Cruise Photo Diary, OOTD + Video: Rome, Italy

Thursday, September 11, 2014
We arrived in Rome, Italy on the 16th August which was a very quiet day in Rome because of the religious day before and Italians are usually on holiday around this time of the year so there were only tourists and police walking around (there were a lot of police around!). We have been to Rome a couple of times before - the most recent was for my 18th birthday. We had already been to see the Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum and Vatican City but we went again. One place we hadn't been to before was the roman forum and ruins both of which are in my video. I am so glad that we had already been to Rome as now the queues were really long for everything and the Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps had lots of scaffolding on them as they are being cleaned.
After the walking tour we went with our tour for lunch (we picked the 'classical rome with lunch' excursion on the ship). I thought it would be a sandwich or cake and a drink but it turned out to be a three course lunch with wine! The penultimate stop was Saint Peters Basilica, Vatican City which we have been inside before but we went in again. The inside is incredibly beautiful! There is a signed sculpture by michelangelo, one of only a few. Even though the queue looked very long we were inside within about 30/40 minutes. The last stop on the tour was a leather shop on the outskirts of rome, we passed Gucci headquarters (or an important Gucci building on the way) and we drove near Roberto Cavalli's Tuscan home - it was over the hill from the Piero Tucci leather factory/shop. I LOVE Rome, it is amazing!
Here is my OOTD, my dress is from Newlook as are my black ankle length petite leggings. My shoes are from Newlook too and my sunglasses are the same Marc by Marc Jacobs. I wore leggings as we were going inside the Saint Peters Basilica and the dress code is no exposed shoulders or knees - however the staff at Saint Peters Basilica were letting people in with short shorts, tank tops and short dresses which I was really annoyed by! 

Here is another little video of some clips from Rome and Vatican City!


  1. rome is so beautiful
    Keep in touch

  2. Italy is definitely a place I want to visit, every thing looks absolutely stunning and the architecture is just incredible x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. Everything about this is stunning... Jealously levels are high!
    Love Vicki x

  4. Lucky you! I wish I could go to Rome. From your post it seems like a very lovely place to go and visit.


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