Review: Clinique 7 Day Facial Scrub

Friday, June 28, 2013
Just another quick skincare product review - this is one of my fairly recent empties products but I think it deserves its own blog post because I am so impressed with it and I am going to re-purchase. 
I received this product as part of a free gift with purchase at Debenhams and I really don't think too much of free gifts with purchases on the whole but I ended up LOVING this product! 

It is a facial scrub from Clinique and I have tried Clinique skincare before and I have been fairly impressed with it (the three step range). The scrub is an off white colour, it has a lot of fine grains - it is not like the bead scrubs where they are mostly face wash, this product is all scrub! The grains/texture of the product is fairly abrasive but it is fine grained too so it is not that harsh, in my opinion.

I used this product about once a week (you shouldn't use it more than that as face scrubs can be harsh and damaging if you use them too often or incorrectly). I use a pea sized amount and gently massage it into damp/wet skin. The scrub really exfoliates and gives my skin a good ol' scrub. The scrub doesn't irritate my skin and it leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth, soft and lovely - it also makes my skin texture feel more even. 

Overall, I LOVE this product. I find it has enough abrasiveness to really exfoliate and smooth the skin but it is not too harsh or stripping for my skin. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, although if you have really sensitive skin I think it would probably be too harsh. x


  1. Ooo i love a good exfoliator, i have always liked clinique skincare.


  2. I love this scrub! You might also like the clarins one step gentle exfoliating cleanser (the one that smells of oranges) it has super fine grains in it too :)

    Great post!

    1. Oh I will have to try the clarins scrub :) x

  3. This sounds like a fantastic scrub. It's really hard to find the balance with not to abrasive but still exfoliating!


  4. I love exfoliators! They make your face feel so smooth and soft! I think it's great when samples turn out to be products that you love. :)

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  6. Love it when I find out about new products through reviews. I have been on the look out for new additions to my skincare routine, and this scrub looks like a great contender! Thank you.

    Written in Fashion

  7. Ooh that looks glorious!! I definitely agree with you about the free gifts...they're usually not very good and definitely get thrown to the side and forgotten about.

    But that Clinique exfoliator sounds amazing! I love that it's not too harsh of an exfoliator.
    I loved this one exfoliator I got in my Birchbox from the brand felt soooo amazing on my face and made it much smoother.

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  8. I have this scrub! I love it lots, it's such a good product :)

    The Forest Elf's blog


  9. Great blog! I really like it! :)

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  10. ah really.... I have really sensitive skin, so it might not be for me..

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  11. I have a coupon for clinique left and did not know what to spend it for but this looks very great! I might should get this! Great post, you really helped me :)

    Andrea xx

  12. I will look out for this product!

    -Maddy @

  13. My skin is fairly young (I'm nearly 15), is it worth the purchase for me to try it out? I'm a big fan of the more abrasive skin scrubs though. I love the clean feeling you get after
    -Emily xx

    1. I would not suggest abrasive scrubs as they can be damaging on all skin types - the clinique scrub is fairly gentle :) x

  14. On the contrary, I love free gifts and free stuff. I even join several blogger giveaways: D
    ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines


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