Week in photographs #19

Sunday, May 05, 2013

My week has consisted of: really bad eczema (glam I know), lots and lots of shopping, magazine freebies, sunshine, empty reviews, cake pops and I finally submitted my dissertation. 

Firstly, Uni, I have finished my final assignment/essay for university now! I submitted my dissertation on Wednesday so I don't have any more uni, which instead of making my happy, I am a bit upset by it - I have been in school/academia since I was 4 years old and now I have to be in the 'real world' - I don't like it. Although I am looking at masters degrees - I have found a business psychology masters that I want to do at the university of Westminster which I really really want to do - so maybe this time next year I will be having interviews for a place (very exciting). I do really want to live in London!

Sticking with the positive theme, I have been shopping a lot this week (online shopping). Myself and my sister have been shopping a lot this week (we sold some things at a school fare and we won £80 on a football match on Friday - ROMA!). I have H&M, Monki, Superdrug, Urban Outfitters and Accessorize orders coming next week - watch out for a massive sister haul soon! 

Also a lot of magazines have been bringing out freebies this month, I bought Elle magazine which includes a mini Benefit They're Real Mascara which I am super excited about but I haven't tried it yet. Apparently there is a Chanel mini mascara with Red magazine and some Avon freebies with Marie Claire magazine this month - I can't find them yet but I will get my hands on them!

Some blogging/review related info now, it has been really sunny (up until today) so I have been out in the garden (being scared by bees) taking photographs of lots and lots of empties so expect to see a few empties posts and reviews over the next month. 

Now, the bad part of this week has been my eczema - it has been really really bad! Around my eyes and the tops of my cheeks has been the worst with my skin feeling like it is burning and super flaky and rough (not very nice, I know - anyone who has had eczema on the face will know). And it makes my eyes really sore and very puffy/swollen. My favourite products this week has to be my calamine lotion which really calms my eczema down but it does emphasise dryness and it makes my skin even whiter (you can't go outside with it on) and my Nivea hydro care lip balm during the day is amazing. And at night the Rodial Glam balm has been fantastic for my super dry lips - it is almost like a lip treatment. 

Now, there is the good and the bad (and quite horrible) parts of my week. I hope everyone had a great week - look out for my UK giveaway on the 9th May (for my 1 year blog birthday)! x


  1. Great photos xx


  2. aww I hope your skin feels better! i have eczema too (it was really bad as a kid!), and it usually ends up on my arms and the back of knees. You could try going to the doctors to see if they give you a special cream for it because that helped me! Also try eating more nuts (it worked for me) because they contain omega 3 fats which helps your skin. =)


    1. I have about six creams from my dermatologist but they don't seem to work right now - thanks for the tip about nuts and omega 3, I will see if it works :) x

  3. Thank you for coming by my blog and commenting!
    Lovely post and pictures! Very spring-y :)

    - Camilla

  4. Great blog post! I really want to get that ELLE magazine mainly because of the free mascara!!


  5. I can;t wait to get my hands on my magazines this month (they are at my parents house atm!)

    Congratulations on finishing uni, it is weird but really fun to get out into the 'real world' :)

    Maria xxx

  6. i got the they're real too - great product, but so hard to take off! one of the algenist serums is meant to be really good for ezcema xx

  7. Lovely blog, following
    check out mine :)


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