing! They both smell citrusy but earthy, rich and musky - I love the scent, I think it's a nice unisex scent.

I've been using the body wash as a hand wash and it's fantastic even on my sensitive skin; it can also be used as a shampoo and even a facial wash which would be perfect for my dad as he doesn't know or care about the difference between those products anyway! I use a shaving soap and they are amazing and I think this one will be great too. However, if you don't like the sound of this scent then check out their website as they have so many products and scents to choose from.
*Wooden Memory Box (£24.99)
I love the website Find Me A Gift as they always have such amazing and unique gifts such as this gorgeous wooden memory box which contains compartments and containers for all kinds of items and souvenirs. I have a couple of memory boxes from school and for certificates but my dad doesn't have any so I think this one would be great for holiday souvenirs and other little items that don't have a home yet.

They could fill it themselves or a more personalised option would be to fill it yourself with items that are memorable and special? Maybe from a birthday or holiday? I think it would make a very different and also very special gift for Father's Day or a birthday - not just for men but for anyone as it's a lovely idea. I partiularly love the tins, notebooks and containers in the box that can be used to store special items.
*Carry On Cocktail Kit - Old Fashioned (£25)
Amara is such an amazing online store for homeware and gifts, I've mentioned them in previous gift guides as they have unique and amazing gifts for anyone...or yourself! This kit is one of the cutest and unique I've seen as it's a mini cocktail kit (no alcohol included though) to make some yourself.

The kit contains aromatic bitters, cane sugar, a linen coaster and a spoon/muddler. I adore the design of this kit, I think it's such an amazingly designed gift. The items inside the tin are within a canvas bag and you get a little cocktail recipe card too. I think this gift would be amazing for so many people, especially dad's this Father's Day. Amara is currently running a weekend long price match offer.

What do you think of my video and the items I've featured in today's gift guide? 


  1. I love the sound of the beard wash, handy for my mister x

  2. These have given me some really good ideas that I desperately needed. I find shopping for Father's Day impossible xx

  3. Ooo I haven't started thinking about Father's Day but this post has given me a few good ideas! X

  4. Ooh I need to get something for my dad x

  5. Such a great gift guide, a memory box is a great idea! I love the sound of the organic gift set too x

  6. My dad would love all of these. Love the look of the cocktail kit.

  7. My dad would love that beard tonic! So many good ideas hun!

    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  8. My dad is such a nightmare to buy for! Some great idea's here.


  9. Wooden memory box caught my attention x

  10. That Natural Bread Wash looks so fun, lots of good options for the dads!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  11. Amazing picks. Need to be taking tips as I'm the worst at thinking of Father's Day presents! X

  12. Amazing picks. Need to be taking tips as I'm the worst at thinking of Father's Day presents! X

  13. Some great picks for those peeps who need to purchase something x

  14. Lovely ideas here!! Love the beard tonic! xo

  15. The beard products would be really good for Dad's! I never know what to get mine x

    Cally | xcallyloves.blogspot.co.uk

  16. NGL I'd even get the beard products for my OH, he is all about the beard grooming!

    My dad is happy with Star Wars stuff so it's pretty easy to buy for him now!

    Katie x

  17. Is it weird that I love the packaging of all these products?


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