Wish List #1

Friday, March 01, 2013
Here is my current wish list, with clothing, accessories, makeup and games that I have been obsessing over for the past couple of weeks and I really want to buy them all!
Above images from: Urban outfitters, New Look, Superdrug and Play.com
1. Urban Outfitters Cobalt Persian Eternity Scarf: I have wanted this snood for at least two weeks and I haven't bought it yet but I think I will have to...look how gorgeous it is! It is £16 with my student discount. I think it would look great with a plain white or grey top and jeans. 

2. New Look Stripe Jumper: This is a sale item and it has been in stock for about a week, I keep almost buying it but I have a lot of stripy tops already...but whats one more! I think I am going to get this, especially as it is on sale and..gorgeous.

3. New Look Charcoal Over sized Knitted Top: again another new look sale jumper, I love it! I think I'm going to Newlook tomorrow so I will have to look out for this. 

4. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: At first I didn't want this as I read a review that said it clung to dry patches but this product has been in so my peoples favourites videos and posts recently so I think I will have to get it - in Superdrug it is on offer for £6.99. 

5. Tomb Radier, Xbox 360: I loved the original Tomb Raider PC games which I had when I was a teenager. This game was being released it did excite the geeky gamer in me - its an origins game, so how Lara became the way she is. It has received a lot of good reviews but I will have to wait for the price to go down before I buy it as it is around the £35 mark.

What is on your wish list?


  1. I wish to try the REVLON... Do you want to follow each other? If you want, come visit my blog and let me know? Have a nice week end. Xoxo V.V.

  2. love the scarf! great post :)



  3. Love all of these, well except for tomb raider because I don't play video games haha :)

  4. oo i love the scarf!
    great choices <3

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