Wish List #2

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Another wish list, I posted one a few weeks ago and I bough one of the things straight away - striped jumper featured in one of my outfit of the day posts. I thought I would create another wish list post because there are some makeup and clothing items I have been drooling over for the past couple of weeks. 

1. H&M Speckled cardigan: I saw this online and I had it in my bag for about one week and I kept delaying buying it and now it is out of stock online - I will have to look out for it in store!

2. Revlon Nude/mannequin collection: These are available online on Boots now - I haven't seen them in store yet but I will have to pick up one or two - I LOVE nude nails. The Revlon colorstay polishes have really good reviews.

3. Urban Decay Theodora Palette: As soon as I saw this on Debenhams, I really wanted to get it. But I convinced myself (very successfully, go me!) that I had enough palettes to stock a shop! I have watched a few video reviews and tutorials of this palette (eg: Pixiwoo) and it looks fantastic.

4. Revlon BB Cream: Revlon have been on the top of their game recently - I bought some of Revlons new products at the weekend. I haven't had a great track record with BB creams but this one looks great. Also love the packaging.

5. Benefit Fake Up Concealer: So many good reviews of this product - it looks amazing and as I am a concealer hoarder...well, a makeup hoarder! (I was picked to test this concealer - Debenhams beauty club VIP Panel! So I get it for free, hopefully it will arrive today!)

6. H&M Striped Jumper: Yet another gorgeous jumper from H&M - LOVE H&M jumpers and stripes so this is a winner for me.


  1. I've not seen those polishes either, but I love the idea of them! Nude nails are my favourite, as I can top with GLITTER!!! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. 3 and 5 definitely for me xx


  3. Revlon polishes and BB Cream are tempting me. I am planing to do a wish list tomorrow as well, so thanks for the inspiration:)


  4. That urban decay palette has been on my wishlist aswell! xx


  5. love the revlon goodies - nude nail colours are perfect! Have been using a doctor Jart bb cream but not overly impressed so lemme know if you try the revlon one and it's any good (: xxoxoxoxo


  6. Love the stripped jumper!

    http://shinebrightx18.blogspot.co.uk/ - lifestyle blog

  7. The revlon polishes loo gorge! I'll be keeping an eye out in boots xx


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