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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
I went to primark at the weekend (Bury, The Rock) and I bought a few basics and some home ware - I love Primark's autumn/winter clothing and homeware, I need to go back to primark soon for a couple more candles and a tartan scarf!
1. Dark Green Jumper (£7): I saw a stand of jumpers and this shade just stood out to me - I love dark green clothing, especially during this time of the year and this jumper is super soft and cosy - it is fairly thin but still warm and quite high quality! I am definitely going back to get a black one and the dark beige one.

2. Primark Black 60d tights (£3): Primark tights are getting a little bit more expensive, I remember not too long ago when tights were £1.50 and £2 anyway, they are great staples and go with most dresses. The super cosy ones are gorgeous too - they have a fleece/soft lining. 

3. Black Skater Dress (£5): A skater dress for £5! Thank you Primark! I saw a couple of these in spotted prints and some that were plain, I bought the black one as 99% of the time I wear dark clothing and this dress is fantastic. The length is great on me and I am just under 5ft but the dress did have a tiny rip in the shoulder which I am going to sew - check before you buy these dresses. 

4. Grey Christmas Pj Bottoms (£5): There is nothing nicer, especially at this time of year when the leaves are falling off the trees, the dark hours are getting longer and it is getting chilly, than a pair of fleecy, warm, cosy pyjama trousers/bottoms/pants - what ever you want to call them! These are super soft, warm and I love the pattern. 

5. Sleep in rollers (£2): I read a blog post about £1 sleep in roller in the poundshop or poundland and I was going to get them but I saw these in primark so I picked them up. They are kind of dupes for the sleep in rollers that are about £20 - I haven't tried them yet but they look great. 

6. Primark Grey/Black Camis (£2.50): Another great basic from primark - cami's. I bought a dark grey one and also a black one - they are staples in my wardrobe as they are great under sheer tops, for layering or for under dresses. I also love the adjustable straps. 

7. Firewood fig candle (£1.50): I had to buy a primark Christmas/autumn candle - I bought the firewood fig scent and I have been burning it the past couple of days and I love it - the scent is really nice and autumnal and the scent is pretty strong too, usually cheap candles only have really subtle scent but this one is really impressive! 

I also bought a tin candle (£1.50) in the scent 'cinnamon clove' which has a cute glittery snowflake on the candle and it smells amazing! I bought a cute 'keep calm man at work' oven mitt for my dad which was reduced to £1 and I also bought a couple of basic t-shirt bras in white and nude for only....£2.50! 

Just a video to show the items I bought from my recent trip to primark! x


  1. The shade of that dark green jumper is so perfect x

  2. Gorgeous buys, I already got so much for A/W from there! Love those skater dresses ♥

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. I love the £5 Skater dresses too, perfect for winter with some tights and boots - check out my recent Primark trip

  4. I like the skater dress, but I love the pj bottoms! Now I want to go to Primark and buy them myself =)

  5. love love the black skater dress! so cute! so happy i found your blog. Hopefully you can swing by mine sometime

    xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

  6. Primark are doing some really nice stuff at the moment - they do autumn/winter so well!

  7. I am off to primark on friday, will look out for these awesome things!! The pyjamas are awesome!! Would you like to follow eachother? Let me know on my blog if you do, thank you!!

  8. Love Primark at the moment x

  9. I have the £20 sleep in rollers so would be really interested to see how the Primark ones measure up if you could let me know? I have other rollers from Primark that are brilliant!

    Thank-you for commenting on my blog!
    Brunette in Louboutins

  10. What a great post,

    Followed on GFC :)

    Take care,
    Laurie Rose


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