November Empties: Haircare

Sunday, November 25, 2012
I have been watching beauty gurus empties videos on youtube and they usually have quite a few empties but I always end up with loads of empties and this month there have been so many empties overall, from candles and bath products to perfume, haircare and some skincare items too.
Firstly, Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner (50ml) which I received as a free sample with an online order. I have been using this for the past week as these 50ml samples of haircare products don't last long with me as I use a lot of conditioner. The conditioner is in! The fact that this product is a mix of pink and white makes me like this product initially and the product overall is really good. The conditioner smells nice, it conditions my hair fairly well and it doesn't weigh my hair down - but this product can make my hair look and feel really greasy if I don't wash it out really well.
Another conditioner I have used up is the Fudge Wet Head Conditioner which I bought from the 'when its gone, its gone' section of a while ago and it was less than £5 for a large 500ml bottle which I think is fantastic value. Unfortunately this is where the positives points about this product ends. The conditioner smells horrible - like plastic and playdoh and the conditioner has a really strange gloopy slimy texture. Overall, it conditions my hair fairly well, it smells horrible, it has a horrible texture/consistency and it is not very widely available - which isn't a bad thing, in my opinion.
Next up are a few shampoos that I have used up in the month of November and again it doesn't take me long to use up shampoos so I always have a few empty bottles of shampoo each month. Firstly, is the Avon Natural Volumising Raspberry and Hibiscus Shampoo. I bought this shampoo purely because it was 99p a couple of months ago and I am really disappointed with this product - it smells ok, it lathers fairly well and it was cheap but they are the only main positives for this shampoo. The shampoo didn't volumise my hair at all and overall it was just an average cheap shampoo. The next shampoo is the Goldwell Ultra Volume Gel Shampoo which I received as part of a minis set (free gift) with a order a while ago. I do not get along with volume shampoos at all as none of them help with volume! This product feels quite strange to use as it is a gel and it initially difficult to lather because the gel is so thick in the hair but eventually it lather but not very well. Overall, the shampoo is average and it doesn't deliver on its volumising claims.
Lastly, a hair oil and I do like the idea of hair oils and I know they are raved out endlessly but I don't like the way they feel in my hair. This is the Osmo Berber Hair Oil and is the nicest hair oil I have used; it smells gorgeous - like strawberry sweets/candy and it is really cheap but I did get this hair oil with a beauty box. The oil does help tame frizz and it smoothes my hair but I personally just don't like the way this feels in my hair.


  1. I'm really interested in dove hair I'm glad to see you have good things to say about it.

    Marisha Wick
    Extra dark Jamaican black castor oil

  2. Isn't there something so satisfying about getting to the end of the bottle??? Thanks for checking out my page! Nice blog...I'm following you now :-)


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