Sale Buys #2

Friday, January 24, 2014
Here is the second installment of my sale buys, the first post was a mixture of items that I had purchased over the month of december but this post is just boxing day/end of december sale items. I haven't gone crazy like last year - I have bought quite a few things though (they were on sale and super cheap). The items from this haul are from: Superdrug, Asos, SpaceNK, Feelunique, Missguided, Newlook and a few bits of primark.
 Superdrug: Last year superdrug had an amazing sale with a lot of things for around 10p, 99p or £1.99 and it sold out so quickly obviously. This year I managed to grab a few bargains! I bought a vanilla and honey hand cream and a bath salt set - both of which were 49p each! I bought a colour works lip crayon set which should have been around £15 but I paid £1.99. A rose manicure set which I think was 99p. A leafy and lovely big set for £1.99. Another large gift set, the vanilla and honey set for £1.99. A flutter bath duo for £1.49 I think and finally some chocolates for 49p and 99p. INCREDIBLE BARGAINS, the most expensive item was £1.99!!

Feelunique: A couple of cheeky buys from feelunique, the first is a cute brush set from Ectools. I love Ecotools brushes and this set is amazing value for money. I paid just less than £10 for five super soft,smooth,high quality brushes. I would definitely recommend Ecotools brushes. I also repurchased the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for £9, I had been meaning to buy it for months. I bought the new limited edition version. 

Asos: You maybe have seen these boots already in my OOTD post a about a week ago, click here to see the post. They are amazing heeled ankle boots, they were £25 reduced from £50. I adore them!

Newlook: I love Newlook, especially their coats. I bought this smart grey coat for £17, with delivery it was only around £18. Bargain. 

Missguided: This item isn't from the sales but I needed it, I love anything with breton/nautical stripes! It is a cute breton stripe top which was £9.99.

Spacenk: I always buy something in the amazing SpaceNK sale, this year I only purchased one item (so far) and it is the cute Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Set. I wanted this before it was in the sale, it was in my dream christmas wish list. I couldn't resist it at £14 for the set. 

Primark: Finally some items from Primark, Primark in Manchester did have so many sale items! I bought a adorable London themed makeup bag which I adore for £3. I bought two sale items, the 50p christmas cards and a cute piggy bank (which a moustache on it) for only £1!

That is the second part of my sale buys series, there will probably be a part three - I made an amazon and a boots order (oops) x


  1. The piggy bank with the mustache is so cute!
    Lola xox | ♡ ❤ My Blog ❤ ♡

  2. You got a right bargain with those brushes x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Oh my gosh how cute is that piggy bank with the moustache?! xx

    Gemma //

  4. That ecotools set looks amazing. You found a whole bunch of great things. Congrads!

  5. Ah I didn't realise Superdrug had such a good sale! Darn it! You got some lovely things

  6. Grrr. I really want a Laura Mercier Mini Cavier set. I can't believe I missed out. Bummer! Always next year... I love the style of this post. It looks really cute and cosy. Am I allowed to say that or does that sound totally barmy? I'm sticking to it. Look forward to getting to read the next post! xx

    Nadja from Throw me something beautiful

  7. What great buys! I love the boots... you did well girl.


  8. This is an insane haul! You got so much for next to nothing! Go girl!
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  9. Wow, you got some really great bargains here! Well done :)

    Bethanie x |

  10. I love the striped shirt! So cute :)



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