Naturisimo Cleanse + Polish Discovery Box

Sunday, August 09, 2015
Naturisimo Cleanse and Polish Discovery Box
Naturisimo have just launched their latest discovery box, I have reviewed their previous box which was the Travel Essentials Discovery Box; it was a fantastic box and in my opinion it was amazing value too. This time round, the box is based around keeping your skin cleansed, polished and squeaky clean. Naturisimo is the UK's leading organic and natural beauty online retailer and they have a fantastic range of products, although the world of natural and 'green' products can be confusing so the discovery boxes are a great way of trying out a range of new products. 

The *Naturisimo Cleanse and Polish Discovery Box (£9.95) contains seven smaller sized products including: Skin + Tonic Steam Clean and Cloth (15ml), Madara Multi Action Micellar Water (5ml), Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask (12.5ml), Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (50ml), Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator (30ml) and the John Masters Birch + Cedarwood Cleansing and Shave Bar (4.5g). The latter three products are actually really good sizes!

I have already reviewed the full size version of the Skin and Tonic London Steam Clean Cleansing Balm and Cloth and I love it so I'm really glad that I now have a miniature version which is just adorable! The first product that I tried was the Madara Micellar Water sachet which contains hyaluronic acid which is great for keeping moisture within the skin. I did only get one use out of the sachet but it removed all of my base makeup and brows however it didn't remove any of my waterproof mascara. I thought a sachet would be messy to use but if you just cut a tiny corner off then it isn't messy at all. 

Next up, the Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator which is the type of physical exfoliator that contains scrubby grains suspended in a cream - they are not my favourite personally as most aren't exfoliating at all. However, this scrub is abrasive but it isn't too harsh although if you have hypersensitive or broken skin then I wouldn't recommend physical exfoliators on the whole. The scrub smells so nice and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft! Sticking with the skincare theme, Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is also included in the box although while taking hundreds of blog photographs (literally), I managed to forget to photograph it. When it comes to Balance Me skincare, I am honestly not that interested as it is always included in magazines and it doesn't seem that exciting or special. Nonetheless I tried the face wash and it is actually a great, basic face wash; it isn't anything super special but if you just want a basic, no fuss face wash that doesn't contain any parabens, sulphates, fragrance or other nasty ingredients then this is the one for you! 

The last facial skincare item is the Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask which states on the box that it can't be used on hypersensitive or broken skin which thankfully I don't have currently but to be safe, I have only been using it on my t-zone which isn't sensitive at all. The mask can cause redness and tingling as it does remove a thin layer of skin cells, I personally only experienced a tiny amount of redness on my nose which faded fairly quickly - I thought I would experience tingling/irritation but I didn't. After one use it did leave my skin very smooth and I think it made my pores smaller but it might just be a placebo effect - I've tried it twice but I need to try it more to see results I think. You can actually buy this sample size individually which I think is great!

Last but not least my favourite item so far from the box, the John Masters Birch + Cedarwood Cleansing and Shave Bar which smells so nice, it lathers quickly and easily into a thick soapy lather. I've only used it twice for my underarms and also my legs but it works SO well. I haven't tried anything like it before but it leaves my skin so smooth, it made the whole shaving process so much quicker and easier and I didn't cut myself which is a miracle. I have already purchased two bars as they are on sale for £2 each - bargain!  

Overall, a great box although a little heavy on the skincare in my opinion, it would have been nice to have another bath or shower product included. So far I LOVE the shaving bar, the facial exfoliator and I already loved the cleansing balm. I need to try the peel mask more to see results I think so I will update this post when I have tried it for a few more weeks. 

What do you think of this latest Naturisimo discovery box? Will you be purchasing one? Have you tried any of the products included?


  1. Yayy for this product!
    I always admire brands that produces organic products like these.
    I'm sure, a lot of cruelty-free gals will love to try it.

    Hope you're having a lovely day, hun!
    Btw, I just followed you on Bloglovin and Twitter :)

    Jhem |

  2. I used balance me face wash and I was happy with it, it just did the job. I haven't used any other products but I might try Peel mask.

    1. The Balance Me products do seem really good and basic x

  3. The cleanse and polish discovery box sounds gorgeous, natural and organic products are always on my radar to try but I am pretty rubbish with sticking to them all the time..woops! xxx

    1. It's a great way of trying new brands and products x

  4. I love that the products are organic! The shave bar sounds great x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. This looks like a great box, defo need to try it out. xx


    1. It is and for the price I think it is well worth a try xx

  6. The cleansing balm sounds a dream, I really want to try the Emma Hardie one that sounds lovely too!
    Mantenso xx
    She's AbouThat Life

  7. I've never tried any of these products, but they sound lovely! Great review!
    xo Kiki

    1. I love the shave bar and cleansing bar especially - thanks x


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