Review: Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
After I posted my haul from Clinique, featuring this product, I had a lot of comments asking for a review of this mascara - so here it is!
First Impressions
My first impressions of this product were really disappointing! The packaging looks really old fashioned in my opinion. The mascara bristles are natural and not plastic which I like. It applied SO much mascara the first time which really weighed down my lashes with tonnes of mascara - it looked awful!

Application and results
Since having this mascara for about two weeks now, I have learned to apply this mascara so that it doesn't smother/weigh down my lashes so much. I find that I have to apply the mascara lightly otherwise it will apply far too much product. Apply lightly with only one coat and it will look quite natural but defined, lengthened and slightly volumised. The mascara is really black and it is a quite 'wet' formula. Once applied lightly I do like the effects, however I find that it can clump easily. I use my Shu Uemura lash curlers before this product and I find that this mascara doesn't help hold the curl and the mascara can flake off through out the day.

Positives: Nice effects when applied lightly - length, definition and some volume. Also it is really black. Waterproof.

Negatives: Not very cheap. Can clump. Can flake off through out the day. Doesn't hold a curl that well. Applies a lot of product if applied normally!


  1. I'm usually a huge fan of clinique but this definitely doesn't sound worth the money at all! I'm not a huge fan of 'wet' mascaras at all. My benefit they're real one was really wet to start with but it seems to have dried up a little now xxx

  2. That is such a shame that you didn't like the mascara. Thanks for the review!

  3. I've never tried anything Clinique. It's a shame you didn't like this product much

  4. Ive never tried clinique either. Glad youve done this review though! :) x - lifestyle blog

  5. I definitely won't be picking this one up! I'm sticking to maybelline's Rocket volume mascara. Check out my blog for an in depth review plus pictures :)

    Hazel X

  6. the non waterproof one is really good in my opinion, i don't know if they are different formula but i've definitely had a lot of luck with the normal high impact mascara!!


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