Week in photographs # 27

Sunday, June 30, 2013
More graduation/congratulations cards, selling on ebay, sale buys, outfit of the day, rain!
My week has consisted of: sale shopping, visiting family, more graduation cards, rain, watching Bones and Wimbledon, selling on ebay and having no internet!

Well, lets start with the horrible events of the week - we had no internet from Wednesday night to Friday night! Apparently someone had stolen the talktalk/BT internet and phone cables so Manchester, Lancashire and parts of Yorkshire had no internet or phone services for a couple of days! Usually when the internet goes off, it comes back on within a few minutes which myself and my sister can live with but two days - we almost busted out the board games #living in the stone age

We have been watching Bones (gotta love a bit of Bones), Wimbledon, old re-runs of The Simpsons and the news for two days - it was torture. Although it made my write some reviews that needed to be done. Also I received some more graduation/congratulations cards this week from friends and neighbours which was nice but it is making me nervous - it is only 17 days until graduation! And I don't have a graduation outfit now as we have been told that we cannot wear dresses. 

Finally, sale shopping has been going on again this week - I bought four Ciate nail polishes today in the shades 'stiletto', 'pepperminty', 'Iced frappe' and 'red hot chili' all of which were only £4.50 each - how amazing is that! Wait, it gets better, I have a code for 30% off - code: MARIE30! So I bought four Ciate polishes (free delivery) for just under £13! I also got some amazing bargains from Organic Surge - they are having 75% off and you can get free delivery with the code: NEWDEL.

I hope everyone had a great week - oh and google friend connect might be going tomorrow so if you want to keep in touch and follow my blog then you can via Bloglovin' x


  1. Followed you on both GFC and bloglovin so I won't loose being able to find your blog :)x x


  2. Congratulations on graduating! Hope you find the perfect dress. Bummer about the internet!


    MyLushBoxBlog | Bloglovin’

  3. Cute pictures ! ♥


  4. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation - can't believe you're not allowed to wear a dress though!! I hope you find the perfect outfit soon :) thanks for the heads up on the Balance Me in Glamour next month - I love their products! Those Ciate polishes were such a bargain xx

  5. congratulations! I just graduated too :) followed you on bloglovin, I already did a while ago on GFC :) love your blog! have a nice day!

    Andrea xx


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