#ThouShaltCraft ft. Viking

Saturday, April 23, 2016
April marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeares death and the lovely people at Viking have created a challenge, to come up with some craft ideas around The Immortal Bard and I was more than happy to take part. I was kindly sent some products to help including a freakin' gorgeous calligraphy kit, Sharpie markers, paper and other products.
As much as I would like to think of myself as an amazing crafting blogger able to create incredible projects but sadly, I'm not. So I've stuck with the things I can do - prints and cards! The first item I made is a Shakespeare birthday card as you know, reasons. I found a royalty free image of Shakespeare, added a party hat and printed it so I could use foam stickers to attach it to a stripy card and hey presto, a birthday card. I used my Watercolour Card Making Kit. I have two family members that share a birthday with William Shakespeare and it's also St Georges Day, so one of them will get this card!
I also made this print 'Anatomy Of A Shakespearian Heart' that I'm kind of in love with! I again found a royalty free image of a medical drawing of a heart and I added annotations of the various lettered labels with Shakespeare's quotes around love and some of his other most famous quotes. I have this print taped to my 'feature' wall in my office (with cute stripy washi tape) and it looks great!

Here's a super short video to show the cards and print better:

What do you think of my Shakespeare inspired cards and print? 


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