Recent Bargain Buys #2

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Another post on the recent beauty bargain buys I have found and bought...this post is all about nails and the nail polish shades I have bought over the past two weeks or so - including some cheap Essie polishes and the infamous Seche Vite topcoat!
The first  nail polishes I bought was from Asos - I bought the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in the shade 'caramel cupcake' as it was on sale but it turned out to be a great shade. The shade itself is a natural beige which just makes the nails look really neat and professional. The polish however, is not professional, this nail polish range doesn't work well with my nails as I find this polish in particular to chip after one day on me! Overall, the shade is great, it is easy to apply and it does dry quickly but the longevity is really poor, in my opinion.

Continuing with the 'nude/natural' nails theme, I bought a Nails Inc polish in the shade 'Porchester Square' which is a gorgeous mushroom grey shade. I bought this polish from as it was only £6 and it is full size. The shade is really nice, it applies quite well and it dries relatively quickly. Unlike the Rimmel polish this product does have fairly good longevity.

Now a couple of autumnal orangey red shades; first up is Topshop's nail polish in the shade 'Moving House' which is a gorgeous orangey rusty red shade (no shimmer/glitter). The bottle is cute, the shade is really nice and the polish dries quickly but the longevity is just as bad as the Rimmel polish - this shade only lasts a day on me before it chips (no topcoat). With a topcoat, such as Sally Hansen Instra Dry, it only lasts a few days before chipping and chipping and chipping some more!

Another polish in the same 'colour family' is that of Essie's 'Very Structured' which again is a really nice autumnal shade. The polish is really quite thin and it doesn't apply well, in my opinion and the longevity is poor as well. I bought this polish from which is a fantastic site and this product was less than £4!

The last coloured polish is from and it is Maybelline's Forever Strong polish in the shade 'Really Rosey' which is a nice girly shade. The shade is nice and I like the brush but as with the Essie, Rimmel and Topshop polishes the longevity isn't up to scratch - so a bit of a disappointing week in terms of nail polish.

Lastly, I bought the infamous Seche Vite topcoat which has been raved about by beauty bloggers, beauty editors, youtube beauty gurus etc so I finally bought it - and that fact that it was only £5 on Urban Outfitters helped! I have only tried this once and I wasn't blown away by the results at all. With the one nail polish I used this with I find that it didn't really help with longevity at all - I will have to try this topcoat with other polishes before I write a full review.

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