Week in photographs #12

Saturday, March 02, 2013
New Lacoste perfume rollerball - free!
Healthy eating // Topshop sale buys // should I cut my hair?
Marks and Spencer Cheap Bargains!
Sunset // Country roads
FOTD // Space NK buys // Cute Topshop necklace
My week has consisted of university work (yes, again), a shopping trip to Bury, Marks and Spencer food goodies, freebies and the possibility of cutting all of my hair off (well, into a bob)! Firstly, uni work, it is almost constant and I have a lot of deadlines soon so I have been typing non stop! Also I received a card in the post about graduation which made me really nervous! 

This week myself, sister and my dad went on a little shopping trip to Bury (The Rock) and you can see the Primark goodies we bought here. We also bought some Marks and Spencer vegetarian goodies and some deserts which were only 80p each! When we went to Bury we went into Topshop and I saw this adorable glasses and moustache necklace. 

I received a sale order from Topshop this week, just some knickers/panties and a bar of the Dr Bronners Magic Soap. I also received an order from Space NK which contained my birthday present from my sister (my birthday is in August but I am too organised!) I picked the diptyque Do Son fragrance which is the 100ml EDT which should have been £68 but it was reduced to £25 in the sale. I was surprised to find a large roller ball of the new Lacoste fragrance in the post, but it was from a Facebook thing I entered and I received the large roller ball fragrance - I love freebies! I made a cheeky Ojon, Clinique and SpaceNK order is week so there will be a collective haul in the next week!

Lastly, my hair dilemma! I was going to get a full fringe and a lot of people said that I should but I am still unsure as my graduation is in a few months and I don't want to hate my hair during graduation. But I have been thinking about getting it cut shorter again, my hair is currently down to my waist (and then some). I got my hair cut in August last year and since then it has grown about 4 inches, I know this because my roots were that long! 

What do you think? Shorter bob hair or a full fringe?


  1. aaah them marks and spencers cakes look amazing! I think you should cut some of the length off, either way itll look good. :)

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  2. Nice pics ;)


  3. That necklace is so cute! Love your pictures :)


  4. Great photos , I love topshop undies xx


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