Week in photographs #14

Monday, March 25, 2013

My week has consisted of: my dissertation, my sisters virtual fake baby, snow, new boots, benefit fake up concealer and sorting out my makeup!
So, I entered to take part in the Debenhams VIP Panel (on their Facebook page, UK) to try out the new Benefit Fake Up Concealer and I was chosen! I asked for the shade 'light' because I am super pale and I have been testing out this concealer for the past few days and I really like it. I was going to buy this when it came out but I don't have to now (very happy bunny). I will post a full review of the Benefit concealer soon. And on a side note, I love the packaging of the actual concealer and the way they wrapped it - adorable!
Ok, it has snowed again in England if you haven't heard (everyone has heard!). I live in north Manchester and I didn't get that much snow and it has all gone now but where I go to university is higher up, near the pennines and it is much worse there - nothing to the extent of the rest of the country though. I hate snow and because of the cold, snowy, windy weather I have eating some cheeky comfort food - I had popcorn (from my Graze box), English muffin pizzas and another krispy Kreme chocolate pecan doughnut yesterday (only 49p at the Tesco checkout for some reason)!
And to add to the misery of the English weather, my sister brought home a virtual (fake) baby from college. It cries (very loudly), it screams, it needs feeding/changing/burping/rocking...it was funny at first but that wore off very quickly - it is safe to say I am not having children! Myself and my sister named it Lena - I just love that name!
This week I made a cheeky order on Newlook and I bought two pairs of ankle boots - the same style but in two different colours - I really didn't need both...I did need both! I love them although the black pair fit smaller/tighter than the tan pair but anyway, I love them with tight and dresses (or maybe a nice pair of fitted trousers, if I can ever find some that I like!). I also bought some things from Topshop, La redoute, the body shop and amazon over the past couple of weeks which I still need to put in a haul post.
Lastly, I have been sorting out my makeup this week. I received another pair of acrylic wide drawers from Muji. I don't even want to think about how much money I have spent on Muji acrylic storage as I have 7 drawers at around £10/11 each (oops) but I adore the drawers. I am in the process of going through my makeup collection and I will create a post on my muji storage too!

Hope you had a great week, sorry for the late week in photographs post again, I have been really busy with uni work.


  1. You have so much makeup! Well jel, haha great blog post.


  2. Love your makeup storage. I need to get some acrylic holders for all of my lip products. Those babies are so frustrating, I will never forget my highschool parenting class class experience, when I took home my baby.


  3. you're photos are so cute... I should really document my life more for future references.. ahah alive in the moment right? :p



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