November Empties: Fragrance

Friday, November 30, 2012
I have used up three perfumes this month, all of which were not full - they had about 1/3 left in each bottle so it didn't take long to use them up. I have already posted a full review on this blog for the Kate Moss Lilabelle perfume - link here.
Calvin Klein Ckin2U her Eau de Toilette


The bottle/packaging in my opinion looks really quite unique, it reminds me of the glass beakers I used during A level chemistry/biology which isn’t really what I would expect from a perfume designer. The packaging/bottle in my opinion looks really cheap and tacky and I definitely do not like the packaging of this product. Also as the bottle is covered with white plastic you cannot see the level of how much perfume you have left. And the bottle itself is really quite heavy (not great for travelling) which means that you cannot judge how much perfume you have by weight.


Top notes: Pink grapefruit, Red currant leaves and Sicilian bergamot
Middle/heart notes: Sugar orchid, White cactus and Amber
Base notes: Vanilla and Red cedar

Scent and longevity

The scent when first sprayed is a little bit metallic/hair spray like but this dissipates very quickly leaving a gorgeous mix of fresh, light, spring/summer notes – not really appropriate for this time of the year but I have used this product up now so I can on to my more spicy/wintery fragrances. The scent initially has a slight scent of ‘chlorinated 
swimming pool’ about it but it does change into a great scent very, very quickly.


Riverisland Summer Chic Boutique


The packaging is basically the same apart from the ‘summer chic boutique’ ribbon around the bottle and the blue see through lid/cap. Overall, the packaging/bottle is quite nice, 
simple but it is does look cheap, in my opinion.

Scent and longevity

This fragrance as it was made my Riverisland it didn’t state the notes that go into the composition of this scent but overall I find that this scent is a strong floral scent which is really quite generic and it has some fairly strong musky notes too which doesn’t seem appropriate for a summery fragrance, in my opinion.
The initial scent of this fragrance is  very, very strong and I like really strong perfumes but this is too strong and it smell a lot like hairspray and cleaning products for the first few minutes. Overall, a generic scent with a lot of hairspray thrown in and the longevity on my skin is very poor and the longevity on clothing is also poor.

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