Back to School Beauty Picks

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Here are my back to school, university, work beauty products that I love and they are also purse friendly too! From makeup and skincare, here are handbag essentials that I love!

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1. Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Quad, whats nude (£10): I have been using this quad since maybe November last year and I have loved it since I first used it! The pink shade (top right) is my favourite as it is great as a skin tone base and all but one of the shades are matte so they would be great for a natural, school day look. The shades do not crease at all with a primer and without a primer they do not crease easily - which is impressive because pretty much every thing creases on me.

2. ELF (eyes, lips, face) Bronzer, Cool (£3.75): For contouring, pale skins can struggle because bronzers and contouring products can look muddy or orange on pale skin tones but this bronzer quad is fantastic. All of bronzer shades are matte, they do not look muddy or orange on my skin and the white shade is great for sharpening up the contour. 

3. Simple Rich Moisturiser (£3.89): This facial moisturiser is just a staple product for me, it is hydrating (although because I have super dry skin I need a couple of layers) and it is really cheap too. It is a basic but effective moisturiser that I cannot rave about enough!

4. ELF Tone Correcting Concealer(£1.50): Another great product from ELF (eyes, lips, face) and it is their tone correcting concealer. This is the first concealer that I have used that is dewy and that does not crease - I love it! Also it is so so cheap, whats not to love. Although it doesn't offer than much coverage but it is great for under the eyes and to cover pores/slight redness. 

5. MUA Clear Mascara (£1): I have used this product as a clear mascara and it is good but it doesn't hold a curl that well. It is also good as a brow gel and I have been using it to tame flyaways - I just lightly brush through the wispy hair that doesn't behave when my hair is tied up. Overall, it is average but it has a lot of uses and it is very cheap. 

6. Maybelline Baby Lips 'Cherry me' (£2.99): These little tinted lip balms have been the talk of the beauty community for ages! I have the cherry and pink shades, I hate the pink one because it is too much of a light baby pink for me but the cherry one is really nice. Also they are handy, cheap and give a slight wash of colour, perfect for school/college/work. 


  1. Thank you for your nice comment sweety ! You've got a really nice blog :)

    Baby lips rocks !!

    xx Inès

  2. Such great picks for school! Wish I could go back. Love the soap and glory quad.

  3. The Soap and Glory quad looks so great! I wish we could get their products more easily over here in the US!

  4. I love the Soap and Glory quad :) x

  5. Great selection, im super tempted by the soap and glory quad (:


  6. I love soap and glory! Their packaging is adorable and not to mention that the quality of their products is amazing too :)


  7. Omg Babylips has been a lifesaver for me, definitely a staple to have in every bag!

  8. I really want to try Soap and Glory eyeshadows.. everyone raves about them.



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